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fins new and even better offseason plan to save the packers: a mock offseason 2


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i gotta be up in five hours, but i just acquired the motivation to do a presentation of how to fix a broken team. no pictures or fancy stuff because you guys aren't babies and don't need aesthetics to appreciate the art i'm going to display.  i'm gonna start with some easy cap stuff real quick. 

Tramon Williams (4.76)
Nick Perry  (3.3)
Antonio Morrison (2.05)

alright just three releases. there's like 10m right there, look at that. i'm kinda in favor of just keeping perry and seeing what happens what next year, but it sounds like they're gonna cut him, so whatever. if i didn't cut him in this, they were gonna cut him in the morning and make this outdated. 

Reggie Gilbert | EDGE (ERFA)
Robert Tonyan Jr. | TE(ERFA)
Lucas Patrick | IL (ERFA)
Fadol Brown | DL (ERFA)
Geonimo Allison | WR (RFA)

i did this step in the construction last tbh. these were the only guys i thought made sense on the roster at the end of it. 

Bashaud Breeland | CB (2 Years | 10 Million)
Jake Ryan | ILB (1 Year | 2 Million)
Ibraheim Campbell | SAF (1 Year | 1 Million)

bashaud was alright, i doubt anyone throws anything crazy at him. jake ryan was a nice solid guy to have. people said ibraheim was good, i didn't really notice, but i believe the guys who said he was good.

Za'Darius Smith | EDGE (3 Years | 34 Million) 
Adrian Amos | SAF (4 Years | 36 Million) 
Adam Humphries | WR (3 Years | 22 Million) 
Quinton Spain | IL (2 Years | 10 Million) 

za'darius makes most sense of all the notable edge guys. fits the scheme, so i hear & doesn't break the bank. he seems fun to have. amos gives a stud in the back end who can do a lot of different things. humphries gives us a nice quick-hitter guy to hit. gives the wideout room someone with legit experience/production besides davante. spain just seems like a solid guy. i guess it's not a beautiful marriage with his play style and lefleurs scheme, but that'll do


Round 1
Clelin Ferrell | EDGE

i like burns more tbh. but ferrell and za'darius on the edges seem ideal for a pettine D. got some big strong boys. 

Round 1
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson | SAF

love his game and think he'll be a leader in the back along with jaire. talks an insane amount of ****. and went to the same high school, so gotta rep. 

Round 2
A.J. Brown | WR

i already know there will be comments, but you guys don't know what you're talking about, brown is a god damn stud. he's a leader. and i can't see anyway he's not a really good receiver at the pro level. i'm hoping teams are all drooling over HWS speed guys and let him fall to that pick here in the 2nd. that receiver room is the most talented we've had since the super bowl team w/ Davante, Humphries, MVS, Brown, ESB, Geronimo and J'Mon. There should be zeroooo reason for not having anyone open.

Round 3

Josh Oliver | TE

there's a bunch of tight ends in this range. i watched them all for at least 10 minutes each. oliver is the best of the bunch. why he's not considered better than guys like kaden smith and caleb wilson, i have no idea. people continue to have awful opinions. 

Round 4
Tytus Howard | OT

didn't wanna completely ignore oline, so just praying he falls here. toolsy guy whose stock has been rising a lot. let him sit behind bulaga for a year and then hope he's ready next year to step in at the RT spot. 

Round 4
Mike Bell | SAF

bell's a stud. wanted another guy in that group and to me bell is a value get the 4th. a room with amos, cgj and bell is versatile af. 

Round 5
Darwin Thompson | RB

gives the RB something different. electric tiny guy. but strong as hell. fast as hell. balance is elite. he's really a super good prospect he should shoot up boards, but probably won't because little backs like him continue to be undervalued.

Trade: Both 6th Rounders for a mid 5th Rounder

Round 5
James Williams | RB

again gives the room something a little different. no more prolific pass catching back in the nation. and he looks legit on film. i like having a ton of talented backs who all do different things. 

Trade: 7th Rounder for a '20 6th Rounder 



QB: Aaron Rodgers | DeShone Kizer

RB: Aaron Jones | Jamaal Williams | Darwin Thompson | James Williams

WR: Davante Adams | Adam Humphries | Marquez Valdes-Scantling | Equanimeous St. Brown | AJ Brown | Geronimo Allison | J’Mon Moore

TE: Jimmy Graham | Josh Oliver | Robert Tonyan Jr.

OL: David Bakhtiari | Bryan Bulaga | Tytus Howard | Jason Spriggs

IL: Corey Linsley | Lane Taylor | Quinton Spain | Nico Siragusa | Lucas Patrick 


DL: Kenny Clark | Mike Daniels | Dean Lowry | Tyler Lancaster | Montravius Adams | Fadol Brown

OLB: Za’Darius Smith | Clelin Ferrell | Kyler Fackrell | Kendall Donnerson | Reggie Gilbert

ILB: Blake Martinez | Jake Ryan | Oren Burks

CB: Jaire Alexander | Kevin King | Bashaud Breeland | Josh Jackson| Tony Brown | Natrell Jamerson

S: Adrian Amos | Chauncey Gardner-Johnson | Mike Bell | Josh Jones | Ibraheim Campbell


ST: Mason Crosby | JK Scott | Hunter Bradley


Rodgers has more weapons than he's had since the super bowl team. running back group is exciting and diverse. wideout room is stacked as hell. tight end room is preparing for departure of graham soon, oliver does a lot of similar things. starting OL is really good if bulaga doesn't get hurt. wanted to get some more young talent there, but just didn't happen. DL is fine for now. would've liked to get another edge rusher, but just didn't happen. that trio is very solid though. ILB & CB is pretty much what we had last year. SAF is rebuilt with versatile young guys. 

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Clelin Ferrell, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Josh Oliver, Mike Bell, lots of my favourite guys in your draft. You have CGJ at #30, which seems about right as on most big boards he has risen from a 3rd rounder a month or two back, to a late first or at least an early 2nd now. I want to like Darwin Thompson as well, that elite balance riding contact, is a great plus, if his vision improves he has potential for more than ST.

The free agency pickups look too hopeful (too many top FA prospects). I like the intent to keep Jake Ryan. He isn't the quick, modern-style fast ILB but he is stout and instinctive.

I'd either wait a year to draft a WR high (1st or 2nd round), or go with someone like Isabella/Hart later in the draft this year, but I don't have anything against a fairly high WR pick. It looks like Brown is a guy who mostly wins with craft, as he is not a jump and pluck guy, or a blazing fast guy, or even an especially physical guy (though he has a powerful build) - but I don't much care HOW a guy gets open, just as long as he can do it somewhat consistently. I'd probably pick N'Keal Harry, Kelvin Harmon or Deebo Samuel over Brown, but it's all in the eye of the beholder and at least some, and just possibly all of those WRs will be gone by #44. You don't mention Cobb leaving, so the need for another WR now isn't critical, but it would help the team over the next few years.

Tytus Howard is an interesting pickup, but in round 4 ? Looks too late for him, imo. Late 2nd early 3rd looks like his window at the moment.

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I'd be happy if one of the RBs ended up being David Montgomery from Iowa State.  A little more size at 5'11" 216 and SUPER shifty.  If he could be had in the 4th and Darwin Thompson slipped to the 5th and we ended up landing both I'd do backflips.  Not sure either will fall that far though.

EDIT: Was thinking you had Thompson in the 4th.  I highly doubt Montgomery will be there in the 5th, but I'd be happy with either of them.  Devin Singletary from Florida Atlantic is another RB to watch out for.

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I would like for Green Bay to get a TE in that 2nd round or the DT, Simmons if he's not selected before that. I would prefer Jackson verses Humphries for that vet slot guy and really like Thompson at that pick. IF and that's a big IF Green Bay makes Jones the centerpiece of their run game...they need guys that are like that in case of injury and to keep them fresh.

So good job on the picks and FA....at least IMHO. 

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Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is a pick I like. I previously had him in like the 3rd round in a mock, but I think you having him at 30 is closer to where he'll end up going.

I've been intrigued by Amos too but I haven't watched a ton on him. I thought I've read he's more of a box guy?


Darwin Thompson is new to me.... That guy has some wheels and can catch the rock too.

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Thank you. Thank you for saving the Pack.


If things unfolded exactly this way, I think we would be a much better team. I like AJB but think there should be a good OL there that would help the Packers more in the short and long run. Dont think we need FA Humphreys. Odds are 1 or maybe 2 of our rookies takes a step for this season giving us some good WR talent that has to be cut.

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4 hours ago, MaximusGluteus said:

Devin Singletary from Florida Atlantic is another RB to watch out for

yeah wouldn't be surprised if he's the first back taken actually

8 hours ago, OneTwoSixFive said:

Tytus Howard is an interesting pickup, but in round 4 ? Looks too late for him, imo. Late 2nd early 3rd looks like his window at the moment.

i agree the idea of him being there in round 4 is pretty silly. but at this stage there's like 45 guys who "definitely won't make it outta round 1" and 85 guys that definitely won't "make it past round 2", etc. but yeah most of the mocks have going at round 2/3 now. honestly was trying to just force an OL at that pick and didn't like any. kaleb mcgary would've been silly at that point too. that was the only pick i made where i was thinking the valuation was way off though. 

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