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The Jaguars 25th Anniversary Alumni Honors

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In commemoration of the 25th Jaguars season The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to honor the top 25 Jaguars players. I’m interested in knowing around the forum who are your top 25 players that you feel should make the list. I’ve provided below the 25 players that I feel should personally be honored. 🐆 


1.)Tony Boseli

2.)Keenan McCardell

3.)Fred Taylor

4.)Jimmy Smith

5.)Tony Brackens

6.)John Henderson

7.)Donovan Darius

8.)Rasheen Mathis

9.)Maurice Jones-Drew 

10.)Mark Burrell

11.)Leon Searcy

11.)Kevin Hardy

12.)Vince Manuwi 

13.)David Garrard

14.)Marcedes Lewis

15.)Aaron Beasley

16.)Mike Peterson

17.)Gary Walker

18.)Paul Posluszny

19.)Natron Means

20.) Darryl Smith

21.)Chris Naloee

22.)Brad Meester

23.)Reggie Barlow

24.)Josh Scobee

25.)Bryan Barker

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Excluding current or active players...

1) Tony Boselli

2)Jimmy Smith

3) Fred Taylor

4) Mark Brunell

5) Maurice Jones-Drew

6) Rashean Mathis

7) Keenan McCardell

8) Tony Brackens

9) John Henderson

10) Marcus Stroud

11) Leon Searcy

12) Kevin Hardy

13) Donovin Darius

14) Brad Meester

15) Daryl Smith

16) Josh Scobee

17) Paul Posluszny

18) Mike Peterson

19) Gary Walker

20) Kyle Brady

21) Vince Manuwai

22) Mike Hollis

23) Greg Jones

24) Chris Naeole

25) Bryan Barker





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