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26 minutes ago, SilverNBlackFan said:

Lol, we been in trouble. The Chiefs have a 23 year old MVP with Andy Reid as their coach. The Chargers are probably the most well rounded and talented team in the league

 Nothing the Broncos can do for me to worry about them more than those two teams. They dont have a QB and Gary Kubiak is pretty overrated. 

Of course we've been in trouble. I just don't like that it looks to be getting worst in the divison. And Kubiak is a proven offensive mind.

Do I hope they suck just like last year?


It just seems like these are moves that will improve them from what they were last year.

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2 hours ago, NCOUGHMAN said:

Brady doesn’t have twice the rushing yards as brees plus Brady has been in the nfl 4 yrs longer and brees has more rushing tds fwiw

I misread when I looked it up, was looking at carries for whatever reason. He still has 250 less yards though and the fact still remains.

Not that it matters, but they both played their first games in 01'.

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