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First mock draft of 2019 (two rounds/no trades)

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8 hours ago, DoleINGout said:

Missed this comment.

what are your thoughts on Garrett Bradbury of NC State compared to Jenkins in the second round?

Bradburry is the hot name right now, but I'd be happy with either. Zach Allen just happens to be one of my favorite prospects, though.

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8 hours ago, DoleINGout said:

Just updated. I strongly disagree with the hype for Baker. Guy is soft. Maybe that changes once be makes it to the NFL, but at Georgia it looked a lot like be was playing to avoid contact and not get hurt.

Greedy is considered the top corner and by some a fringe top ten prospect this year. I don't think the hype matches the ability so much but at 25 I think the value is there for the Eagles, especially when considering the added dimension his ball skills will have behind their front seven.

From what little I've seen compared to you, Sidney Jones seems average since recovering from his Achilles injury. I don't know much about Douglas. Jalen Mills I thought struggled a bit and LeBlanc I vaguely recall being on the Patriots but is not considered a reliable stater. If the Eagles were to draft Greedy Williams I think their defense would look a lot better on the field and take a lot of pressure off of everyone else in the secondary.

I disagree with the soft comment. That's not the player I watched at Georgia. They play the best talent in college and are highly rated year after year,  known for their aggressive style of play. I have not seen anywhere that he is soft.  I also value the position as a priority when you draft and he is considered by many as one of the best in the country.

I like your (posts) input and I know you like ( rated higher ) Zach Allen.  I would prefer him over Jonathan Abram. That if he passes the BB test. I have seen him rated ( 1st to 3rd) differently by many .  I watched Allen many times and he can play and thats all I care about with a top pick!  No Wilsons or Jordans !

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