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Going to edit as FA happens.

5th year option for Tua Tagovailoa picked up.

Jamaal Williams, RB -- MATCHED -- 3y/12,000,000/4,000,000 per year (NOLA)
Dalton Risner, LG --
DeShon Elliott, S -- MATCHED -- 1y/1,770,000 (MIA)
Charles Omenihu, DE -- thank you for your time with the Oakland Renegades -- 2y/20,000,000 with the KC Chiefs
Zach Allen, DL -- MATCHED -- 3y/45,750,000/15,250,000 per year (DEN)
Morgan Cox, LS -- MATCHED -- 1y/1,317,000 (TEN)

Trayvon Mullen, CB -- thank you for your time with the Oakland Renegades -- ????? with the Baltimore Ravens
Jaquan Johnson, S -- MATCHED -- 1y/1,232,500 (LVR)
Mack Wilson, LB -- MATCHED -- 1y/2,200,000 (NEP)
Jamison Crowder, WR -- thank you for your time with the Oakland Renegades -- 1y/1,317,500 with the NY Giants
Kamu Grugier-Hill, LB -- thank you for your time with the Oakland Renegades --
Brett Rypien, QB -- MATCHED  -- 1y/1,080,000 (LAR)
Free Agents:
Cory Littleton, LB -- welcome back to OAK-- 1y/2,200,000 (HOU)

Jeff Okudah, CB -- welcome to OAK -- 4.125 to DET (beat ATL '23 5th) -- 1y/5,182,074 (5th year/11,514,000 option -- which we pick up)

2023 Draft Selections

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The Oakland Renegades are meeting with the following for their top 30 visits:
01. Bijan Robinson, RB Texas
02. Chase Brown, RB Illinois
03. Josh Downs, WR North Carolina
04. Michael Wilson, WR Stanford
05. Michael Mayer, TE Notre Dame
06. Darnell Washington, TE Georgia
07. Peter Skoronski, OL Northwestern
08. Broderick Jones, OT Georgia
09. Paris Johnson Jr., OT The Ohio State
10. Jon Gaines II, RG UCLA
11. Dillan Gibbons, LG Florida State
12. John Michael Schmitz, C Minnesota
13. Olusegun Oluwatimi, C Michigan
14. Brett Neilon, C USC
15. Nolan Smith, EDGE Georgia
16. Tuli Tuipulotu, EDGE USC
17. Kobie Turner, DL Wake Forest
18. Moro Ojomo, DL Texas
19. Jack Campbell, LB Iowa
20. Trenton Simpson, LB Clemson
21. Henry Too'too, LB Alabama
22. DeMarvion Overshown, LB Texas
23. Joey Porter Jr., CB Penn State
24. Mekhi Blackmon, CB USC
25. Sydney Brown, S Illinois
26. J'Ayir Brown, S Penn State
27. Jordan Battle, S Alabama
28. Jammie Robinson, S Florida State
29. Jake Moody, K Michigan
30. Christopher Dunn, K North Carolina

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Night before the draft prep mock:

01. CAR - Bryce Young, QB Alabama
02. HOU - 4 + 79 + 106
02. IND - Will Levis, QB Kentucky
03. ARI - 11 + ’23 1st
03. TEN - C.J. Stroud, QB The Ohio State
04. IND - 2
04. HOU - Tyree Wilson, DE Texas Tech
05. SEA - Will Anderson, EDGE Alabama
06. DET - Devon Witherspoon, CB Illinois
07. LVR - 17 + 32
07. PIT - Paris Johnson Jr., LT The Ohio State
08. ATL - Nolan Smith, EDGE Georgia
09. CHI - Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR The Ohio State
10. PHI - Bijan Robinson, RB Texas
11. TEN - 03
11. ARI - Christian Gonzalez, CB Oregon
12. HOU - Jalen Carter, DT Georgia
13. GBP - Brian Branch, S Alabama
14. NEP - 22 + 86 + Morgan Moses + ’24 2nd
14. BAL - Anthony Richardson, QB Florida
15. NYJ - Peter Skoronski, OL Northwestern
16. WAS - Broderick Jones, LT Georgia
17. PIT - 07 + 141
17. LVR - Lukas Van Ness, DE Iowa
18. DET - Myles Murphy, DE Clemson
19. TBB - Darnell Wright, RT Tennessee
20. SEA - Joey Porter Jr., CB Penn State
21. LAC - Jahmyr Gibbs, RB Alabama
22. BAL - 14
22. NEP - Zay Flowers, WR Boston College
23. MIN - Deonte Banks, CB Maryland
24. JAX - Anton Harrison, OT Oklahoma
25. NYG - John Michael Schmitz, C Minnesota
26. DAL - Jordan Addison, WR USC
27. BUF - O’Cyrus Torrence, OG Florida
28. CIN - Michael Mayer, TE Notre Dame
29. NOLA - Calijah Kancey, DT Pittsburgh
30. PHI - 32 + 100
30. LVR - Hendon Hooker, QB Tennessee
31. KCC - Quentin Johnston, WR TCU

I pick 21st same time as the Chargers. In my last minute mock I could match the Baltimore trade up and then pivot to take Peter Skoronski to replace Dalton Risner who still has not signed (although I intended to sign him, it's just a little frustrating to not have it locked in). If staying at 21, I think I would select Michael Mayer here. I think John Michael Schmitz would be my back up option to Mayer. I would consider a trade down as well. I'll see tomorrow how ill-prepared or on top of it my research has been and I am excited for this class.

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2023 Draft Selections
1.021 -- Accept the Giants trade [to Jaguars at 24] of 1.025 + 5.160 + 7.240
1.025 -- Accept the Bills trade [to Jaguars at 25] of 1.027 + 4.130
1.027 -- Nolan Smith, EDGE/LB Georgia
2.054 -- John Michael Schmitz, C Minnesota
3.085 -- Darnell Washington, TE Georgia
4.130 -- Antonio Johnson, Nickel CB/S Texas A&M
5.156 -- Chase Brown, RB Illinois
5.160 -- Isaiah Moore, LB North Carolina State
7.239 -- Christopher Dunn, K North Carolina State
7.240 -- Dillan Gibbons, LG Florida State
UDFA: Jalen Wayne, WR South Alabama

Draft Notes:
Blog entry 1: I really wanted Michael Mayer and was on it for a while, until my number one player was on the board at 21. I started to write in Nolan Smith, but was really comfortable with my board and uncomfortable with the number of picks I had. Although Nolan was much higher on my board than Michael Mayer (who was #1 on my board for reasonably available), I think I could hide the hole Nolan would fill easier with scheme than I could Mayer. The Giants moved up and I matched figuring they were selecting a prospect off my board but I assumed it would be John Michael Schmitz. I could accept that risk because I really want more picks.

Blog entry 2: The Jaguars are back on the clock at my new selection of 25 and trade down again for a 4th, which I was very excited to recoup as I traded mine for Jeff Okudah. The Bills were jumping Dallas, and I figured Michael Mayer was probably leaving my board either with the Bills or Cowboys pick, but that's alright because I'll have Nolan Smith if it goes TE TE. Worst case maybe Mayer goes, then Nolan Smith (maybe Micah plays "LEO" and Smith "SLB" for Dallas' defense instead of bouncing Micah back and forth). If that's the case I can go John Michael Schmitz and at least I've recoupped a 4, 5 and 7.  I think the risk is fine again.

Blog entry 3: I'm OTC at 27 and write in Michael Mayer. Maybe I've missed some major injury news on Nolan Smith. I start googling, it's the pectoral I knew about. I don't care about the pectoral. I quickly edit "or Nolan Smith". I'm tripping it's my two favorite prospects for the Renegades. I decide to let the clock run out repeatedly to see if the Bengals or Saints either take Mayer/Nolan so I'd get the other or get an appealing offer to trade up and get Levis with a 5th year option. I figured the Bengals would select Mayer, and if they did I'd stop and immediately select Nolan as I think the Saints might take him. The Saints pick is in, meaning no trade offer, and I'm not risking Nolan rejoining Jordan Davis, Nakobe Dean and now Jalen Carter in Philly. I'm taking Nolan Smith and can't believe he's available. I am deeply hoping NFL teams are on arm length for TE and there is a micro-shot I can get in range for Michael Mayer tomorrow. If not I love my BB and will trust it. I can't believe I got my number one prospect (check this quoted post for Raiders BB for pick 7, though I did take Jalen Carter in my Raider Nation v.. Ziegler and with pick 9 for the Idaho Hogs). I'm so fired up for Nolan Smith and he steps into the role I have Shaq Barrett in, and who is coming off an Achilles injury, and Shaka Toney who is indefinitely suspended for gambling. The need was realistically greater than my perspective while collecting picks, but the trade downs were so small at the time and the fit of Mayer was good enough to constantly take that risk. Really happy.


On 4/25/2023 at 5:24 PM, Trojan said:

1. Nolan Smith
2. Will Anderson
3. Jalen Carter
4. Trade Down
5. Anthony Richardson
6. Bijan Robinson
7. Paris Johnson
8. Devon Witherspoon

* Jalen Carter pending he passed the character and interviews, replace with Peter Skoronski if not.

Blog entry 4: Patiently waiting for the Renegades second round pick, and the Raiders took my ideal target on a trade up. Very happy for Michael Mayer as the Raiders are my irl favorite team. As 54 approaches, I'm hoping for John Michael Schmitz who I graded as a first rounder.

Blog entry 5: I see the Chiefs have moved up to 54, going to take a minute and review the offer. edit: Chiefs moved to 55 from what I see not 54. I'm taking JMS.

Blog entry 6: As Tucker Kraft comes off the board at 78, 8 picks before the Renegades are up we are nervous our target Darnell Washington is at risk. If Washington goes we'll have a big pivot. Josh Downs oof, that was the first pivot to keep it an offensive weapon for Tua/Howell. Washington is higher on our board than many TEs that have gone, but once he goes we're on a tier dump and can't target TE in the 1/2/3 rounds anymore. With Downs going I'm not sure we're going offense if Washington goes.

Blog entry 7: I'm willing to trade up for Washington and I see Panthers just moved up, see if I can match that. Not sure what that trade is yet. edit: to beat their trade it would cost our 3rd and 4th so we passed. He shouldn't be available, so we hope he keeps sliding just a bit more. Looking at Antonio Johnson as a slot corner/reserve Kyle Hamilton role if Washington goes.

Blog entry 8: Man screw the 49ers drafting one of the kickers I brought in for a top 30 visit in the third. I was REALLY hoping it'd be at a more reasonable place so I can either get Moody at value or time when to strike for Dunn. Dunn is my accuracy kicker, but maybe a modest range. I have that sort of kicker, but an even more modest range in Rodrigo so I'm not going to reach I don't think. Really frustrating. 3rd round really?

Blog entry 9: New England Patriots in the early fourth select the second kicker off the board. Angry react but at least it's not Dunn.

Blog entry 10: As the 4th round approached I looked at my board and kept looking at Antonio Johnson. He was typically evaluated as  a safety but played a lot of slot corner (more snaps there than anywhere else). He produced as a nickel corner at a high level and here he can compete with Desmond King, who has one year left on his contract, and if King continues to earn the job Antonio can compete at safety where John Johnson struggled last year. The Antonio Johnson selection felt like a merger of BPA and a transitional plan to reduce future needs. Braden Daniels, Jon Gaines and Isaiah McGuire were all considered, but went before making it really easy. Jammie Robinson was also considered (a top 30 visit and originally a backup plan in case Sydney and Ji'Ayir Brown were gone by my 3rd and 4th selections, or if BPA caused the 3rd round selection to be needed elsewhere (which is what happened with BPA Nolan Smith making TE go from round 2 to round 3, with JMS in round 2). When Antonio Johnson was up and the extra versatility and size sold me, I had originally thought Antonio would be a late 2 - early 3 player and didn't think he'd be a realistic option.

Blog entry 11: My two fifths were approaching and Isaiah Moore had been locked in as one of them for a long time. The other was long locked as Michael Wilson who would bounce between my plan A 4th or 5th round target, and eventually had settled as my 5th round assuming his foot injury history would scare teams down. He  went 94th so I had almost two rounds to prepare something else, and decided to change up my RB3. I've had Eno Benjamin and felt he did well, but clearly something weird is with him to be released while preforming with the Cardinals and then I think bouncing from Houston to New Orleans. My RB4 was Kylin Hill who was not "wanting it" or whatever enough for GB, so I held his rights from waivers with hoping I wouldn't get stranded relying on him. Sydney Brown was one of my favorites in the class, and a selection of mine for the Idaho Hogs, but his brother Chase Brown is close to being a favorite. Chase's only knock to me is fumbling issues and we can work on that as RB3. The tandem of Jamaal Williams return and Chase Brown will allow us to not rush Javonte back if Javonte needs more time.

Blog entry 12: 7th round rolls around and I'm a bit sad my super long time targets of Christopher Dunn and Dillan Gibbons is going to be disturbed with Andrew Vorhees still being available, but the Ravens moved back into the draft and let me take my plan. I love these prospects even if they are longer shot types. I have one empty spot in my team with never addressing the WR position when Michael Wilson went. I really like the person of Jalen Wayne and he came across great in interviews to me, and then seeing instagram footwork drills and whatnot I like what he is improving and what he showed as progress and ability to jump in competition in Senior Bowl. Jalen Wayne, assuming he goes undrafted, if my one UDFA signing and making the team.

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Position / PFF Grade








2020 || 1.004

Tua Tagovailoa

QB /








2022 || 3.098

Sam Howell









2021 || 2.034

Javonte Williams

RB / 72.3








2021 || Free Agent

Jamaal Williams

RB / 69.9








2023 || 5.156

Chase Brown









2020 || 6.195

Eno Benjamin

RB / 60.0








2022 || Waivers

Kylin Hill









2019 || UDFA

Alec Ingold

FB / 70.6








2022 || Trade

Amari Cooper

WR / 72.9








2021 || Free Agent

Corey Davis

WR / 68.8








2020 || 5.150

Donovan Peoples Jones

WR / 64.7








2022 || 4.114

Khalil Shakir









2023 || UDFA

Jalen Wayne









2022 || Waivers

Jacob Harris









2023 || 3.085

Darnell Washington









2022 || 4.111

Charlie Kolar









2022 || 4.155

James Mitchell









2022 || 7.227

Jalen Wydermeyer









2021 || Free Agent

Sammis Reyes









2021 || 1.020

Christian Darrisaw

OT / 66,6




(5th year option)




2022 || Trade

La’el Collins

OT / 82.0








2020 || 3.068

Josh Jones

OT / 52.8








2019 || 2.000

Dalton Risner

OG / 63.5








2022 || Free Agent

James Daniels

OG / 71.0








2023 || 7.240

Dillan Gibbons









2021 || 3.083

Wyatt Davis









2023 || 2.054

John Michael Schmitz









2020 || 3.080

Lloyd Cushenberry

OC / 64.7








2022 || Waivers

Alec Lindstrom









2022 || 4.120

Zach Tom









2019 || 1.000

Nick Bosa

EDGE / 82.8








2019 || Free Agent

Shaq Barrett

EDGE / 80.7








2023 || 1.027

Nolan Smith







(5th year option)


2020 || 2.036

Yetur Gross Matos

EDGE / 57.0








2020 || 2.049

AJ Epenesa

EDGE / 64.6








2021 || 3.066

Alim McNeill

DT / 58.5








2022 || 3.072

Travis Jones









2021 || 5.164

Marvin Wilson









2019 || 3.000

Zach Allen

DT / 55.4








2020 || 4.123

Rashard Lawrence

DT / 47.8








2021 || 4.107

Jabril Cox

LB / 73.3








2021 || 2.052

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

LB / 80.8








2022 || 2.043

Nakobe Dean









2023 || 5.160

Isaiah Moore









2023 || Free Agent

Cory Littleton









2019 || 4.000

Mack Wilson

LB / 74.9








2021 || 7.230

Shaka Toney

LB / 57.9








2022 || 1.016

Trent McDuffie






(5th year option)



2022 || 2.039

Kyler Gordon









2023 || Trade

Jeffrey Okudah









2021 || Free Agent

Desmond King

CB / 57.6








2023 || 4.130

Antonio Johnson









2021 || 6.186

Thomas Graham Jr.









2020 || 7.249

AJ Green

CB / 68.4








2021 || Free Agent

John Johnson III

S / 63,4








2022 || 1.007

Kyle Hamilton






(5th year option)



2019 || Expansion

Deshon Elliott

S / 66.9








2022 || UDFA

Reed Blankenship

S / NA








2019 || 6.000

Jaquan Johnson

S / 68.4








2022 || 6.201

Ryan Stonehouse









2023 || 7.239

Christopher Dunn









2020 || 7.218

Rodrigo Blankenship

K / 50.3








2021 || Free Agent

Morgan Cox


















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Quarterback (2, maybe 3/53)
Tua Tagovailoa, #13 (Drafted, 1st 2020)
Sam Howell, #7 (Drafted, 3rd 2022)
Brett Rypien, #14 (Drafted, 7th 2019)

Tua played elite last year, and when injured Sam Howell showed NFL talent. Tua is starting for the Miami Dolphins, and Sam Howell is starting for the Washington Commanders. On the Renegades there isn't a QB competition, but we are taking Tua's health and well being seriously and well being seriously and would no play him after head injuries like the Dolphins did. Last year when Tua did miss time, we felt confident in Howell's hands. We are extremely excited about the security he proves the team and if needed he could lead us back to the playoffs, although we projected ourselves as losing our first playoff appearance last year under Howell that was because of injuries amongst the team and his inexperience at the time. Howell has multiple starts for us. Both players are roster locks.

Runningback (3, maybe 4/53)
Javonte Williams, #25 (Drafted, 2nd 2021)
Jamaal Williams, #30 (Free Agent, 2021)
Chase Brown, #22 (Drafted Rookie, 5th 2023)
Eno Benjamin, #33 (Drafted, 6th 2020)
Kylin Hill, #32 (Waiver, 2022)

The Renegades were so pumped for the next step for Javonte last year and unfortunately his knee gave out early on. Jamaal became a surprise starter, for both the Renegades and the Lions, and set the Lion's franchise rushing touchdown record. For the Renegades he was a fan and lockerroom favorite and named a team captain before he was even the starter. Chase Brown enters the room as the role Jamaal originally signed for years ago, a cheap contract high quality infectious personality football player that if called upon can carry a full load and be successful. Javonte and Jamaal have been models of working well in tandem situations and we excited about this trio and it's potential to alleviate Javonte's burden as he eases back from his injury. Eno Benjamin popped off in real life right when we needed him to show something, and he functioned as Jamaal's backfield mate for much of the year. In real life when Eno's role was reduced when James Conner returned from injury something happened and Eno was released, then spent time with both the Texans and Saints. Here Eno is on the last year of his deal and his roster spot isn't guaranteed. Ideally the Renegades would carrry two runningbacks as we also field a fullback. With Javonte's progress Eno may slide into the 53 once again. Kylin Hill was claimed after the Packers released him for not being professional enough or something along those lines and Hill is unlikely to make the 53 man roster and was claimed because I liked him as a prospect and if needed for a game I think he could carry the load and not be embarrassing.

Fullback (1/53)
Alec Ingold, #45 (Undrafted, 2019)

Alec Ingold returns again as a member of the undrafted free agents of the Renegades inaugural draft class (then the St. Louis Music). Alec Ingold is on the final year of his extension and all he needs to do is maintain his play, ideally improve like everyone else's goals, and stay healthy. We love Ingold in Oakland.

Wide Reciever (5, or 6/53)
Amari Cooper, #19 (Trade, 2022)
Corey Davis, #84 (Free Agent, 2021)
Donovan Peoples-Jones, #11 (Drafted, 5th 2020)
Khalil Shakir, #12 (Drafted, 4th 2022)
Jalen Wayne, #87 (Undrafted Rookie, 2023)
Jacob Harris, #86 (Waiver, 2022)

Amari, Corey, Donovan and Khalil return from last year's group. Amari proved he remains a WR1 after his trade from the Dallas Cowboys and this year Donovan and Corey Davis will compete for the WR2 job as Davis suffered some more injuries and DPJ impressed with development from his humble beginnings as a raw rookie. DPJ's classmate Quintez Cephus ended last year on IR and then he was involved in the gambling and would be suspended for the year (he wasn't our only player involved), so he isn't listed as we don't expect him to play for the team again. Khalil Shakir will compete with DPJ for the slot role, and he flashed in a similar role with the Bills as a rookie last year. Regardless all four will see action as rookie undrafted free agent Jalen Wayne plays on special teams and develops as a wide receiver making a fairly significant leap from South Alabama to the NFL. Jacob Harris is a receiver with tight end versatility which is why he was claimed by the team last year as Kolar started the year hurt. Harris isn't a lock to make the team, but carrying him as WR6 is not unreasonable, nor is he unreasonable as TE4.

Tight End (3, or 4/53)
Darnell Washington, #80 (Drafted Rookie, 3rd 2023)
Charlie Kolar, #88 (Drafted, 4th 2022)
James Mitchell, #82 (Drafted, 5th 2022)
Jalen Wydermeyer, #85 (Drafted, 7th 2022)
Honorable mention: Jacob Harris (Waiver, 2022), #86; Sammis Reyes, #12 (IPP Program, 2021)

As the Renegades took off as an expansion franchise we started with a broken down Jimmy Graham, with a UDFA Dax Raymond. Then we pivoted to an end of career Eric Ebron pair with a 7th round rookie who never got healthy in Hunter Bryant, and a new UDFA in Jared Pinkney. Year three we experimented with selecting Pitts if he'd fall to us, but realistically looked at Hunter Long and just generally didn't like the TE class and passed when the opportunity came. We signed Chilean basketball player Sammis Reyes on a Darren Waller long shot gamble, and had to hit up the position repeatedly in year four. We came away with Charlie Kolar, James Mitchell and Jalen Wydermeyer after passing on higher graded options like Trey McBride. An opportunity presented itself to trade for Zach Ertz with draft capital and Tay Gowan, but I liked what 2/3rds of our rookie TEs offered especially paired with the upcoming draft class. We passed and passed and almost missed out again, but Darnell Washington was available in the 3rd round after a huge TE run. Darnell offers tremendous blocking potential and helps realize our vision. Mitchell is a good complementary receiving TE, and Charlie Kolar is solid overall offering positive blocking effort and receiving skill. This trio is such an exciting development for the Oakland Renegades and we have high expectations for the group. Jalen Wydermeyer hung on to a roster spot by a string last year with Kolar's injury to start the year, but he is unlikely to make the team this year barring injuries. We've mostly given up on the Sammis Reyes long shot, but we still have one more year of control and Reyes will compete against Jacob Harris for the WR/TE role if it exists.

Offensive Line (10/53)
Christian Darrisaw, #77 (Drafted, 1st 2021)
Dalton Risner, #66 (Drafted, 2nd 2019)
John Michael Schmitz, #60 (Drafted rookie, 2nd 2023)
James Daniels, #68 (Free Agent)
Josh Jones, #74 (Drafted, 3rd 2020)
La'el Collins, #71 (Trade, 2022)
Zach Tom, #50 (Drafted, 4th 2022)
Lloyd Cushenberry, #79 (Drafted, 3rd 2020)
Dillan Gibbons, #75 (Drafted rookie, 7th 2023)
Wyatt Davis, #52 (Drafted, 3rd 2021)
Alec Lindstrom, #61 (Undrafted )

I love our line, and can't wait to match whatever offer Dalton Risner eventually accepts. La'el Collins and Josh Jones would battle for the RT job, but with Collins coming off injury it's presumed Josh Jones will win the job (outside shot of Zach Tom as well). Rookie second round pick John Michael Schmitz is projected to displace Lloyd Cushenberry who will likely rotate to guard this offseason to be a reserve guard and center. Zach Tom likely ends up being our reserve on the left side both as tackle and guard, and La'el the reserve on the right likewise. Gibbons will continue his development and hopefully earns the backup LG spot. Wyatt Davis is in a similar position, but with more draft capital used on him and disappointing years on the books. Lindstrom and Wyatt are likely battling for the 10th spot on the offensive line. If Collins misses the start of the year on PUP or something potentially all the players will make the roster. If Dalton Risner never signs, which would be very disappointing and we've intended to resign him and he's our team captain, then Zach Tom is the projected LG. When I got to the center class this year I was so excited there were so many prospects I liked and early on I kept jotting down Georgia's Sedrick Van Pran, but with his youth and coming off a Championship Van Pran returned. I had Van Pran comfortably ahead of Patterson, who I had a mid-round grade on, and just ahead of Oluwatimi and Olu a bit ahead of Stromberg. Then I got to John Michael Schmitz and thought "wow". I put him right up there with another late addition of Wisconsin's guard at the top of the class. I had Ohio State's center as my replacement Van Pran with youth and athleticism, but I kept coming back to Schmitz. Schmitz was the center I wanted most since I passed on the left handed Humphrey a couple years ago. Schmitz breakdowns on youtube just confirmed it and I moved him up and he ended up as my number two "likely available" board (just behind Michael Mayer, who has been my like forever target) for my pick in the early 20s. I thought there was a real chance he'd go 25 to NYG, and Mayer I thought would go to the Bengals if not to the Packers as his potential before me destination. Nolan Smith being my top big board player, then being available was heartbreak that I wasn't getting Michael Mayer. I absolutely love Nolan Smith as a prospect and couldn't pass on him, but I did offer a number of small trade backs so at worst I would get Mayer. I stopped in front of Philly and selected Smith and accepted Mayer almost assuredly wouldn't make it to my second (unless teams hated his length and technically, in this class, not great athleticism), but there was a glimmer I'd get to have a shot, or a shot of a trade up, for John Michael Schmitz. He's the solution to my interior. I love my guards in Risner and Daniels, but they aren't so strong as to make up for having below average center play. Schmitz has enough power that initially I wasn't sure he'd be a zone fit, then you watch him move. Watch him position himself and pass players off before going to the next phase. I'm hyped for JMS and I think he gives my OL top 5 potential.

Defensive Line (10/53)
Zach Allen, #93 (Drafted, 3rd 2019)
Alim McNeill, #92 (Drafted, 3rd 2021)
Travis Jones, #95 (Drafted, 3rd 2022)
Nick Bosa, #97 (Drafted, 1st 2019)
Nolan Smith, #54 (Drafted rookie, 1st 2023)
Shaquill Barrett, #58 (Free Agent, 2019)
A.J. Epenesa, #57 (Drafted, 2nd 2020)
Yetur Gross-Matos, #99 (Drafted, 2nd 2020)
Rashard Lawrence, #90 (Drafted, 4th 2020)
Marvin Wilson, #91 (Drafted, 5th 2021)
Shaka Toney, #57 (Drafted, 7th 2021)

I love our line. We still use an attacking front and line up like a 4-3 under frequently. This is sort of a 5 man front in a way with a 5tech base end (Zach Allen, AJ Epenesa), 1tech nose tackle (Alim McNeill, Rashard Lawrence), penetrating 3tech (Travis Jones, Marvin Wilson), and a wide 9 edge rusher (Nick Bosa, Yetur Gross-Matos), the 5th comes from an outside linebacker position (Shaq Barrett, Nolan Smith, Shaka Toney). This is the same group as last year a major reason of our projected wildcard berth. Shout out Defensive Player of the Year Nick Bosa and I gave him a front loaded extension this offseason, and if the 49ers pay him considerably more I'll pay him a bonus to not cheat the man that makes my team tick. The difference for the Renegades is last year Shaq Barrett tore his Achilles, and this year we expect him back, but we have first round pick Nolan Smith manning his position and he doesn't need to play all downs and if his explosiveness is sapped it's likely Nolan's job to lose. Shaka Toney, like Quintez Cephus, was suspended in the gambling ordeal so all players will make the team. Shaka has a better chance to return to the team after his suspension if details don't emerge to make me cut him, but he has an opportunity to replace Shaq Barrett as Nolan Smith's reserve long term. The suspension suspends his contract essentially extending him a year so we have 3 team controlled years left, just with nothing offered this year. We have the 4-3 under looks, but Aaron Glenn is multiple and came up through the 3-4 system even if he changes for personnel. In 3-4 looks we can have fronts that feature Zach Allen, Alim McNeill and Travis Jones as our down lineman, with Bosa and Smith (and Shaq... and sometimes Yetur) as stand up rushers.

Linebackers (5 or 6/53)
Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, #46 (Drafted, 2nd 2021)
Nakobe Dean, #17 (Drafted, 2nd 2022)
Jabril Cox, #59 (Drafted, 4th 2021)
Isaiah Moore, #41 (Drafted Rookie, 5th 2023)
Mack Wilson, #51 (Drafted, 4th 2019)
Corey Littleton, #48 (Free Agent 2020/2023)

Familiar faces return with JOK, Dean, Cox, and Wilson from last year, and Corey Littleton from the year before. Jabril Cox is hopefully finally healthy, and Nakobe Dean developed. If not Mack Wilson is likely to fill in as he has been with the Renegades from the inaugural draft class. That said there is a chance the rookie linebacker impresses and moves up. We really liked Isaiah Moore's attacking gaps and shedding blocks watching him at NC State. He has familiarity working behind Alim from college, and I believe he has leadership potential if his play reaches his potential. Moore also has some of the highest "thumper" potential of our group and may find a role in run situations even if he doesn't get a starting role. It's not a high pressure situation for him though and we are happy as a reserve and special teamer if everything is firing well. Littleton has an outside shot of redeeming his original FA bust label as we moved on in previous years, but brought him back as our only outside the organization free agent this year on a similar contract as Mack Wilson. Ideally neither Wilson nor Littleton has to start for us, but each provide experience in our system and guidance for our young linebackers on low cost veteran one year deals.

Corners (6/53)
Trent McDuffie, #21 (Drafted, 1st 2022)
Kyler Gordon, #6 (Drafted, 2nd 2022)
Jeffrey Okudah, #0 (Trade, 2023)
Desmond King, #20 (Free Agent, 2021)
Antonio Johnson, #27 (Drafted rookie, 4th 2023)
A.J. Green, #39 (Drafted, 77th 2020)
Thomas Graham, #24 (Drafted, 6th 2021)

Trent McDuffie and Kyler Gordon got a familar new assistant DB coach from who they learned under at Washington together in Will Harris assisting returning DB coach Jonathan Cooley. The two Washington boys are our projected outside corners, and the rookie Antonio Johnson will battle Desmond King for the slot role, but two slots under contract is beneficial against spread offenses and if King wins Johnson can get some third safety looks if he earns them. Jeff Okudah is here to push Kyler Gordon for the CB2 job, and if he wins but the King/Johnson battle disappoints Gordon may be in the nickel. AJ Green returns for his final contract year after being a 7th round pick for the team and we still like him as a reserve boundary corner. I really like this group and it's very young. I think they can thrive with our pressure potential. I don't think Thomas Graham is going to make the 53.

Safeties (4/53)
Kyle Hamilton, #14 (Drafted, 1st 2022)
John Johnson III, #43 (Free Agent, 2021)
Deshon Elliott, #34 (Expansion Draft)
Reed Blankenship, #42 (Undrafted)
Jaquan Johnson, #44 (Drafted, 6th 2019)

We plan to only carry four safeties with out nickle options at corner having safety versatility. Jaquan Johnson's roster spot isn't completely lost though as John Johnson may lose his contract for money to open up to resign Dalton Risner whenever I can match. Jaquan was the team's first sixth round pick and got a 1 year extension this offseason with the potential of losing team captain JJ3 to cap and play performance. If JJ3 is cut, Reed Blankenship will battle extended expansion member DeShon Elliott for the starting job opposite Kyle Hamilton. Reed was an UDFA of ours last year who impressed in spots with the Eagles last year. We like the group, but it's somewhat likely JJ3 may need to take a pay cut (would be more than what he eventually signs irl as a fa) or he gets cut to make room for Risner. I still like the group for a budget safety group without JJ3 if that's where it needs to go. I do appreciate the player and would be sad if we lose him. edit: On the topic of JJ3 potentially being cut for cap reasons, if you look at my chart above it looks like I am above the cap as is, but cap is top 51 contracts and my calculated total is 63 players, so without reordering and exactsies checking it's ~10-12mil less than listed (...to exactsies the top 51 it would be 219,776,221 of a 224.8mil cap, so ~5 under).

Specialists (3/53)
Ryan Stonehouse, #4 (Drafted, 6th 2022)
Christopher Dunn, #3 (Drafted rookie, 7th 2023)
Rodrigo Blankenship, #9 (Drafted, 7th 2020)
Morgan Cox, #53 (Free Agent, 2021)

Ryan Stonehouse was above and beyond as a rookie setting the all time record and getting his cleats sent to the HOF. Amazing and I'm proud to have targeted and drafted him. Morgan Cox has continued to be one of the best long snappers in the NFL and was an easy resign to maintain continuity. Christopher Dunn was drafted, quite frankly, to beat Rodrigo Blankenship in camp for the kicking job. Rodrigo is an accurate kicker, but his range is just not enough to be as competitive as we need to be. Love Blankenship as a person, I just need more range. Dunn is extremely accurate (made all 200 XP attempts at NC State) as well. Dunn was almost perfect last year with 96.6% made, but previously had some issues with range (0-3 beyond 50 in 2021, and 0-2 in 2019). That said this past year wasn't just dink hits for percentage as he was 2/2 beyond 50 with a 53 yard long. He only has 11 misses 20-49 yards in his 5 years, out of 88 attempts which is a 87.5%. When I was scouting Christopher Dunn, I was really impressed with the other kicker in his class Moody. Then I noticed Moody's plant foot wasn't really all that consistently distanced from the ball, whereas watching Dunn kick his plant foot is right next to the ball. I flipped over to a Justin Tucker kicking video and Tucker's foot plants right next to the ball. I don't expect him to be Justin Tucker, but seeing someone with a ritualistic and consistent technique was encouraging. I watched videos of him talking and also bought into the low key hard working farmer background. Let's get to work and make field goals that matter, or Rodrigo if you win please improve.

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2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Wow. This draft class concludes 5 years of being the General Manager/Owner of the Oakland Renegades (formerly the St. Louis Music). The Panthers first 5 years were Bill Polian (2), Dom Capers (1) and George Seifert (3), and the Houston Texans had 4 years of Charley Casserly then started the Rick Smith era. I feel like it's a good time to look back on the last five years and see if I've done a good job or not and to reflect on the years of fun and research running this team.

All Time Oakland Renegades
Tua Tagovailoa (Draft 1st; 2020 - current) ^^
Brett Rypien (Draft 7th; 2019 - current) --
Sam Howell (Draft 3rd; 2022 - current) ^^
Jamie Newman (UDFA; 2021-2022) --
Jacob Eason (Waivers/Trade for Amik Robertson; 2021-2022) --
Jacoby Brissett (Expansion; 2019) --
Brett Hundley (Free Agency; 2019) --
Justin Fields (Draft 1st; 2021 - trade rights to Bears) --

Jamaal Williams (Free Agency; 2021-current) ^^
Javonte Williams (Draft 2nd; 2021-current) ^^
Eno Benjamin (Draft 6th; 2020-current) --
Todd Gurley (Free Agency; 2020) --
Elijah Holyfield (UDFA; 2019-2020) --
Bo Scarbrough (Expansion; 2019-2020) --
Chase Brown (Draft 5th; 2023-current) ^^
Jordan Howard (Expansion; 2019) --
Paul Perkins (Expansion; 2019) --

Alec Ingold (2019-current) ^^
Bronson Reichsteiner (UDFA; 2020) --
Patrick DiMarco (Expansion; 2019) --

Wide Reciever
Amari Cooper (Trade; 2022-current) ^^
Donovan Peoples-Jones (Draft 5th; 2020-current) ^^
Corey Davis (Free Agency; 2021-current) ^^
Jamison Crowder (Free Agency; 2019-2022) --
Quintez Cephus (Draft 5th; 2020-2022) --
Khalil Shakir (Draft 4th; 2022-current) ^^
Kelvin Harmon (Draft 5th; 2019-2021) --
Emanuel Hall (UDFA; 2019-2020) --
Anthony Johnson (UDFA; 2019-2020) --
Jalen Wayne (UDFA; 2023-current) ^^
Will Fuller V (Free Agency; 2021) --
Marqise Lee (Expansion; 2019) --
Nelson Agholor (Expansion; 2019) --
Brice Butler (Expansion; 2019) --
Dontarrio Drummond (UDFA; 2022) ^^

Tight End
Eric Ebron (Free Agency; 2020-2021) --
Charlie Kolar (Draft 4th; 2022-current) ^^
James Mitchell (Draft 5th; 2022-current) ^^
Darnell Washington (Draft 3rd; 2023-current) ^^
Sammis Reyes (International Player Pipeline; 2021-current) --
Jacob Harris (Waivers; 2022-current) --
Jalen Wydermeyer (Draft 7th; 2022-current) --
Hunter Bryant (Draft 7th; 2020-2021) --
Jimmy Graham (Expansion; 2019) --
Jared Pinkney (UDFA; 2020) --
Dax Raymond (UDFA; 2019) --

Offensive Line

Dalton Risner (Draft 2nd; 2019-current) ^^
Christian Darrisaw (Draft 1st; 2021-current) ^^
Josh Jones (Draft 3rd; 2020-current) ^^
Lloyd Cushenberry (Draft 3rd; 2020-current) --
Wyatt Davis  (Draft 3rd; 2021-current) --
Zach Tom (Draft 4th; 2022-current) ^^
Jack Conklin (Free Agency; 2020-2022) --
Scott Quessenberry (Expansion; 2019-2022) --
Trent Brown (Free Agency; 2019-2020) --
James Daniels (Free Agenct; 2022-current) ^^
La'el Collins (Trade; 2022-current) ^^
John Michael Schmitz (Draft 2nd; 2023-current) ^^
Ben Bredeson (Draft 4th; 2020-) --
Dillan Gibbons (Draft 7th; 2023-current) --
Carson Green (Waivers; 2021-2022) --
Alec Lindstrom (Waivers; 2022-current) ^^
Andrus Peat (Expansion; 2019) --
Jamil Douglas (Expansion; 2019-2020) --
Jon Sullivan (Expansion; 2019) --
Brian Winters (Expansion; 2019) --
Josh Garnett (Expansion; 2019) --
Mike Remmers (Expansion; 2019) --
Scott Frantz (UDFA; 2020) --
Gage Cervenka (UDFA; 2020) --
Trey Adams (Draft 7th; 2020) --

Defensive Line/EDGE

Nick Bosa (Draft 1st; 2019-current) ^^
Shaquill Barrett (Free Agency; 2019-current) ^^
Zach Allen (Draft 3rd; 2019-current) ^^
Yetur Gross-Matos (Draft 2nd; 2020-current) --
A.J. Epenesa (Draft 2nd; 2020-current) --
Alim McNeill (Draft 3rd; 2021-current) ^^
Travis Jones (Draft 3rd; 2022-current) ^^
Charles Omenihu (Trade; 2021-2022) --
Nolan Smith (Draft 1st; 2023-current) ^^
Rashard Lawrence (Draft 4th; 2020-current) --
Marvin Wilson (Draft 5th; 2021 - current) --
Shaka Toney (Draft 7th; 2021-current) --
Tanoh Kpassagnon (Expansion; 2019-2020) --
Duke Ejiofor (Expansion; 2019-2020) --
Henry Anderson (Free Agency; 2021-2022) --
Gerald Willis (UDFA; 2019-2020) --
Kingsley Keke (Waivers; 2022) --
Jurrell Casey (Trade; 2020) --
Justin Ellis (Expansion; 2019) --
Robert Nkemdiche (Expansion; 2019) --
Vernon Butler (Expansion; 2019) --
Vic Beasley (Expansion; 2019) --
Markus Golden (Free Agency; 2019) --

Off Ball Linebacker

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (Draft 2nd; 2021-current) ^^
Jabril Cox (Draft 4th; 2021 - current) --
Nakobe Dean (Draft 2nd; 2022-current) ^^
Mack Wilson (Draft 4th; 2019-current) --
Cory Littleton (Free Agency; 2020-2022, 2023) --
Kevin Pierre-Louis (Free Agency; 2020-2022) --
Kamu Grugier-Hill (Free Agency; 2021-2022) --
Chase Hansen (UDFA; 2019-2021) --
Isaiah Moore (Draft 5th; 2023-current) ^^
Javin White (Waivers; 2020) --
Brandon Marshall (Expansion; 2019) --
Khalil Hodge (UDFA; 2019) --
Sean Lee (Expansion; 2019) --
Jake Ryan (Free Agency; 2019) --
Tre Lamar (UDFA; 2019) --
Terill Hanks (UDFA; 2019) --


Desmond King (Free Agency; 2021-current) --
Trent McDuffie (Draft 1st; 2022-current) ^^
Kyler Gordon (Draft 2nd; 2022-current) ^^
AJ Green (Draft 7th; 2020-current) --
Steven Nelson (Free Agency; 2021-2022) --
Thomas Graham Jr.(Draft 6th; 2021-current) --
Lamar Jackson (Draft 7th; 2020-2022) --
Tay Gowan (Draft 6th; 2021-2022) --
Jeff Okudah (Trade; 2023 - current) ^^
Antonio Johnson (Draft 4th; 2023-current) ^^
Trayvon Mullen (Trade; 2022) --
Amik Robertson (Draft 4th; 2020-2021) --
Dre Kirkpatrick (Expansion; 2019-2020) --
Mackenzie Alexander (Free Agency; 2020) --
Josh Norman (Expansion; 2019) --
Howard Wilson (Expansion; 2019) --
Vernon Hargreaves (Expansion; 2019) --
Bryce Callahan (Free Agency; 2019) --
Ahkello Witherspoon (Free Agency; 2021) --

John Johnson III (Free Agency, 2021-current) --
Kyle Hamilton (Draft 1st; 2022-current) ^^
DeShon Elliott (Expansion; 2019-current) --
Jaquan Johnson (Draft 6th; 2019-current) --
Reed Blankenship (UDFA; 2022-current) ^^
Jabrill Peppers (Free Agency; 2022) --
Karl Joseph (Free Agency; 2020) --
Morgan Burnett (Expansion; 2019) --
Obi Melifonwu (Expansion; 2019) --
Haha Clinton-Dix (Free Agency; 2020) --

Rodrigo Blankenship (Draft 7th; 2020-current) --
Ryan Stonehouse (Draft 6th; 2022-current) ^^
Joseph Charlton (Draft 7th; 2020-2021) --
Morgan Cox (Free Agency; 2021-current) ^^
Christopher Dunn (Draft 7th; 2023-current) ^^

Jack Fox (UDFA; 2019) --
Michael Pifer (UDFA; 2020) --
Justin Yoon (UDFA; 2019) --

Five Years Draft History
1.001 Nick Bosa, EDGE The Ohio State 2019
1.004 Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama 2020
1.007 Kyle Hamilton, S Notre Dame 2022
1.016 Trent McDuffie, CB Washington 2022
1.020  Christian Darrisaw, LT Virginia Tech 2021
1.027  Nolan Smith, EDGE/LB Georgia 2023
2.033 Dalton Risner, OG Kansas State 2019
2.034 Javonte Williams, RB North Carolina 2021
2.036 Yetur Gross-Matos, DE Penn State 2020
2.039 Kyler Gordon, CB Washington 2022
2.043 Nakobe Dean, MLB Georgia 2022
2.049 AJ Epenesa, DE Iowa 2020
2.052 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, SS/WLB Notre Dame 2021
2.054 John Michael Schmitz, C Minnesota 2023
3.065 Zach Allen, DE Boston College 2019
3.066 Alim McNeill, DT North Carolina State 2021
3.068 Josh Jones, OT Houston 2020
3.072 Travis Jones, NT Connecticut 2022
3.080 Lloyd Cushenberry, C LSU 2020
3.083 Wyatt Davis, RG The Ohio State 2021
3.085 Darnell Washington, TE Georgia 2023
3.098 Sam Howell, QB UNC 2022
4.103 Mack Wilson, LB Alabama 2019
4.107 Jabril Cox, LB LSU 2021
4.110 Amik Robertson, CB Louisiana Tech 2020
4.111 Charlie Kolar, TE Iowa State 2022
4.114 Khalil Shakir, WR Boise State 2022
4.120 Zach Tom, T/C Wake Forest 2022
4.123 Rashard Lawrence, NT LSU 2020
4.130 Antonio Johnson, Nickel CB/S Texas A&M 2023
4.140 Ben Bredeson, OG Michigan 2020
5.139 Kelvin Harmon, WR North Carolina State 2019
5.150 Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR Michigan 2020
5.163 Quintez Cephus, WR Wisconsin 2020
5.155 James Mitchell, TE Virginia Tech 2022
5.156 Chase Brown, RB Illinois 2023
5.160 Isaiah Moore, LB North Carolina State 2023
5.164 Marvin Wilson, DT Florida State 2021
6.174 Jaquan Johnson, S Miami 2019
6.186 Thomas Graham Jr., CB Oregon 2021
6.195 Eno Benjamin, RB Arizona State 2020
6.201 Ryan Stonehouse, P Colorado State 2022
6.204 Tay Gowan, CB UCF 2021
7.215 Brett Rypien, QB Boise State 2019
7.218 Rodrigo Blankenship, K Georgia 2020
7.219 Joseph Charlton, P South Carolina 2020
7.227 Jalen Wydermeyer, TE Texas A&M 2022
7.228 Hunter Bryant, TE Washington 2020
7.230 Shaka Toney, SLB/LEO Penn State 2021
7.239 Christopher Dunn, K North Carolina State 2023
7.240 Dillan Gibbons, LG Florida State 2023
7.242 Lamar Jackson, CB Nebraska 2020
7.249 AJ Green, CB Oklahoma State 2020
7.253 Trey Adams, LT Washington 2020

Notable UDFA
Alec Ingold, FB Wisconsin 2019
Chase Hansen, LB Utah 2019
Jack Fox, P Rice 2019
Jalen Wayne, WR South Alabama 2023
Donatarrio Drummond, WR Ole Miss 2022
Jared Pinkney, TE Vanderbilt 2020
Elijah Holyfield, RB Georgia 2019
Gerald Willis, DT Miami 2019

Looking at my 5 year history, my first round grade would be exceptionally good. I have no misses that I know of, and Nick Bosa is a franchise player and Tua appeared to be one last year with his breakout. Darrisaw broke out last year as well, and Kyle Hamilton played well but is projected to get a bigger role this year. Trent McDuffie was CB1 for the SB winner, and although less than a week after the draft I'll count Nolan Smith as a win as he wasn't an IRL reach. First round I'd say I'd earn an extension as GM with 6/6 hits. Moving on to the second round we have an 8 selection sample size. The first two seconds (Yetur/AJ) have made it through their rookie contract, although each has only been a part time starter so they are somewhat disappointments, but not busts to have remained on the 53. Risner and JOK have ascended to team captain tier of players for our Renegades and have been solid starters. Javonte looked like a top ten back before blowing his knee out. Nakobe and Kyler, as well as the current JMS all need to show out, but seem to be on the right path as projected starters in the NFL and their teams didn't replace them if applicable. My score for the second round is on shakier ground than my solid first, but I think I get an extension grade in the 2nd because no busts. I have 8 selections in my third round sample as well, and here I have my first bust in Wyatt Davis, although he's holding onto his Renegade roster spot by a thread. Additionally Lloyd Cushenberry has struggled as a starter, but I think he's at least improved to fringe starter caliber and at worst a solid reserve. Zach Allen and Josh Jones were slow to develop, but have flashed for the Cardinals and I'll count them as late wins, especially with Allen earning a 45mil extension (with us, it's a FA deal for Denver). Alim has been a day one starter at nose, Travis Jones when healthy has worked into the Ravens rotation as a rookie, and Sam Howell showed enough to snag the Washington QB1 job. With Washington being graded positively, if his medicals aren't a full fail, I think with Zach Allen's extension, solid players all over, and Howell's landing of a starting QB job my third round is still worthy of an extension even though Wyatt Davis did not live up to expectations. In the 4th I have a 9 selection sample and it's notably worse with Zach Tom and hopefully Antonio Johnson as the bright spots. Some of our 4ths have been long time backups which is the expectation of a prospect drafted in this range, but more starters would have been nice. I'd list Shakir and Lawrence in this solid reserve tier, and outside of injury perhaps Cox and Kolar. The injuries hurt this, and Amik has been a bottom of the roster CB for the Raiders irl, but I flipped him for Jacob Eason who I considered over Amik at the time so I'll take the L there. I think my 4th round success is a neutral grade, neither worthy of being fired nor extended. In the fifth round I don't consider any of my prospects busts (some may consider Marvin Wilson one) over the last 5 years which is a minor miracle considering this is where the draft starts to become "late", and I nailed a solid starter in Donovan Peoples-Jones. In the 5th I think I earn an extension. The 6th round I have only a 5 selection sample, and the hit is my punter Stonehouse whose gear went to the HOF after his rookie season for breaking the average punt distance record which was considered one of the nearly unbreakable records. Three of my other four are all defensive backs in Graham, Gowan, and Jaquan Johnson and JJ stuck with the Bills through his entire rookie deal and has signed with the Raiders making him a longer lasting 6th than is typical, and Graham and Gowan have bounced around trying to stick on rosters/practice squads. Eno Benjamin I think helps raise the hit rate, but his leaving the Cardinals after ascending was bizare and he didn't seem to maintain success with short stints on the Texans and Saints. Still a few reserve years and a handful of good quality starts isn't awful for a 6th round RB selection. I think I get an extension grade for the 6th round. The final 7th round and UDFAs I have an 11 selection sample with a lot of long shot drop outs, however between the 7th and UDFA I have three hits in AJ Green still rocking on the 53 man in Cleveland, Brett Rypien who had 4 years in Denver, and Alec Ingold who had 3 years with the Raiders and is entering his second year with the Dolphins. Lamar Jackson and the specialists have made 53 man rosters and/or have continued to get looks. Shaka Toney was on the 53 man roster until his gambling suspension in Washington, but they haven't cut him. Jack Fox was one of my better UDFA signings, but I stupidly wrote his name down as Jake Fox so when I went back to see if I needed to look for a replacement punter I missed him and had to take Charlton, the guy I took in Jack Fox is a solid+ starting punter though and I'm happy I ended up with Stonehouse. Trey Adams and Hunter Bryant were probably obvious medical fails if presented the information and would be two of the bigger busts. I think I still get an extension grade from the 7th, but at worst I think I get a neutral grade. Coaching staff I probably get closer to the hot seat, but get a pass because as an expansion I took all positional coaches to make it more difficult. I had to fire the HC in Kris Richard, but both my OC and DC got promoted IRL (Marcus Brady QB Coach -> OC, and Aaron Glenn DB Coach -> DC), and then I internally promoted Glenn. I replaced Glenn with Jerry Gray from GB's DB coach and he got a higher job with Atlanta just this year as Senior Advisor in what was likely passing him up on the DC title to snipe the Saints coach who needed the title to change jobs, whereas Jerry had finished his contract and could join ATL regardless. In Free Agency I think I'm less likely to be extended, but a lot of the Renegades early FA was us having to fill huge needs and spend money. In recent years I've dabbled less in the market, but I've still had my share of hits.

Anyways after 5 years with the Oakland Renegades, I am signing an extension to keep it going for years into the future.

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Posted (edited)

2023 Schedule

Week 1 Los Angeles Rams @Oakland
Week 2 Detroit Lions @Detroit
Week 3 Carolina Panthers @Oakland
Week 4 New York Giants @New York
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 Cincinnati Bengals @Cincinnati
Week 7 Arizona Cardinals @Oakland
Week 8 Cleveland Browns @Oakland
Week 9 Baltimore Ravens @Baltimore
Week 10 Washington Commanders @Oakland
Week 11 Los Angeles Rams @Los Angeles
Week 12 San Francisco 49ers @Oakland
Week 13 Dallas Cowboys @Dallas
Week 14 San Francisco 49ers @San Francisco
Week 15 Philadelphia Eagles @Oakland
Week 16 Tennessee Titans @Tennessee
Week 17 Pittsburgh Steelers @Oakland
Week 18 Arizona Cardinals @Arizona

edit: I changed my mind, and am just going to steal the Seahawks schedule since I took their draft slot last year. This makes us an NFC West team and I think taking the exact schedule will make projecting playoffs or not a bit easier.

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