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Nolan Arenado, Rockies Agree to 8 Year/$260MM Extension


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48 minutes ago, bigbadbuff23835 said:

Hey Hal just spent 70 mil yesterday. Baby steps!

The Hicks extension was a smart move.

NY Post: Say that 2018 proves to be Aaron Hicks’ peak. That he can’t stay sufficiently healthy and doesn’t develop any further, his late bloom turning out to be more of an exciting aberration. It leaves the Yankees $70 million poorer, but — most importantly — only $10 million per season, through 2025, on their luxury-tax bill. To appreciate Hicks requires a deep dive. Consider that only three center fielders in all of baseball recorded an .800 OPS or better against both lefty and righty pitchers last season — the Angels’ Mike Trout, the Rockies’ Charlie Blackmon and the switch-hitting Hicks (thanks, FanGraphs). You’d rather have an .800 OPS than a .300 batting average.

And you’d rather have someone who works the count like Hicks, who — as the Yankees pointed out in their press release announcing the deal — ranked fifth in the majors last year with a 15.5 percent walk rate and seventh-best with a 20.9 percent chase rate. Throw in his excellent defense, visible to the naked eye and verified by the metrics, and you have a five-tool player — who has proven he can thrive in the Yankees’ fishbowl — at the price per annum of a good setup reliever.

Hicks’ signing obviously mitigates the Yankees’ need for Trout should he become a free agent after 2020, yet the dollars don’t block the possibility; Hicks could move to a corner-outfield spot.

Cashman said Monday that the Yankees have “diversified,” pointing out their array of relatively low-risk purchases this offseason as they climbed well over the $206 million luxury-tax threshold (they’re at about $223 million now). I think they should have signed Bryce Harper, too. However, by locking down Hicks, with each such act of diversification, their bet against Harper and Manny Machado looks increasingly likely to prevail.


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39 minutes ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

Hicks mitigates the Yankees need for Mike effing Trout.

Oh lad.

Oh lad?  The comment wasnt a comparison of the two players talents - which I suspect you realize, but perhaps not.
Hicks was entering his walk year - the guy in the minors isnt showing signs of being ready - next years CF FA's probably wont hit the market and arent better than Hicks anyway - so extending him was a smart move - both competitive and business wise.

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18 hours ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

oh yeah I've been meaning to get @mission27's take on that 7 year deal for a flea. Gracias for the reminder.

He’s not really a flea anymore tbh just your run of the mill LTBIFB CS so I’m ok with it.

He actually rates highly on the MoL proprietary CS% which I assume is why the Yankees extended him.  Low batting average, home runs, cannon arm, lots of walks, general aura of smug disregard. 

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22 minutes ago, mission27 said:

Realistically it means we aren’t going after Trout tbh.

Not necessarily. Trout's not UFA until 2021 - two years out. Hicks salary is a drop in the hat realistically. Also - Garder's (7.5M salary) is going to be coming off the books - AND EVENTUALLY - (2022 to be specific) - we'll be rid of Ellsbury's 21M hole in the water salary. I think if we didnt have this Ellsbury salary around our necks we'd have been more of a player for Harper and/or Machado.

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