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Off-Topic: The WORLD CHAMPION Washington Nationals Thread


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59 minutes ago, JoshstraDaymus said:

WOOOOOF Tatis got busted for PEDs.

How we feeling about that trade now?

The same I felt about it as it was happening. One of the dumbest trades in sports history. You don't give up a 23-year old top 5 player in the entire sport for a bunch of question mark prospects. I don't care how highly ranked they were. Gore is already hurt. Abrams struggled badly when called up for the Padres. Hassell, Woods and Susana are years away from the majors. The only guy we got from the trade that we can currently trot out there is 30-years old. 30-years from now all of these guys will be part of a trivia question and Soto will be a HoF. 

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Personally, if I was Owner/GM, I would’ve made sure I kept Soto, but on the flip side I understand why they traded him. I just hope some of these young prospects turn out to be good or great and some of the draft picks we make over the next few years. Still, for as long as I live I will always hate that they traded Soto away. I’m sure there will be brighter days ahead in a few years but it really sucks right now.

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