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Off-Topic: The WORLD CHAMPION Washington Nationals Thread


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11 minutes ago, Jeezy Fanatic said:

Same here man, have had season tickets in the family since they came to town and grew up playing baseball. Caps was special, but this is something completely different. I’m on cloud 9

Those prices are going to take a serious jump for next year.  I can also imagine no more $5 tickets either.  

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3 hours ago, MKnight82 said:

I can’t imagine they keep both.  Both are so crucial though.

If they had kept Harper, I could see them letting Rendon walk and just keeping Stras. Since Stras & Rendon just delivered a World Series for the Lerner’s, I think they’ll pay to keep both. 

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7 hours ago, naptownskinsfan said:

For you guys that supported the Nats since Day One, I am super happy for you guys.  I also wish that Bruce and Dan would take notes, but alas, they probably won't.  

To the other part of the Nationals fanbase- specifically those who hate the Orioles more than they like their own team, and the business-meeting crowd, I hope they choke on it.  

I actually bet they are seething about it. Could be good for us.

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