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Trading the 10th Pick

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7 hours ago, lomaxgrUK said:

Would we say a year later that this was definitely the right decision? I am indifferent personally, but would this option be better than moving down 3 picks and selecting Roquan Smith? Or moving back further and taking Derwin James? (Let's ignore the QB stuff for once ...)

I just feel that the best teams don't get hooked on one guy (that isn't a QB); there are always a multitude of top quality players available in the 1st round of the draft, so why not get more picks and move back a bit?

It's not an exact science but I wouldn't mind giving it a go for a change.

I get the logic and think it can be a valuable move, if done correctly.  Maybe Denver did have a deal where they could’ve moved back to #8, but I don’t recall it.

Last year the reported deal in place had Chubb not been there at #5 was with Buffalo for #12, #22, and #53.  Obviously a heck of a haul.

With hindsight being 20/20 we can look back at all kinds of scenarios and see how valuable that trade could’ve been, but in the moment and in actuality it can go terribly wrong if you’re not hitting on those picks.

Further, just my opinion, I don’t think Elway would’ve taken James at #12, he’s always been a BPA at a position of need guy and safety didn’t seem to be a concern, even with the trade back I think it would’ve resulted in a pretty similar draft to what actually happened, as again, Elway doesn’t draft on pure BPA.

I could’ve seen.

#12: Marcus Davenport

#22: Sutton/Ridley/Moore (reportedly Denver had Sutton as the best or 2nd best WR on their board and with a 1st round grade)

#40: Kerryon Johnson/Donte Jackson

#53: Donte Jackson/Royce Freeman


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