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Trade AB to Rams Mock Draft


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Antonio Brown to the Los Angeles Rams for their 2019 1st, 31st overall and their two 3rd rd compensatory picks (#94, #99)


After the acquisition of Dante Fowler Jr., the Steelers felt they had better allocated resources and received more value for their buck, so they took compensation from Detroit, who is looking for a pass rusher to replace Ziggy Ansah. The idea of Bud Dupree on the turf has Detroit excited and the scheme should suit him better with proper 3-tech DT giving him help up the middle to help boost his stats with pressure coming from the interior. Detroit and Matt Patricia feel this has filled their pass rush need. 

Bud Dupree to Detroit Lions for 2019 5th rd pick, 146nd overall


Predicting their pick in the 4th rd goes to Baltimore. John Elway decided not to pull the trigger and let Kyler Murray go to Arizona. John Elway looking for a replacement is willing to use his other 4th rd pick to at least start developing a QB behind Joe Flacco. Rudolph became available when the Steelers drafted Tyree Jackson on Day Two.  

Mason Rudolph to Denver Broncos for 2019 4th rd, 125th overall and 2019 6th, 182nd overall


As day three begins, Colbert picks up the phone and calls Miami and I see you lost your starting right tackle. How about a little band-aid tryout type deal for a fallen out of favor player? Marcus GIlbert has a year left and we're not going to re-sign him, so for a little change in draft position he's yours. He'll come close to production of Ja'Waun James for just ($4.8m cap hit) and you know you're going to get his best, because he's entering a contract year.

Marcus Gilbert and 2019 7th rd pick to Miami Dolphins for 2019 6th rd pick (31 draft slots)




1-20 - Andre Dillard OT WASH ST - #60

The most stable a pick and the biggest statement a team can make. We are the Pittsburgh Steelers and it doesn't matter that we lost two playmakers, because life will go on and we'll just draft another Hall of Fame type talent. Here's a happy, humble, and bubbly young man that will heal the wounds of the locker room as he becomes a leader in the locker room. His infectious personality is what I love about this guy. He reminds me of Pouncey. He is a nimble foot, explosive, athletic lineman. Has versatility to play across the line, so he could also fill the hole at left guard. The pick is an initial starter at either RT/G depending on the inner workings of the line with long-term potential of becoming the left tackle in a few years. When you look at the future and the cap, what I like about this move is adding a lot of talent to the line, and stabilizing, and giving you the best unit in the leaugue, but you won't have to pay him for 5 years, so you will have that proper turnover and never have too much money invested in the OL at any one time. Plus, it gives the added benefit of protecting Ben Roethlisberger for the rest of his career and his athletic ability will help with the run and screen game.



1-31 - Darell Henderson RB MEMPHIS - #20

If you're smart, you go the 5th year on the RB here and control his career through his prime years and use that as negotiating leverage on his next contract. Luckily, Henderson will make it to his next contract. The definition of a home run threat. Broke more long runs than anyone I've seen in a long time due to a combination of speed, power, and agility. An undersized dynamo that can hide behind the OL and has a knack to find the open space. Incredibly hard to tackle. Love the scheme fit to give balance to the offense. That was a major problem this year. Ben has the most passing attempts in the league by a long shot, and it's because of a lack of running options. If you want to improve for 2019, one of the easiest ways is to add a dynamic playmaker that can change the game in a hurry. Henderson helps balance the offense and is also an option out of the backfield. Ben is the guy in the eyes of the Steelers, so you might as well surround him with as much talent as possible. Henderson gives Ben CJ2K type playmaker that can take the burden off the back nine of his career.



2-52 - Deebo Samuel WR SOUTH CAROLINA - #81

Really swaggy. Thinking like a Troy Edwards type play and mentality. Bouncy full of energy playmaker. Really good on the slant. Should test well in agility training. Shifty, dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. Strong on the ball and can make the difficult catches by correctly high pointing the ball and uses his big hands to reel it in. Can make the difficult catches when he is being shielded by the sideline. Pretty explosive. Productive early and would expect him to have 10,000 yards.


3-84 - Anthony Nelson DE IOWA - #98

Prototypical Aaron Smith type defensive end. 6'7" frame with long arms. Could use and can easily add another 20 pounds. The best way to describe him..... Motor. Motor. Motor. Projects as a 3-4 end that uses his long arms and frame to extend and lock out. He'll play the five technique, a la control 5 gaps at once. Has the speed and is a long strider and can also close on the quarterback in a hurry. Decent moves but his combination of athletic traits and drive is what will make him a productive 10+ sacks a year type player. 


3-94 - Tyree Jackson QB BUFFALO - #16

Big time talent that can be the next Cam Newton. Big frame. 6'7" 265 LBs with a live and loose arm. Has a good ole' sling action arm that contributes to accuracy inconsistencies. Pretty elusive for a man his size and is strong and hard to bring down in the pocket. Rare athleticism and tools that just need to be harnessed and developed and you have a diamond in the rough. In my eyes, this is a full strip it down and rebuild from the ground up. Or top down. 


3-99 - Daylon Mack NT TEXAS A&M - #95

Interesting tool. More of a digger. Can penetrate holes deeply and swiftly for a man his size. Not an ideal plunger for a 3-4 to stop the run. More of a one gap penetrator. Has explosive and unique size. 6'1" 340 LBs. Can be unblockable at times. Productive player in 2018. 


4-122 - Amani Hooker S IOWA - #27

I love his ability to make plays. He is an instinctive player that is best used as a strong safety that helps in the box but his cover skills play as well. Not necessarily explosive like a Bob Sanders, which is why he doesn't get the fan fare. He's more like a Cadillac and moves well because of his agility. He is a knowledgeable player that does a good job reading the play and reacting to it making plays in the backfield. Good size and athletic ability. Smart player whose brother plays with the Colts.


4-125 - Justin Layne CB MICHIGAN STATE - #39

Converted WR to CB that took some strides this season as was a much more productive player with 15 pass break ups and a INT. 6'2" 185 LBs who has rare size and length. Good ball skills to boot. 


5-146 - Ryquell Armstead RB TEMPLE - #31

Priest Holmes. Acceleration, speed, and power type runner. Physical runner that intiates contact. Fast, physical, and dynamic. Seemed to get better as the year went on. Raw. Like the added dimension he would add as well. Love the value to the pick.


6-175 - Sutton Smith DB NORTHERN ILLINOIS - #42

Think he is best served against the right tackle as a situational pass rusher that drops in and out in an exotic blitz package and is able to cover the flat or hook or curl from his "frog" four point stance on the DL. Think he is really athletic and could play box safety in the NFL, but his best skill is rushing the passer. I think his best skill is having a knack for finding the ball. He has a relentless motor and passion for the game. Love his ability to make plays. He has an infectious energy and will be a special teams captain from day one and contributor in the sub package defense. Would love to see his ability as a S, LB, or OLB in the sub package. Think he can be a productive player in the NFL.


6-182 - Diontae Johnson WR TOLEDO - #84

This guy makes plays. He is a hands catcher. Shorter and shifty and dynamic. Think he has a shot to fill Antonio Brown's shoes. One of my favorite prospects this draft. 


6-188 - Caleb Wilson TE UCLA - #89

Some 30+% of the league goes undrafted, so you might as well start to take UDFA guys down here and shoot your shot or take a "real value" play. You look at old drafts and very few 6th rd picks pan out bc people are looking at value. Outside of undersized, off-field, injury, red flag, and special teams type players your value here will not be in Mike Humpal LB IOWA. 


6-192 - Darryl Johnson EDGE NORTH CAROLINA A&T - #40

19 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks in 12 games for the MEAC Defensive Player of the Year. Long, lean, athletic build at 6'6" 253 LBs. Pure scratch off attempt here. No whammy. 


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Unfortunately, this is about as realistic of a mock as we can hope from you, so....good job, I guess?

The trade to LA is good, although I dont see it happening.

Not sure why signing Fowler would change anything in regards to our needs at OLB.   He isnt an upgrade from Dupree.   The only benefit whatsoever of replacing Dupree with Fowler is cost....otherwise, Id rather just keep Dupree rather than sign Fowler.   In fact, Id rather see if Dupree would be willing to take a pay cut than sign Fowler.  

Why would we trade Gilbert, then draft an OT in the 1st round?     Feiler played well in replace of Gilbert last year and we drafted an OT in the 3rd round last year who they have high hopes for.      If they are trading Gilbert, its likely because they are comfortable moving on without him.    

4 of our first 5 picks on offense?   Huh?    Thats just stupid.    We dont need a freaking 1st round RB at all.    WR Im not against taking early, depending who it is.   Why in the blue hell would we trade Rudloph a year after drafting him in the 3rd round , just to draft ANOTHER project QB in the 3rd round THIS year?

You know what?   I take it back....this entire thing is pretty bad.

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