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Combine Impressions--LB

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This group of LBs was expected to be led by Devin White and Devin Bush.  They are both a bit short but other than that:

Devin White:  Disappointed a bit by weighing in at 237Lbs but all is other numbers are scary good.  With his speed and explosiveness, he could play at ILB or OLB

Devin Bush:  He put up almost identical numbers to Devin White which is a big win for him.  I think he was a little underrated prior to the combine.  

Bobby Okreke:  He had a solid combine to go with a good college production.  He will probably drop further than he should in the draft but definitely a talented LB

Terril Hanks:  Showed good size and strength but had a terrible 40.  He needs to show a better speed at his pro day



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