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Bears vs Titans - GDT - Preseason week 3


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I don't think we could have hand picked a better team for a dress rehearsal...

Our offence against their D isn't a terrible match up...it's a fairly average group with two stand outs in Casey & Orakpo...they don't have any DBs who would present a major concern so hopefully Glennon takes the training wheels off and tries to find a receiver more than 5 yards down the field...nice match up for Trubisky as well and looking forward to seeing him behind the first team OL...

Our D against their offence is where we will really see what we are made of in the front 7...they have an outstanding set of OTs so we will get to see what Floyd and co and have off the edge to pressure a mobile QB...also have a big physical running game to go with it so again we will see how well we really do against the run after what has been a promising start to the preseason against the run...in the passing game it will be very interesting to see how we defend Walker at TE given he is a big time weapon for them and we have been poor for years at defending the TE...also the rest of our DBs will get a good workout against some good but not great WRs...

Should be an interesting game to see where we are going to be this season.

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