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2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!


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16 minutes ago, wackywabbit said:

Any buzz around Earl Thomas and where he's going?

He is like the best player available, so its weird how quiet its been on him.

49ers should be all over him. I don't know if the Texans will be there or not. If he wants to play in Texas, they are the best bet with that cap room and honey badger as a free agent. I'm sure there will be some random team in there that I don't expect, but I really think that the 49ers are going to throw him some decent money to come to SF. 

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30 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

Trade not cut 

Honestly, still don't think it makes much sense given you guys don't have any cap issues and he's an animal. Texans, Bills, Cards should all be lining up to throw up trade offers in my opinion. They all have money, they all have picks, they all have needs. 

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