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Free Agency


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Might as well start a thread.

We have 23M of cap space with the incolming release or trade of Houston. We could save an additional 15 by trading Dee Ford. An additional 5 through various cuts (mix of Sorensen, Murray, Ragland, Robinson, Xavier Williams). So we don't have a ton to play with and we have needs at RB, C, DE, maybe DT, LB, CB and S. And that's not even counting potential coming deals for Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill.

Do we make a big play at Landon Collins (which would basically signal Berry's end in KC I think)? Or do we sit back and try to fin bargain deals in a couple of weeks?


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5 minutes ago, MVPatrickMahomes15 said:

We're the perfect destination for LeVeon. He doesn't want a ton of touches and we don't want to take the ball out of Mahomes hands too much.

Oh yes he's a perfect fit. But his salary is likely going to be to high from what I'm hoping we can sign a RB. We just don't have a ton of cap to play with, and we have many needs

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