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Devin White deserved hype ?

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After the surplus of defensive line talent, you can make a real case Devin is the best player in this years draft.

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On 3/8/2019 at 11:41 AM, deathstar said:

You did some really solid work here. I hope you just copied and pasted from whatever report you had done previously. My only question for you is: how do you know what his responsibilities are and what he's coached to do? How do you choose how many points to assign per play? 

Above are the ones I just don't understand how you would know what he's supposed to do or if he was just doing what he was coached to do.

to discern Cover 3 Zone from Match Quarters when reviewing tape. I do it by reviewing the following lines of evidence:

1) Are they in the neighborhood of 3 deep at the snap, or do they roll to it post-snap, or are they in the neighborhood of 4 across at the snap, or do they roll to it. The 1st is a line of evidence for C3Z, the 2nd for MQs.

2) On a Doubles/Twin side, is the defender inside of the boundary (NCB, SS, WLB) carrying a slot’s vertical route deep and staying in-phase with them (matching up) or are they sinking
with them and then playing Curl/Flat, then transitioning them to the Seam defender (who would then transition them to the deep 1/3 defender)? If they’re matching the vert in-phase, that is MQ, if sink then Curl/Flat, then C3Z.

3) If Doubles, is the 3rd player inside of the boundary CB (typically MLB) sinking to contract the window of any Over route (a horizontal-ish route over top of them) and then immediately driving on and carrying/matching-up with any Under route that threatens to cross his face…or is he getting depth and playing Seam/Hook and rallying after any Under route has been caught? The 1st is evidence of MQ, the 2nd is evidence of C3Z.

4) If Trips/Bunch, are the inside, 2nd level defenders matching-up/staying in-phase with verts that emerge from the Bunch that threaten their space. Is the 3rd defender from the boundary matching up on an in-cut Under route from that Bunch? If yes to those, then MQs. If its deep 1/3, Curl/Flat (and carry and transition routes to adjacent defender), Seam/Hook (and carry and transition routes to adjacent defender).

5) On the Single side of a Trips/Bunch, when the boundary CB releases an Under route, does the adjacent LB immediately match-up, in-phase, and carry that route across the field? If yes, MQ. If they carry it only to the Seam/Hook defender adjacent, then C3Z.

also: the points system is how i graded

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On ‎3‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 5:07 PM, Ozzy said:

Oh and by the way White had 9 passed deflected and a INT in college, Smith had 3 so someone was around the ball and acting on the football in coverage more than Smith statistically


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