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Post Combine Draft Discussion

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Now that the poking and prodding have taken place in Indy, it's time to start our wish lists.

QB's - Pass....  No i mean I'll pass.  On all of them.  No one threw it well.  Granted it's a small sample size but I like guys that have been multi-year starters.  There are a few guys I would take a look at in Rounds 4-7 but no one deserves to be the 13th pick.  Haskins and Murray will be long gone anyways.  Even if they were there, there is generational talent at DL.

RBs - Look for Miami to use several RB's like NE did with Michel and White last year.  Miami already has a good foundation of speed and pass catchers with Drake and Ballage, but look for Miami to grab a potential replacement for Drake as he enters his final year of his rookie deal.

TE - Gesicki really doesnt fit the NE style of TE.  Gronk blocks.  This means he can stay on the field to confuse defenses.  Gesicki can't.  I would see if they could move Gesicki for a 4th.  I love the Iowa guys, but Miami has bigger needs in round 1 and they wont last to round 2..

OL - Interior lineman in this draft are decent.  Miami should grab a couple in rounds 2-5 if their board allows.  

WR - Man oh man.  Miami has been cursed in years past with bust WR in the draft.  Yatil Green, Ted Ginn, Davante Parker, Leonte Caroo etc....  Although there are a couple guys I really like fitting in the new offense.  More coming on this later.

DL. - GRAB AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!  This class is stacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LB - If a guy like Devin White somehow slips (Miami has had this happen twice the last 3 years Tunsil and FItz) do you take him at 13?  The guy is a stud and Miami will play a Multiple D moving forward which means you need versatile fast LB.  Grab him.

CB - Wasn't that impressed by the corners in this class.  Couple guys stood out but not OMG can't miss talent.  

S - Depending on what direction Miami goes with Jones and McDonald, I don't see them taking a S early. Especially now that the new regime has stated Fitz will more than likely be S full time.


7 Round Dolphins Mock (What I think will Happen) - Not a BS Fantasy

1. Clelin Ferrel  DL Clemson- Tons of production at Clemson and Clemson guys typically come out and ball quickly in the NFL.  I could also see a trade here if someone wants to move up for a guy.  I don't see Miami moving up for anyone.  Wishful Thinking - Ed Oliver (not sure he will fall)

2. Zach Allen DL Boston College- Flores and Grier have both said you build teams in the trenches.  Why not go heavy DL to set the foundation. at 6'4 280, he can play that 3-4 DE in Multiple D. Wishful Thinking - Jeffery Simmons (character/injury issues may scare Miami off)

3. Andy Isabella WR Umass - He is 5'10 195lbs and catches everything.  You know who else is 5'10 and 195lbs that catches everything?  Julian Edelman.  You have to start thinking about the Patriots roster and how its built.  That's how this roster will be built.  Wishful Thinking - Paris Campbell (only if Isabella isn't around)

4. Michael Deiter - Wisconsin - Can never have too many OL.  Deiter is an All American and BIG 10 OL seem to transition well to the NFL.

5. Bryce Love RB Stanford- Didn't catch a ton of balls in college but that was more scheme.  He is productive and smart with impeccable character.  Steal in Rd. 5

6. Olive Sogapolu DT Wisconsin - at 6'2" 345lbs he can develop into the huge force in Miami's new multiple D.

7. Trace McSorley QB Penn State - I LOVE this pick.  He could be Taysom Hill.  He could be Julian Edelman.  He could be Doug Flutie.  He could be a slot CB. He could be a safety. He is a 6' 200lb  baller.  Tons of football experience and IQ and Miami could put his great leadership skills to work.  I don't know if he lasts this long though.  No team will draft him as soley a QB.

Couple other guys I love...

Both Iowa TE's.  Too early at 13 but wont last to second round.

Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson - I could see Miami taking him at RD1 -13.  Might be a reach though.  I like Ferrell better.

Devin White LB LSU - Would love it if he fell to 13 somehow. 

Keesean Johnson WR Fresno State - Great route runner.  Cut from the same mold as Davante Adams.  Same HS and College.  Broke all of Adams records with a much worse QB.  Go watch film.

Clayton Thorson QB Northwestern - Started over 50 games in college.  6'4" 225lb with huge arm.  Perfect guy to develop over a couple years as solid backup.






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That would be a really nice draft.  I’m not sure about the Andy Isabella pick...... I would be OK with it as a sixth or seventh but not a third.  I understand you want an Edelman type of player, but these players are the exception not the rule.  Edelman was a seventh round pick and wasn’t even invited to the combine.  For the WR position in the 3rd I would prefer a player with a larger catch radius like your boy Keesean Johnson......mainly because I feel with Wilson and Grant already on the roster, for now, we need a WR that can bring something different to the table.

I really like the rest of it even with Mcsorely in the seventh.......I would probably target an OG or Center in round 3, which is a solid round usually to target interior OLinemen.

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