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Post combine mock of doom.

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Crowell- writing is on the wall saves 2 mill

Rashad Robinson- Useless player that we wasted a 5th rounder on in a trade.  Cutting bait saves us 2 mill

Brian Winters-  He an ok year last year by his standards but he was just a shade below average, cutting him however saves us his full 6.5 mill.  Average just isn't good enough anymore. 



Robby- 2nd round tender

Daryl Roberts- Guy played well last year when he played CB, the bad taste in peoples mouths about him is when he was forced into action at S which he just isn't a S.  Cheap depth for 2.5 mill

Jason Myers- Fine I'll resign him, but i am not happy about it.  3.5 mill

Steve McClendon- I just like this dude, and think hen is underrated 3.5 mill

Henry Anderson-  Productive player on the inside for us.  Never gives up on plays and works his way to the QB.  I think 7.5 mill gets it done

At 93.5 mill after this


Jets trade the Saints 3rd round pick for Kevin Zeitler he costs us 7.2 against the cap next year, and we get a stud interior lineman for probably about 5 million less than he would cost on the open market.


Roger Saffold OG-  We address the other guard position with another top 10 guard.  Rumor is we are planning on making him an offer, he ends up getting 12.5 mill per 

Matt Paradis C-  The owner of his sports agency is a massive Jets fan, and we offer him the most money.  He gets 13 mill per.  We now are spending more on the interior of our O line than any team in the league but i don't care because we now have one of the best interior lines in the NFL.  Our run game and Sams protection should be next level.

Dante Fowler Edge-  Not my favorite but it just seems like it is happening, i just hope we don't over pay.  I think he gets around 10 mill per which i view as an over pay.  

Tevin Coleman RB-  We pass on Bell, it really seems like his agents are trying to use us to try and drive up prices elsewhere.  Tevin is a good player and good receiver out of the backfield, more importantly he is much cheaper we pay him 6 mill

Cole Beasley WR-  You know what, I love this dude.  I don't care how small he is, the guy is just always open, and Sam needs that safety valve.  His age keeps his price down.  Guy can get you 500-800 yards with a 75% catch rate, that helps a young QB a ton.  He gets 9 mill per

Bryce Callahan CB-  Top slot CB on the market, we have been linked to him already, and we need a replacement for that spot bad.  He takes over to fill Buster Skrine's very small shoes and we have Parry, Derrick Jones, and Roberts fight it out for the other starting spot. 

32 mill left in cap space to sign a back up QB and round out our roster with lower level players.   


#1 Cards: Kyler Murray QB-  Seems like the buzz, makes no sense.  Rosen is traded to Miami for Miami's 2nd and 2020 2nd.  Miami needs to make a move for a QB, and this is cheaper than moving up for Haskins and frankly many people think Rosen is better.

#2 SF: Nick Bosa Edge-  SF hands the card to Kyle Shanahan who runs it to the podium himself maiming a small child on the way.  He is very excited.  

#3 Jets trade back with the Skins who also need to make a move for a QB.  They realize that they don't have the money to get a FA QB, and Alex Smith may never be the same... it is time to start over and Haskins, much like Obi Wan is their only hope.  Jets get #15, #46 and next years 1st and 3rd.  Very happy to get more ammo for next year.  

#4 Oak: Josh Allen

#5 TB:  Quinnen 

#6 NYG:  Jawan Taylor

#7 Jax:  Jonah Williams

#8 Det:  Montez Sweat

#9 Buff:  Cody Ford

#10 Denver:  Drew Lock 

#11 Cincy: Devin White

#12 GB: TJ Hockenson

#13 Miami: DK Metcalf

#14 Atl: Rashan Gary 

#15 Jets:  Brian Burns Edge-  This guy only falls here because other guys ALSO had good combines.  His calling card was his length and being technical, turns out he also runs a 4.53 40 and 249lbs.  People fear that he might play closer to 235.... I ask you this.... how much faster is he at 235?  I like him better than Sweat, and almost as much as I like Allen, and he fits our scheme better than Sweat. 

#45 Jets:  Hakeem Butler WR-  He is only here because so many other WR's already went.  DK, Hollywood, N'Keal, and AJ are already off the board..... but that is fine by me.  I love this dude and i love how he plays.  6'6 with an attitude and athleticism.  Ran a 4.48 with the longest arms of any WR ever at the combine, and some of the biggest hands ever too.  This is a home run pick

#68 Jets: Miles Sanders RB-  Kid honestly seems like Saquon lite.  Had slightly more rushing yards at Penn St than Saquon did last year, with just about the same ypc, the big difference was Saquon's receiving yards (obviously).  But this kid put up a good combine and has some good tape to go with it.  I think he can still also be useful catching the ball out of the backfield just not to Saquon's level.

Jets trade our 4th and our 2020 3rd to move back into the middle of  the 3rd.  We gained a 2020 1st and 3rd so we feel ok spending a pick to move up and get our guy.

3rd Jets:  Daylon Mack DT-  I just think Mack is the perfect DT for Williams system.  Dude is huge 336 but only 6'1, with just endless lower body power.  He just walks guys back to the QB, and is quick enough off the ball to 1 gap.  I just love watching this guy and i can't seem to get him out of my mocks.

#140 Jets:  Terrill Hanks ILB-  Get some ILBer depth, I think he drops because of a horrible 40, but he pulled his hammy.  All reports say he was flying around the field at the senior Bowl, he has some stuff to work on but could develop into a replacement for Lee or Williamson whoever leaves first.  

7th who cares.  

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I mean if you can trade down like that I'm 100% for it just super tough to do.  I'm not a Coleman fan really.  Nice change of pace back (pass catching) but one of the worst RB's in terms of rush attempts tackled for loss.  He's not a full time RB with that type of stat.  I see you went RB early though to offset the concerns with Coleman which is smart.

Overall solid job mainly because of the big trade down and hit major areas of need.  Just unrealistic because of the trade down which I just can't see happening but I hope it does. 

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Solid free agency. I like that part of the offseason.

The trade looks pretty fair for both sides. The value seems right for us. And for Washington they get all the way us to three and would still have 2 thirds to play around with this year. Next year they will only have 1 pick in the first 2 days but if they hit on the QB, it’s not like they are in a crippled state.

I have studied the players you went with in the draft. So I won’t comment.

Overall, looks really good. 

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McClendon isn't going to come back. He's old and was unproductive last year. 

Why would you be unhappy about resigning a Pro Bowl kicker? Also don't see the Jets cutting Winters - it's really hard to start over with 3/5 of your O-Line in the same offseason. Winters is a starter level guard. Good enough for right now. I think there is a very, very low chance the Jets allow Parry, Derrick Jones, and Roberts fight it out for the other starting spot. I think they'll either bring back Claiborne again or go after someone like Ronald Darby. 

Lastly, the Jets are going to need A LOT more from the Redskins to move back 12 spots so they can get their franchise QB... Like first, second, third and next year's first and second; to START. 

Otherwise, solid job. 

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I'd love to see David Montgomery from Iowa State. He was the best player on the field every game. 

Reminds me of a young Ray Rice, but a hell of a human being.

Either way.... Love it. 

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1 minute ago, jimbo1904 said:

I'd love to see David Montgomery from Iowa State. He was the best player on the field every game. 

Reminds me of a young Ray Rice, but a hell of a human being.

Either way.... Love it. 

I like Montgomery, it was a combination of him most likely being gone by that pick and Sanders just being significantly more athletic at the combine.  He also was better on a per touch basis.

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