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  1. 1. Which of the following options makes the best option for you to vote for?

    • The First One. Always go with The First One.
    • Beer (duh)
    • Frank Gore
    • Can you repeat the question?
    • All of the above
    • This all of the above. This is the better all of the above. It's more all of the abover.
  2. 2. Are you kidding me? TWO Random Polls?!?!

    • No I'm not kidding you.
    • No you're not kidding me.
    • Wait, in which point of view am I supposed to answer these?!

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10 minutes ago, Forge said:

They are already torching his career. Don't really have much hope for him succeeding if we are being honestly. He's talented enough to overcome it, but I simply don't bet on young guys being able to do it. 

Yeah, he ended up in am awful situation. Denver is vindicated by getting Russ (and Rodgers was in their sights), but I still think taking Surtain was a terrible decision 

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2 minutes ago, Forge said:

Damn, I love John Clayton. 

RIP professor 

Never forgave ESPN for canning him, between Clayton and Mort NFL Live was actually fun to watch 

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