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Who are your Favorite players regardless of position?

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I've spent an inordinate amount of time watching WRs and RBs specifically looking for people I want my team to draft (Chicago) 

Right now my favorite

WRs are:

Andy Isabella via speed for days, ability to get open, and ability to get volume targets

Terry Mclaurin via speed, ability, size to play outside, and st value


Running backs are :

Henderson home run potential, and one of the most aggressive North/South runners I've seen. Makes his cuts /moves at full speed, rather than slowing his momentum and giving defenses to time to adjust, which lets him catch defenses out of position and get big plays others wouldn't. 

Bryce Love home run potential..and like there's underdog/comeback hopes mixed in there too.

Darwin Thompson I have a soft spot for undersized RBs who can play big. Loved when my team took Cohen, and I think Thompson had potential as late round scat back type. 


I've enjoyed but not in love with Montgomery, Sanders, and Hill as well for RBs....and think Pollard might be a draft steal too as a 3rd down back. 

Of that list Sanders is probably growing on me the most.. But I really want a home run threat, and Sanders reminds a bunch of Forte, where he's great between the 20s... But not explosive enough to hit the home run, not strong enough to punch it in. 

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My top 7 favorite without positions of need added in would be

1. Q. Williams - DT
2. Ed Oliver - DT
3. Nick Bosa - DE
4.  Devin White - LB
5. Greedy Williams - CB
6. Christian Wilkins - DT
7. Dexter Lawrence  - DT

Im super high on this DT class this year and luckily for us thats probably our biggest need.  I would have put Simmons at #5 and bumped everyone else down before his injury. 

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