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the lone star

Should More Teams Begin Using 4 WR Sets More Often And Pull The Tight End Off The Field?

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On 3/12/2019 at 1:13 PM, Eminence said:

Possibly. Since the rules are so tame now, it's easier to toss the rock around.

I've always liked when teams run out of shotgun and feel like since the defense is antipicating the pass, it opens up the run game.


But it's going to very scheme / personnel based. If you have a weapon at TE, he's likely more valuable than your 4WR. Unless you had a burner or something comparable in the wings.

But a team like the Bills or the Cardinals? You might as well sling it 4WR, imo.

Yeah, that's how I feel. I like the pump fake draw play out of the shotgun too. Well, I just like it regardless, lol.

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