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Bears sign Mike Davis

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10 minutes ago, dll2000 said:

I think Davis eats into Howards carries if Howard stays.  David has much better hands even though he isn't a receiver type. 

I think Bears/Pace are still looking for a 210+ speed back with hands that can run routes if needed.  This draft or the next.  

Patterson actually fills that role to some extent so Pace doesn't feel like he has to have that guy this year if someone else takes his guy.


Temple RB Ryquell Armstead has a private workout scheduled with the Chicago Bears.

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Ryquell Armstead, RB/FB, Temple (WOR)

Kris Boyd, CB, Texas (SR)

Xavier Crawford, CB, Central Michigan (PRO)

Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State (SR)

Lamont Gaillard, G, Georgia (EW)

Matt Gay, K, Utah (COM)

Carl Granderson, DE/3-4OLB, Wyoming (SR)

Jalen Jelks, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Oregon (SR)

Sheldrick Redwine, CB, Miami (SR)

Derick Roberson, DE, Sam Houston State (EW)

Miles Sanders^, RB, Penn State (COM, PRI)

Austin Seibert, K, Oklahoma (COM)

Devin Singletary, RB, Florida Atlantic (PRI)

Cole Tracy, K, LSU (COM)

Trayveon Williams^, RB, Texas A&M (PRI, COM)


Found one. 

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47 minutes ago, dll2000 said:

They get so many visits of players to Chicago right?  Its a limited number I believe.  

There a list of those guys somewhere?


Teams get 30 official visits.  Now there are ways around that, i.e. going to the player vs bringing them in.

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11 hours ago, AZBearsFan said:

The Bears’ RB position is a unique one because if Davis is being looked at as a potential 200+ carry back then are we adding a guy to complement that, or a guy to compete with him right away for that role? At least for now we still have Howard too and while I don’t expect that we will come September at least for now his presence adds another layer to this situation with a lot of variables. To me it’s more likely they’re looking for someone to push Davis because Cohen is already in a complementary role and as a RB and should never be more than that, and if that’s so Pace may not be looking to invest his top pick in the draft with it being this late in the draft in a player who is maybe not going to have a role at all in 2019. To me that puts us more in the Ozigbo or Holyfield draft slot area around the 5th or so than it does the Montgomery window, which is fine with me because I like both of them. I could see Damien Harris as a fit too as a guy who’s good at most things but not really great at any of them. He seems to me like the kind of back who’s useful quickly but who tends to slide on draft weekend. 

Anything from moving up dramatically in draft, all the way out to not even drafting a RB at all is possible ..

Pace has set himself up well to go bpa for each pick ..


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