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Are You Smarter Than an NFL GM (Pick Archives)

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Keeping the trade: 

#7 overall: Laremy Tunsil, OT 
#28 overall: Myles Jack, ILB 
#68 overall: Andrew Billings, DT 
#133 overall: Kenneth Dixon, RB 
#142 overall: Vadal Alexander, G 
#145 overall: Keyarris Garrett, WR 
#174 overall: Jonathan Jones, CB 
#207 overall: Brandon Doughty, QB 
#211 overall: Kenny Lawler, WR 
#213 overall: Ben Braunecker, TE 
#249 overall: James Cowser, DE/OLB 


Tunsil was my top-rated player, and with a player interview, I feel I would have felt safe drafting him at #7. While the stuff that happened during the draft was troubling, I thought his responses after were perfect, and leads me to believe that he knows to leave that life behind him. I love Buckner, and it was VERY tough not to just keep him, but #1 is #1. 

Most controversially is my keeping of the trade up (after arguing against it since the draft). While I’m still disappointed in losing the early 4th, my 2nd highest rated player in the draft was still on the board, and he was one of two guys (the other being Ogbah) that I advocated trading up for, given that I was sure neither would make it to 37 (they didn’t), and the difference between them and the next best options were monumental. I’ll take the chances on Jack’s knee because if he gets back into shape, he’ll be perfect next to Bowman. 

I was unaware of any issues with Billings, but it’s clear others were not. Still, I had him rated #14 overall, and the opportunity to come out of this draft with 3 of my top 15 players, including the top 2 would have left me just unbelievably happy. 

What? My #2 RB (only behind Elliott) is still on the board and went a pick later to the Ravens? Not anymore. At this time, Dixon is also the 2nd best player left on my board, but the first (Kentrell Brothers), is an ILB and that’s not needed after the selection of Jack. Ervin may have been one of my favorite players in this draft, but Dixon is not a consolation prize. I now leave with 4 of my top 50 players. 

I have Alexander as a 2nd round prospect, on the same level with Garnett, and only rated him 6 spots lower. My 2nd best guy left on the board (behind Brothers again), and at a position where I’d want to upgrade. Instead of trading up for Garnett, I get a guy I rated 6 spots lower 3 and 1/2 rounds later. Alexander would have lasted until the 7th, but I would never have expected that. 

Garrett would go undrafted, but that to me is a gross misunderstanding of this guy. The Panthers have WR needs, and they got an absolute steal in the undrafted market. The pick was John Theus who was actually my 2nd guy remaining on my board (after Brothers once more). However, after Tunsil/Alexander, I don’t feel another G/T was needed. My 3rd guy was Sebastian Tretola (another G), and 4th was a WR Kenny Lawler who I soured on throughout the process (though he would at least be drafted). Instead, I went slightly lower on the WR board to take Garrett, one of my favorite prospects in the draft. 

Jones is the top guy on my board at this point at a position I didn’t select yet. He also went undrafted, but the Patriots gave him some guaranteed money (most among undrafted players) indicating they thought pretty highly of him. This is right around the spot in FFMD where I advocated selecting him as well. 

In Driskel’s place, I select the top remaining QB on my board. Doughty was the next QB taken after Driskel, and was the 2nd best player remaining on my board at a position I had not already selected. While Jack Allen (C) was rated 2 players higher, I opt for not letting my QB fall any further and I feel comfortable with the two linemen I picked up. 

My best player remaining on my board overall at this point is Kenny Lawler, and I don’t feel comfortable enough with any of the remaining WRs on our squad to pass on him anymore, so I take him here. 

Braunecker was one of my favorite players in the class, and my top TE remaining on the board. While he went undrafted, I feel comfortable selecting him with a compensatory 6th. I think we needed to improve at this spot. 

Cowser would go undrafted as well, but at this spot in the 7th, basically everyone remaining did as well. Cowser is the only guy I would draft that ended up falling outside of my top 150 prospects (he was #151), so I’m very excited with this draft. 

So I draft a QB, RB, WR (x2 – but that’s needed I feel), TE, OT, OG, DL, OLB, ILB, CB.


48 1/2ers:


Im in this forsure, one of the best things to look at from the past. 

Staying Put: 

#7 overall: DeForest Buckner DE - I love this pick more and more as these early days go on. Can't complain about this pick or ask to change it I'm aboard this hype train lets go! 
#37 overall: Reggie Ragland ILB- I think Ragland was the most instinctive high floor type players in the draft. If he can avoid injuries i expect big things early on. 
#68 overall: Nick Vannett- His team was almost too good and he went a little under the radar but Vannett was playing against the best competition and excelled as a blocker and reliable target. He's going to help Seattle it pains me to say. 
#105 overall: Miles Killabrew SS- My favorite small school guy- he's shredded, big, fast, athletic, Harrison Smith-esque. 
#133 overall: Cardale Jones QB- Would be a backup willing to sit and train and develop. Has a positive attitude and incredible ability. 
#142 overall: Ronald Blair DE- HOF 
#145 overall: Christian Westerman OG- Slid far past projections (some had in 2nd round), worth a gamble. 
#174 overall: DJ White CB- BPA at CB a position of need 
#178 overall: Keenan Reynolds RB - I think he brings more to the table than Denard who has a spot in the NFL so why not. 
#207 overall: Stephen Weatherly OLB- Long Baalke type specimen with 1 good season in the SEC. 
#211 overall: Travis Feeney OLB- Athleticism off the charts, could potentially be a Mark Barron type player if he cannot put on weight. 
#213 overall: K'ia fairbairn K- Why not test out a kicker with good numbers just to have him in camp at least.




Keeping the Trade: 

#7 overall: Vernon Hargreaves, CB 
#28 overall: Myles Jack, LB 
#68 overall: Austin Hooper, TE 
#133 overall: Matthew Ioannaddis 
#142 overall: Jordan Howard, RB 
#145 overall: Christian Westerman, G 
#174 overall: DJ White, CB 
#207 overall: Jeff Driskel, QB 
#211 overall: Alex Mcalister, DE 
#213 overall: Charone Peake, WR 
#249 overall: Jeremy Cash, SS 


I was stuck between staying put with Buckner or choosing Hargreaves with my first pick. I ended up deciding to go with Hargreaves partially because I wanted to make my draft look more different that Baalke's, and partially because I felt CB was a bigger need(and I won't have to spend three picks to address it.) 

I decided to keep the trade because in terms of pick value, we actually won the trade. Instead of taking Garnett, however, I then decided to take a gamble with Myles Jack. If it pans out, Jack, Bowman, Lynch, and Harold will be a devastating combo. 

More to come later.


Melbourne 9er: 


I agree with a few of these and would also stay put: 

#7 overall: DeForest Buckner - BPA and at a position of need. Immediately makes the entire defence better. 

#37 overall: Jason Spriggs - perfect fit as an RT in our new scheme and would fit in straight away 

#68 overall: CJ Prosise - we need 2 genuine starting RBs on this offence, especially with Hyde's injury history. Also extremely good special teams player. 

#105 overall: Nick Kwiatkoski - will push Hodges for the starter position and relegate Wilhoite to ST duties only. 

#133 overall: Christian Westerman - still require decent line depth 

#142 overall: Ronald Blair - as above (but the other side) 

#145 overall: Kevin Hogan - you're not likely to get a starter this far down the draft but he will be a very capable back up in the future. Poor man's Alex Smith Laughing 

#174 overall: Steven Weatherly - provide solid competition at OLB where we are relying on natural improvement and Brooks. Can't have enough pass rushers 

#178 overall: DJ White - BPA at a position that we have a lot of question marks at 

#207 overall: Scooby Wright III - playmaker. 

#211 overall: Keith Marshall: not a fan of our RBs. This guy could be anything but it would look like a red shirt year on IR for him. 

#213 overall: Austin Blythe: another depth guy for our OL. Can play Centre or Guard. With M Martin struggling and Kilgore with his injury concerns we could do with another back up. 

As you can see I am happy with the WRs that we have. I am also happy with our secondary even though it looks as though Baalke isn't. Would have strengthened the RBs more than Baalke as I don't rate anything behind an injury plagued Hyde. Same as OLB and ILB behind Lynch and Bowman.




Keeping the Trade: 

7 - Tunsil 
28 - Jack 
68 - Braxton Miller 
133 - Kenneth Dixon 
142- Connor McGovern 
145 - Matt Judon 
174 - D J White 
207 - Driskel 
211 - Kevon Seymour 
213 - Daniel Braverman 
244 - Scooby Wright 




Alright these are my sections naturally wanted to upgrade a OT but didnt see anywere were id have drafted one with keeping our oicks the way they where in the draft...... 

1a DE DeForrest Buckner (top 5 talent) 
1b ILB Myles Jack (top 5 talent) 
3 NT Jonathan Bullard (would have made our Dline tops in league) 
4 RB keneth Dixon (couldnt believe he fell so far) 
5 OG Connor McGovern (not mauler but quick N good pass pro) 
5 DE Matt Judon (ronald blair better college tqlent but believe matt judon to be the better talent at next level) 
5 OT Fahn Cooper (read a lot of good things so he stays) 
6 QB Jeff Driskel (sure why not) 
6 C Joey Hunt (reminds me of kilgore can push martin for second string job with potential to start sooner than later) 
6 Cb Kevin Seymour (highly athletic nickel cb) 
7 DT Destiny Veiao (powerful at the line of scrimmage can be a rotational player at best great penetrator)




I'll give this a shot quick. As you can see by my selections, there is a lot I like a lot about our draft. There are a few deviations, but for the most part I think Baalke did a decent job this year. 

Keeping the trade: 

#7 overall: DeForest Buckner DL Oregon - Could very well end up being the best player in this draft. IMO was one of the top 3 guys available this year. 
#28 overall: Joshua Garnett OG Stanford - Very good run blocking gaurd that will struggle some in pass pro. Reminds me alot of Mike Iupati. Just because we traded up and took him 9 spots before some of us thought we should does not mean he isn't going to be a very good player. 
#68 overall: Andrew Billings DL Baylor - Billings would have been a force in the middle of our DL. Especially with Ian Williams now out for the year (hopefully not longer) this would have been a tremendous value pick. 
#133 overall: Rashard Robinson DB LSU - Very good cover skills and IMO has the ability to be a starter for us for many years. 
#142 overall: Ronald Blair DL Appalachian St. - Didn't know much about Blair pre-draft, but after watching some cut-ups I came away very impressed, especially against Clemson. He's got long arms and I think will be a very solid role-player for us. 
#145 overall: Trevor Davis WR California - One of my favorite mid-round prospects this year. A bit raw, but he has everything you look for in a starting WR in this league from a physical standpoint. 
#174 overall: Fahn Cooper OL Mississippi - Showed he could play with the big boys at Ole Miss and I think he will be a very solid player, especially if we move him inside to guard. 
#207 overall: Jeff Driskel QB Louisiana Tech - Love the potential he possesses. No other QB at this point has the ceiling of Driskel. 
#211 overall: Keith Marshall RB Georgia - Really like Kelvin Taylor, but I feel Keith Marshall has a much higher ceiling due to his electric speed. If he can gain back his confidence and start playing like he did during his freshman year at Georgia this would be a gigantic steal. 
#213 overall: Charone Peake WR Clemson - Pure potential pick. Big time recruit who was hampered by injuries. We bring him in and see if he can't realize that big time potential. 
#249 overall: Scooby Wright LB Arizona - This dudes production was out of control at Arizona. He is not the most physically gifted player, but he has a nose for the ball. At the very least I think he'll be a stud on special teams.




#7 overall: Laremy Tunsil, OT 

#28 overall: Myles Jack, ILB 

#68 overall: Adolphus Washington, DE 

#133 overall: Christian Westerman, OG 

#142 overall: Jordan Howard, RB 

#145 overall: Rashard Higgins, WR 

#174 overall: Harlan Miller, CB 

#207 overall: Thomas Duarte, TE 

#211 overall: Charone Peake, WR 

#249 Overall: Jeremy Cash, S 

Number 174 was a pain in my butt. Also, the last pick. There were a lot of quality UDFA's available. I wanted to go a lot of different ways, but I though Cash was just the best available player, so I put him in. But a guy like Brendal or Skura would have made sense to push the center position after I couldn't find one in the draft, Garrett made a lot of sense as well as a high upside wr. 

****Edit ****** 

Wanted to add in our FFMD selections. I know its not the same thing exactly, since it's a mock draft and some of the selections weren't available, but I always like seeing how we did as a forum down the line in the way we viewed prospects. 

1 (#13) Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State 
2 (#37) Chris Jones, DL, Mississippi State 
3 (#6Cool Christian Westerman, OL, Arizona State 
4 (#73) Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State 
5 (#89) Blake Martinez, ILB, Stanford 
6 (#133) Keyarris Garrett, WR, Tulsa 
7 (#145) Jonathan Jones, CB, Auburn 
8 (#147) Graham Glasgow, G/C, Michigan 
9 (#174) Tyler Ervin, RB, San Jose State 
10 (#207) Vernon Adams, QB, Oregon 
11 (#211) Thomas Duarte, WR/TE, UCLA 
12 (#213) Victor Ochi, EDGE, Stony Brook




#7- DeForest Buckner DE 

#28- Myles Jack LB 

#68 - Kenneth Dixon RB 

#133 - Rashard Robinson CB 

#142 - Christian Wasteman OG 

#145 - Rashard Higgins WR 

#174 - Mike Thomas WR 

#207 - Aaron Wallace OLB 

#211 - Darius Latham NT 

#249 - Vernon Adams QB




#7- DeForest Buckner 
#28- Myle's Jack 
#68- Shalique Calhoun 
#133- Rashard Robinson 
#142- Christian Westerman 
#145- Joe Dahl 
#174- Fahan Cooper 
#207- Aaron Burbridge 
#211-Scooby Wright lll 
#213- Jalen Mills 
#249- Victor Ochi 

It was hard to not stay put and just hope Garnett falls or take Sterling Sheppard. I wanted Sheppard bad he is a slightly less odell in a lot of ways. Think he's gonna be a good player. But Jack is to hard to pass on. He's a rare talent to be honest his injurie is worrisome his future more so but a risk I feel the need to take. 

Buckner is a no brainer pick but Tunsils fall made it a hard choice. 

Calhoun edged out Kyler Fackrell for me because he shows more as a pass rusher but it was a hard choice. 

Rashard Robinson is my guy! I'm a huge LSU fan and talked him up all year. He will be one of the steals of this draft. 

I think Dahl and Westerman are great G prospects. to be honest either could provide similar production to Garnett at RG. 

Ochi is dumb athletic and talented need's coaching big time and very raw. 

Mills is way under looked. He's a great player and talent if he goes hard and apply him self on and off the field he will be a good player in this league no doubt. 

Tho I wanted to draft a RB and liked a fare share in this draft it just didn't make sense. Our roster has Hyde, Draughn, Davis and couple other bodies as is. Let's see what we got in these playes all talented and see who's gonna stick and make there mark. If we need a RB next year's draft me be the best RB in who no how long top to bottom so we can wait another year to find out if we need a another RB. 

I said earlier really hard to pass on Garnett he's my favorite G in the draft and I wanted him baf. Sheppard I have higher then others and I wanted him bad. If I stayed put and not traded back I would of taken Sheppard in the 2nd. Billings in the 4th. At 178 I'd of gone Keenan Reynolds.




#7- DeForest Buckner 
#28- Myle's Jack 
#68- Josh Garnett (Christian Westerman if I cant put Josh here). 
#133- Dak Prescott 
#142- Ronald Blair 
#145- Rashard Robinson 
#174- Fahan Cooper 
#207- Charone Peake 
#211-Scooby Wright lll 
#213- Alex Mcalister 
#249- Victor Ochi




I'm gonna be that guy and break the rules. Sorry y2. I want to see how this draft looks in 3 years, because if we're being totally honest after the first four guys I am choosing they're all random picks anyway. 

Keeping the Trade Up: 
68 + 133 to CLE for 76 + 99 

#7 overall: Laremy Tunsil OT 
#28 overall: Robert Nkemdiche DT 
#76 overall: Leonte Caroo WR 
#99 overall: Connor Cook QB 
#142 overall: Joe Dahl G 
#145 overall: Jordan Howard RB 
#174 overall: Temarrick Hemingway TE 
#207 overall: Maurice Canady CB 
#211 overall: Aaron Burbridge WR 
#213 overall: Rico Gathers TE 
#249 overall: Jack Allen C 

(For what it's worth, if I'm following the rules, swap Caroo for Matt Judon at 133 and Hemmingway for Moritz Böhringer) 

The more I look at it the more I wouldn't mind not trading up and grabbing A'Shawn Robinson at 38 instead, but I don't feel like redoing everything.

In case it remains, here was the link: 


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2015 Pick Archive:

From this thread: 



Rd 1 

W/trade - Marcus Peters, CB 
W/o trade - Kevin Johnson, CB
Actual Pick - Arik Armstead, DL 

Rd 2 (personally would have made small trade up to nab Kendricks, but assuming no trades) 

My Pick: Jake Fisher, OT 
Actual Pick: Jaquiski Tartt 

Fisher isn't a required need, but given Staley's age and Anthony Davis' health concerns, it wouldn't hurt. Plus I think that Fisher presents very good value and a type of tackle that offers a little something different than what we usually have. He gets the slight edge of Jaelen Strong due to positional value . 

Rd 3 

Eli Harold, OLB 
Actual pick: Eli Harold, OLB 

While the pick didn't satisfy the most dire of needs, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. 

Rd 4 

Pick 1 
My pick: Ramik Wilson, ILB 
Actual Pick: Blake Bell, TE 

The Bell pick makes minimal sense, and I thin Wilson has a viable future as an ILB in the league. Given the retirements of Willis and Boreland, this should have been addressed even with the signing of Phillip Wheeler.

Pick 2 
My Pick: Mike Davis, HB 
Actual Pick: Mike Davis, HB 

We needed an additional running back, and I'll give the slightest of nods to Davis if only because I have no idea what the deal with Ajayi's knee is. 

Pick 3 
My Pick: Deandre Smelter, WR 
Actual Pick: Deandre Smelter, WR 

No reason to change this. Smelter has a chance to be a stud and we do have some wide receivers for this upcoming season to let him redshirt for the year. 

Round 5 

My pick: Michael Bennett, DT 
Actual pick: Bradley Pinion, P 

I actually don't mind the Pinion pick in the least - it's not likely anyone you get at this juncture is making your roster long term, so why not? But I can't pass on the talent of Bennett. We are in a nickel alignment more so than a traditional 3-4, so a spot wouldn't be hard to find, and if his fall was more medical, we have sufficient depth on the line for this season to let him redshirt. He just has too much upside to pass on here. 

Round 6 

My pick: Derron Smith, S 
Actual Pick: Ian Silberman, OT/OG 

I don't disagree with the notion of taking an offensive lineman here, as I think you should consistently grab them every year, but I like Smith from a coverage and experience standpoint. Yes, he's vastly undersized, but I think he can help quite a bit on special teams and may be able to give a couple of decent seasons on the back end. 

Round 7 

Pick 1 
My pick: Trenton Brown, OL 
Actual Pick: Trenton Brown, OL 

Guy is a beast. I'd give him a shot in a heartbeat. 

Pick 2 
My Pick: Kevin White, CB 
Actual Pick: Rory Anderson, TE 

Anderson is the 8th tight end on the roster...we could have drafted a carrot and it would have made a little more sense. 

Unfortunately, with the way the board fell, I wouldn't have been able to draft a quality wide receiver, so I'll just have to hope that out of Simpson, Patton or Ellington, we find one legitimate wide receiver for the #3 and #4 spots. Truthfully, at this point, I'd probably make an offer to Wayne or Welker for a season to temporarily fill that need along with a couple of UDFA's to battle it out




Cool.....I'll play. :) 

#1/15 or #1/17 - WR Dorial Green-Beckham 
Actual Pick - DE Arik Armstead 

While a definite reach, I wouldn't care because if he gets his head on straight, he easily could become a dominant receiver in the league. Also, we have a speed receiver in Smith and possession receiver in Boldin. What's missing is that big physical freak which is where DGB fits in. Imagine DGB on the outside in three receiver sets opposite Smith with Boldin in the slot. Oh my. :) 

#2/46 - CB Eric Rowe 
Actual Pick: SS Jaquiski Tartt 

After losing Culliver and Cox, we draft 6'1, 205 Rowe who should be at the very least competing for a starting spot at CB. Ideally, he wins a starting spot opposite Brock or Johnson while in the process making Wright and Cook both expendable. 

#3/79 - ILB Paul Dawson 
Actual pick: OLB Eli Harold 

Thought about selecting DE Henry Anderson but I couldn't pass up ILB Paul Dawson as he could be the next Burfict in my opinion. Ideally, he wins the starting spot next to Bowman with Wilhoite coming off the bench as a backup/rotational player. 

#4/117 - DE Za'Darius Smith 
Actual Pick: TE Blake Bell 

Smith can be a solid 3-4 DE for us who would compete for a starting spot. At worse, he rotates in with Jerod-Eddie. Ideally, he wins a starting spot opposite Carradine, making Dockett expendable with Jerod-Eddie and Ramsey as the backups. 

#4/126 - OLB Kyle Emanuel or OLB Davis Tull 
Actual Pick: RB Mike Davis 

Like Tull as he seems to be more consistent in regards to sacks but I like the size of Emanuel as he seems less likely to get pushed around because of it. Either one would be a good pick and add pass rushing depth behind Aldon, Brooks and Lynch. And yes, I would still keep Lemonier. 

#4/132 - RB Jay Ajayi 
Actual Pick: WR Deandre Smelter 

Our fourth round compensation pick is a repeat of two years earlier. Only difference is that Ajayi doesn't retire and becomes a huge steal for us and provides one hell of a one two combo with Hyde for years to come. 

#5/165 - DT Michael Bennett 
Actual pick: P Bradley Pinion 

I didn't like this pick at all. Seriously, a punter??? SMH. Anyway, pretty much agree with Forge about Bennett. He's a steal here in the fifth round and like Forge says, if his drop is medical, we redshirt him for a year and let his rookie contract carry over in the process. 

#6/190 - OT Jake Rodgers 
Actual Pick: OG Ian Silberman 

Big tackle who has the athletic ability and mobility to at the very least be a swing tackle. And compared to Pears, I would actually be expecting Rodgers to beat him out for the third tackle spot. 

#7/244 - OG Trenton Brown 
Actual Pick: OG Trenton Brown 

Can't really argue here with Forge. This guy is massive and he probably makes Boone look small in comparison. LOL. Would probably be a practice squad guy but is easily worth the pick. 

#7/254 - OT La'el Collins 
Actual Pick: TE Rory Anderson 

Screw it. Worse case scenario - he never plays but who cares considering the pick? If he gets cleared even though he hasn't been charged with anything yet, he could be one of the biggest steals in NFL Draft history. 

SUMMARY: 49ers acquire a potential dominant receiver in DGB who could be what Josh Gordon was on track to be - the next Calvin Johnson. A good sized starting CB opposite Brock/Johnson. A possible steal in Dawson who I like Marvin Lewis, thinks he can become the next Burfict and playing next to hopefully a 100% healthy Bowman sure as hell can't hurt. Smith competes for a starting DE spot and at worse, becomes a good rotational player. Emanuel/Tull adds more pass rushing depth at OLB. I have no problem keeping five outside linebackers on the final 53. With the first of two compensation draft picks, we draft Ajayi who could have gone two rounds earlier but medical reasons prevented that from happening. With Bush and Hunter behind Hyde, Ajayi could be redshirted for a year if necessary. Bennett is just too good of a value pick here to pass up even though I was tempted to take OT Tyrus Thompson but decided against it when I realized a certain OT went undrafted. Rodgers should hopefully make Pears expendable during final cuts. Brown adds depth on the interior offensive line and could be the next Boone. With the second of two compensation draft picks, how the hell could I possibly pass on Collins? It's a no-brainer. Even if he never ever plays, what has the team lost? A practice squad player or a waived player who's rights get picked up by another team? Screw that, give me Collins. :) 

Overall, filled pretty much every need, added a lot of talent and depth, avoiding wasting picks on unnecessary positions *coughPandTEcough* and some potential steals later on depending on health and legal issues.





There are a number of variations that would have pleased me.. but some of these guys were my favored prospects, so naturally, I'd have liked to see them as 49ers. 

Overall, I didn't love any 1st rd prospect available at their spot for SF. I would much have preferred a trade up to get Devante Parker.. or a trade back into the late 1st/early 2nd rd. 

rd 1 - Eric Kendricks / LB / UCLA 
rd 2 - Jaelen Strong / WR / ASU 
rd 3 - Alex Carter / CB / Stanford 
rd 4 - Adrian Amos / S-CB / PSU 
rd 4 - David Cobb / RB / Minnesota 
rd 5 - Tyrus Thompson / OL / Okl 
rd 6 - Jacoby Glenn / CB / UCF 
rd 7 - Ty Williams / WR / W. Oregon 
rd 7 - Joey Mbu / NT / Houston 
rd 7 - Justin Manton / K-P / La Monroe




Almost missed this thread. For starters, Miami did not need or draft an OT, so the first thing I'd have done in this draft was trade a 4th to swap places with New Orleans and pick up Davante Parker who to me was the last of the top tier players. New Orleans would not have really had to worry about a team trading up, as the team that wanted to move up was San Diego for a RB. Don't get the lack of the trade, but from there: 

1st- Dorial Green-Beckham - I do not have a lot of faith in putting the #3 WR job in the hands of someone with a career total 6 receptions (Patton or Ellington, take your pick), and isn't a blue chip kinda player. In another incredibly deep WR class, I can't believe Baalke once again passed. Now, to be clear, I'd follow my mock and try and trade back to the 25-30 range, which is where I was confident he'd be given his character concerns, but I bypass those for the chance at the star player, and since it'd be impossible for me to predict a trade down or what we would have gotten, I'd have also taken him at 17. 

2nd - Jaquiski Tartt 

...no...just kidding. Definitely Eric Rowe. Since the team took Tartt, a prospect I liked, as Jaelen Strong fell to the bottom of the 2nd, I'd have very strongly considered trading up to grab him at the bottom of the 2nd/top of the 3rd. 

3rd - Henry Anderson - This was a very hard choice between keeping Harold, who is one of the picks I kinda like the value of, swapping to Anderson who I had as my 3rd rounder in my trade down mock, or taking Jay Ajayi. In my trade-down mock, I had managed to pick up a 2nd round pick, and if as above I got down to the 25-30 range (which I heard was a possibility but Baalke didn't want to risk losing Armstead), I'd have had that 2nd round pick (even if I had to give up one of the 4ths to get it (or I would have gathered what I could and made a separate trade up for a second 2nd). With a second 2nd round pick, I'd have felt comfortable taking Ajayi there. I know in hindsight, he'd have been available in the 5th, but in fairness, I wouldn't have known when I was on the board with this 3rd round pick (or a late 2nd) that this would have been the case. 

With that in mind, I don't have the extra 2nd, so I would assume I don't have this luxury, and instead look to Anderson. Since the presumption is our potential starters this year are Justin Smith/Darnell Dockett, or at the very least Dockett/Carradine, I think the team was set-up just fine and could take someone who might take a year to develop into a starter in Anderson. But a DE was definitely needed at some point, so I skip the value of Harold, I skip my assumed value of Ajayi, and I take Anderson who I have always liked at this spot anyway. 

4th - Jay Ajayi In reality, as the GM, seeing Ajayi fall, I'd have likely not had this pick, as I would have traded it up to the bottom of the 3rd round for Ajayi anyway. Without giving myself to acquire get rid of picks to move around, I get the luxury of knowing Ajayi would fall to my spot right here, and I'd take him anyway. With only picks in the 4th round, this is where I made those luxury picks in my mock. I liked actually taking a TE in this spot in reality (just not a big fan of Bell yet), but my guy (Kroft) was taken in the 3rd. Tartt would have been another guy I'd have looked at here, but not only do I assume he's off the board (since we already took him), I'd have taken Ajayi over them in a heartbeat anyway. I think the Dolphins got the steal of the draft. I have no idea what dropped him to the 5th, but he's a 3-down back and was my favorite in this class. My 2nd favorite (Cobb) also would have been preferable to Davis, who I have some concerns with. I would be okay with occasionally not going to South Carolina for draft picks. 

4th - Ben Heeney - Would have expected him to go bottom of the 3rd/top of the 4th, but he fell to the top of the 5th. Would not have gotten past my 2nd 4th at this point. Great high-motor player, would have been nice as a depth guy for us inside. 

4th - Brett Hundley To be clear, I love Smelter, and absolutely wanted him as a prospect. I thought he'd see a considerable drop due to the injury and possibly not playing all year combined with only 2 years of experience and the style of offense run at Georgia Tech. In the middle to late rounds, I'm not disappointed in grabbing a guy you really want a bit early (rounds 4-7), as now it's like playing with roulette on who will be available. Still, I'd have passed at this point assuming I can get him later, and given the drafting of Green-Beckham earlier, I'd not be broken up about losing Smelter (assuming somebody grabs him before I would). 

At this point, I thought Hundley would be taken, and I'm not taking a chance on passing on him. Once again - I don't see how Baalke is comfortable with only two QBs on the roster, especially since one of those two is Blaine Gabbert. There are enough questions about Kaepernick's future to wonder why we didn't start developing a guy now. Some thought he was the third best QB with 2nd round potential, I grab him now as a second luxury pick (as my brain says to go with OLB/TE/T), but one I'm glad I get. 

5th - Tyrus Thompson - Pretty stoked he's here at this point...big T for the team who might be able to play inside. 

6th - Ben Koyack Another guy in the Trey Millard/Delanie Walker mold for competition. 

7th - Alani Fua He went undrafted, but I wouldn't know that. In my mock I had him in the 5th, but that was before guys I had going in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th kept falling to me. 

7th - La'el Collins This is just a fail by just about every GM. A first round talent falls all the way through the draft because of a (scary, yes) incident where he's not considered a suspect? How do you not just throw out a 7th, call him and tell him to get everything he needs to taken care of, and have that prospect when he comes back? Even if something happens and he never plays an NFL down for whatever reason, only complete total fools are going to call it a 'wasted pick.' 

So in summation: 

1) Dorial Green-Beckham, WR 
2) Eric Rowe, CB 
3) Henry Anderson, DE 
4) Jay Ajayi, RB 
4) Ben Heeney, ILB 
4) Brett Hundley, QB 
5) Tyrus Thompson, OT 
6) Ben Koyack, TE 
7) Alani Fua, OLB 
7) La'el Collins, OT 

Green-Beckham plays the 3rd WR role and sees significant time on offense. Rowe can start opposite Brock, or at least play as a roleplayer in nickle roles. Anderson can get in the rotation at DE with Jerod-Eddie and Carradine. Ajayi gets significant snaps as a 3rd RB. Heeney is a special teams guy right away, and if needed might play inside due to injury/rest of a starter. Hundley and Thompson are purely developmental. Koyack is a guy that can compete with Millard/Miller, but might just take a year to add strength/develop into another Delanie Walker-type guy. Fua is mostly special teams/developmental unless he shows a lot of promise rushing the QB right away. Collins is a wildcard pick that could easily be immediately active as the back-up tackle on gamedays.




1 -DGB 
2- Eric Rowe 
3 - Harry Anderson - you considered him, I'd take him 
4 (117) - Buck Allen - I love David Cobb but I think I like Allen a little more 
4 (126) - Jake Ryan - I think of him as a poor's mans Chris Borland 
4 (132) - Smelter is a fine pick at this spot 
5 (165) - James O'Shaughnessy - this is where I take my TE 
6 (190) - Derron Smith - this is where I'm finally taking a safety and he's got the versatility to play both FS and SS 
7 - I pass. It's a crap shoot at this point. Maybe I take Pinion if he's still there in the 7th


From here...these are just mock drafts from other forum members that were posted before the draft (this year was the last year before the "make your pick threads" allowed for everyone to pick from players available): 

Melbourne 9er: 



Pick 15 - Trade. Trade pick 15 with Pitt for 22, 87 and 2016 3rd. (Pitt move ahead of Houston for Landon Collins). 

Pick 22 - Trade. Trade pick 22 plus pick 151 with NO for 31 and 44. 

Pick 31 - Shane Ray - 34OLB Missouri. Ray's drop stops here as Baalke takes the best player available. You can't have enough pass rushers and the risk is worth it at this point. 

Pick 44 - Devin Smith - WR LSU. Can take the top off the defense, runs good routes, has good hands. Also BPA. 

Pick 46 - Carl Davis - DT Iowa. Can play anywhere along the line and will be a force against the run. Eventual Cowboy replacement. 

Trade. Trade pick 79 and 126 to Jacksonville for 67 and 2016 5th. 

Pick 67 - Donovan Smith - OT Penn St. At last we have a legitimate backup OT. May be a bit early for a backup but we sucked when Davis was out last year and concussions are not good. Can also backup at guard or take over from Boone if he decides to leave. 

Pick 87 - Alex Carter - CB Stanford. Has the size that Baalke covets in his CB. Is a tough player as well, hopefully in another Stanford CBs mold!!! 

Pick 132 - Kwon Alexander - LB LSU. We need ILB and Alexander can do this in a 3-4. Can start as backup and play special teams. Borland replacement. 

Pick 190 - Kurtis Drummond - S. Back up safety and can play special teams. Eventual replacement for Dahl. 

Pick 246 - Nick Marshall - CB Auburn. Who knows what he can do but if we can stash him on the PS he may be able to be taught the CB position nuances that he doesn't have yet. 

Pick 254 - Terrell Watson - RB Asuza Pacific. We have to pick a RB, it's tradition and this is a big boy that knows how to reach the end zone. Will be interesting to see if the level of competition made him as good as his numbers are. 

If we get Ray I can see Brooks and his contract gone sooner rather than later. We may be able to trade him for a mid to late pick. If Ray is gone I would look at Kendricks or another ILB. 

We get a legit deep threat, a starter on the D-Line (or a rotational guy until Smith and Dockett die of old age), the best OL depth player since Snyder was good and genuine depth in the secondary. We also improve our ST and get extra picks in 2016. 

Rip it apart!!





2015 Draft 

1st - Trae Waynes/Kevin Johnson/Marcus Peters - CB 

I believe an obvious need for our team and we could have our pick of the litter if things work out when it comes to this pick. My first pick would be Johnson, between his ball skills, instinct, size and versatility scheme wise I think this guy could become a very CB in the NFL. Waynes would be my second choice for many similar reasons as Johnson but I feel like he becomes a little too robotic at times and isn't as fluid, same could be said with Peters as far as talent and skills go but with the obvious character concerns and with our recent trouble of staying out of the news this would be a big detractor. I could also see us taking a young WR to develop and learn under Q, obviously one of the top 3 in the Cooper, White, and Parker but there is no guarentee any of these guys will be here and for value purposes see Strong, Perriman and Green-Beckham as slight reaches. DL wouldn't be out of left field either and although I feel we have solid depth across the line barring no injuries we really don't have a difference maker or someone who draws extra attention which will no be crucial with our ILB depth and talent taking a huge hit. Somone like Shelton, Brown or Goldman could be that man for us. 

2nd - Denzel Perryman - ILB 

Although I'm not one for overreacting and jumping the gun feeling that ILB is a "must draft" with the departure of Willis and Borland but when you look at the facts we need depth as well as a restock in the talent department here. Yes Bowman is coming back, from completely tearing apart his knee, and yes Wilhoite played admirably in spot duty, Moody brings some youth and athleticism and are newest acquisition of Bishop brings experience and depth to the position. With all that being said, this spot went from far and away our strongest part of our defense to now one that has stop gaps as starters. I like Perryman a lot, he reminds me of a combination of Willis and Borland. A high football IQ guy who although isn't as athletically gifted as Willis plays all over the field and overcomes his athletic shortcomings with instincts and awareness like Borland. He is always around the ball and packs a punch when he delivers a hit to ball carriers and WRs a like. May not be the strongest at dropping back but again his football knowledge more often than not leads him to be in the right place at the right time. Doesn't need to come in and start right away a la Willis and Borland, but would be important depth and a guy we can train and develop to be our future. Plus I won't lie here, thinking of this man and Haynes running down on special teams together to cover kicks...won't even lie, I'm getting a little excited. 

3rd - Stefon Diggs - WR 

Now I know some of you are saying just because we brought him in for a visit and have been linked to him doesn't mean we are going to take him. But I think the interest is there and the common sense and fit is there as well. Decent sized at 6' 200lbs with above average hands and speed to outrun defenders, of course like most young WRs his understanding of coverages, defenses, spacing and route running need work but the tools are there for this guy to develop. Brings the added element of speed and deep threat ability which as we all know has been lacking for quite sometime at our receiving corps. and can learn behind Q and Smith all the while giving our KR and PR teams some juice and a potential threat to give us good field position if not a threat to take it all the way which our team has not had since I can remember, true story Ginn and James. I'm still in favor of giving Patton his fair shot at some PT and with Q, Smith, Patton, Diggs, Simpson, Davis and McDonald, oh yea, dare I say Bush, I think Kaep has more than enough talent and options to use at his disposal. 

4th - Henry Anderson - DE 

Now while I think a big run stuffing, space eating NT to free up our ILBs is something we need more than a DE for one reason or another it would appear our FO appears to shy away from those types of players. I think Dorsey, Williams and Dial form a very formidable trio of players who can fulfill the required duties however and with the injury question marks we have on our DL I believe the depth is more important right now. With that said there has been discussion on our DEs and how it seems the players we have either excel at applying pressure on the QB or holding their ground and playing the run well. I too have noticed this and while I'm not opposed to it, as depth in my mind is a crucial part of a DLs success and a solid rotation to keep guys rested and healthy, does not mean we can try and find a younger version of Justin Smith. Although taller and more naturally built to be a 3-4 DE Anderson's game is very translatable to the Cowboy's. High effort, high energy player who's all around game allows him to play in all situations. A blue collar, rugged hard nosed end who could learn from watching Smith play this year or from hearing him coach from the sidelines Wink. (Come on Justin, either way you would be a tremendous help to our team and be helping out your pal Jim "The Stache" Tomasula.) 

4th - Quinton Spain - OG 

A massive man at 6'5" 330 plus if I remember correctly who is a mauler in the run game and really knows how to finish off blocks would be a young moldable Iupati replacement. Maybe he won't start as I am pulling for Thomas' recovery back to his high level of play from college but some depth in the middle of our OL wouldn't hurt either. With him, Martin and Looney giving us young solid depth and Pears being our swing OT I think our OL has the depth and talent for the future. I know Pears was the worst rated player in football or something like that last year but its said he's a better OT than OG and let's be honest, anything is better than Jonathon Martin. 

5th - Brandon Bridge - QB 

In the mold of Kaep himself, big, tall, athletic QB with a good arm. Will take much time to develop but the cupboard is really quite bare when it comes to depth here anyways. We've probably had the worst back up QB situation for the past 3 years between Colt McCoy and now Blaine Gabbert but hopefully Bridge can give our coaches someone to groom and put their own stamp on the way they want their QB to play and think. Scheme wise wouldn't have to change much as Bridge is very similar to Kaep athletically. Maybe his wheels aren't quite as efficient but then again who's are. Not ready to give up on Kaep yet as I feel this is a huge season for him. A lot of the teams "heart" left this offseason with Gore, Smith and Willis but when that happens players remaining must step up, and being the QB of our team it's Kaep's turn to carry the burden of being the face of our franchise and our leader, it's time to buckle up the chinstrap, quit shaving designs in your hair and flattening the bill to your ball cap and step up. Not saying he needs to light the world on fire, just demonstrate leadership and confidence on the field and not always look so damn lost or to other players for confirmation and for god's sake please identify pre-game where the play clock is so ya can take a peak at it every once in a while, just food for thought. 

6th - Jordan Richards - S 

Maybe undersized and not the greatest athlete to step on the grid iron but again he's one of those players that just understands the game. Great football IQ, leader of a sound Stanford defense and knows how to position himself to be successful and in the right place at the right time. The most important thing is he is consistent week in and week out and is accountable which is more than could ever be said about Craig Dahl. Will be able to learn even more while sitting behind Bethea and Reid and will be another stud special teamer. 

7th - Terry Williams - NT 

More of a selfish selection here but its my mock and this is what I want. For years now I've wanted a NT like Williams, as wide as he is tall and eats up blockers like he's in a buffet line at Golden Corral. Might be the only outstanding quality he possesses but that's fine with me, a two down run stuffer who can take some of the beating received in the trenches away from Williams and Dorsey and spell them when needed. Uses hands well and being a hair over 6'1" plays with good leverage. For pushing the scales at 350 has active feet for a man of that size and doesn't leave them behind him when engaged with OL. 

7th - Mike Burton - FB 

With Bruce Millers news out there now and how the NFL and teams are cracking down things of that nature I'm not quite sure where he will sit with us for the next season. One of my favorite players on our team and made a mistake but unfortunately with all the attention these kind of things are receiving now a days and the focus of punishing said mistakes we may part ways. I know some of you are excited to see what Millard can do, as am I, but competition never hurt anybody and Burton is a sound lead blocker who possesses more than a little skill when it comes to catching balls out of the backfield which is key whenever #7 is at the helm for us. Uses his good size and feet to position himself well between the defender and ball carrier and has a ton of experience from his playing days at Rutgers. 


48 1/2ers:



With Free Agency about wrapped up a little mock draft might be fun to kick around. 

Trade 1(15)+5(150) to Cleveland for 1(19)+3(77)+7(204) 

1(19.) Marcus Peters CB Washington- The most talented DB in the draft, character concerns are valid. Press-man coverage is top notch with the length, strength, and athleticism to handle any receiver lined up ahead of him. High risk high reward. 

2(46.) Shaq Thompson OLB/ILB/SS Washington -A weapon in every sense of the word. PWilly’s void is going to be felt regardless but if we do run our hybrid 3-4 4-3 defense we stick Shaq at backer with Bowman and Borland he can eliminate the threat of Jimmy Graham (or any athletic TE) and Russell Wilson (or any duel threat QB). He didn’t test and measure well for a projected mid-first round pick so I think here in the middle of the 2nd is possible and great value for us. A talent that doesn’t come around often. 

3(77.) Tre McBride WR William & Mary – Plays a very mature game, fights for catches positions his body well and strong out of breaks. Body type and size is exactly what we are missing with our receivers right now, with great speed (4.41). Recruited to Harvard for academics. Great field and game awareness, with return ability. 

3(79.) Xavier Cooper DE Washington St – Scouts say he might have left earlier than he should have. Perfect size for our 3-4 DE with shocking athleticism (6’3 293 4.8 40). Great at shedding blocks and using his hands, that shows he doesn’t just rely on his athleticism but can use his acceleration if he needs

4(126.) Cameron Artis-Payne RB Auburn- Limited resume of work, Junior College transfer. Ball security is fantastic finishes off runs falling forward. 

4(132.) Donavan Smith OL Penn St- Massive frame 6’6 330 lbs with the versatility to move inside. A backup with potential to become a very good guard down the road if Boone leaves. 

6(188.) Brandon Bridge QB South Alabama- A Kaepernick clone in terms of athleticism, body type, and potential. Tends to have too much confidence in his arm at times and doesn’t have the “touch” yet. His receivers were pretty awful from what ive seen. Very humble background with a strong work ethic. 

7(204.) DeAndre Carter WR Sacramento St- Short (5’9) but built (190lbs) receiver with incredible production. 1,300 yards receiving 17 tds last season. Rout running, reading the field, and hands are his best traits all translate well to higher competition, would make an impact as a return man. Hard worker who was recognized during the week of practice for NFLPA bowl for stealing the show until a bone bruise to his knee sidelined him in the game. 

7(246.) Travis Raciti DE San Jose St. Had a huge sophomore season while at 3-4 DE following that the team switched to a 4-3 and he struggled. Very athletic. Plays with desired motor and scouts say he is a film junkie. 6’5 285lbs with room to get stronger and improve. 

7(253.) Nick Marshall CB Auburn- Total shot in the dark pick here, highly scouted out of HS as a DB. Has the body and athleticism to succeed. But instincts and technique will need maturing. Not much value on special teams either for now. 





I've been working on this since before the combine and I wanted to do this before FA started. 

Starting Cap: $143.28 mil / Adjusted 49ers Cap: $149.86 mil 

Starting Cap Space: $7.1 mil 

OLB Ahmad Brooks - $4.7 mil (Post June 1st cut) 
SS Craig Dahl - $1.7 mil 
WR Trindon Holliday - $0.6 mil 
CB Leon McFadden - $0.6 mil 

Total savings: $7.6 mil - New Cap Space: $14.7 mil 

OLB Aldon Smith: 5 year 46 mil extension, 2015 cap savings: $4.7 mil 
WR Stevie Johnson: Shift 4.6 of 5.5 base salary into pro rated bonus, 2015 cap savings: $2.4 mil 

Total savings: $7.1 mil - New Cap Space: $21.8 mil 

CB Chris Culliver: 4 yrs $38 mil - 2015 cap hit: $4 mil 
RB Frank Gore: 2 yrs $6.5 mil - 2015 cap hit: $3 mil 
ILB Mike Wilhoite: 1 year ERFA tender - 2015 cap hit: $0.6 mil 
LS/TE Kyle Nelson: 2 yrs $1 mil - 2015 cap hit: $0.5 mil 

Total Spent: $8.1 mil - New Cap Space: $13.7 mil 

Free Agent Signings 
QB Shaun Hill: 1 yr $1.2 mil - 2015 cap hit: $1.2 mil - Veteran presence for Kaep to learn from, plus mobile enough for coach Logan to like. 

DE Adrian Clayborn: 1 yr $1.6 mil - 2015 cap hit: $1.6 mil - A one year prove it deal for guy that will fit nicely in a 3-4 defense. 

SS Kurt Coleman: 2 yrs $1.75 mil - 2015 cap hit: $0.8 mil - A cheap back-up replacement for Dahl with better skills. 

Total Spent: $3.4 - New Cap Space: $10.3 

2015 Comp picks: 
4th round pick for Whitner 
7th round for Dixon 

*Trade* - 1st, DEN 4th, 5th to Browns for 1st (12th) 
1.12: WR Davante Parker, Louisville: To me, Parker is the most complete WR in the draft and #1 WR. My comp for him is A.J. Green. He is a smart and savy WR with supreme athletic skills. 

2.14: DE Mario Edwards, Florida State: Great fit as a 3-4 end, one of the better 3-4 end prospects in the draft. Will not serve as a dominant pass rusher but will be a stout run defender with his power and push. 

*Trade* - 3rd to Panthers for 3rd & 4th 
3.25: OT/OG Ali Marpet, Hobart: Versatile lineman that cal play tackle and guard. I think we need more tackle depth than guard depth and Marpet can provide depth at both. He is better at guard than tackle but won't be asked to play much tackle right off the bat so he has time to learn. 

*Trade* - 4th (CAR) & 6th to Dolphins for 4th 
4.14: RB Jeremy Langford, Michigan State: We need speed at the RB position and while Langford is not blazing fast, he is still plenty fast and strong to be a good change-of-pace to Hyde/Gore. Langford will be asked to learn during the first year and take Hunter's role in the second year. 

4.33 COMP: CB LaDarius Gunter, Miami: His stock dropped a bit during the combine but his tape impressed me enough to take him here. He has the length we need at CB and can provide depth at safety. 

7.15: WR Darren Waller, Georgia Tech: May be taken before this pick due to his combine but that is also the reason I wanted to draft him. With his size (6'6 230 lbs) and athletic ability, he could work his way on to the roster with a strong rookie year of learning. 

7 COMP: QB Brandon Bridge, Southern Alabama: Comps are to Kaep with his long build, rocket arm, and bad mechanics. His tape is interesting but it also shows bad mechanics. I think Logan will LOVE to work with Bridge and could turn him into a decent back-up. 



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