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Packers Signing Preston Smith

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27 minutes ago, Leader said:


Houston's 4 years older (30) and has played (approx) a seasons worth of games less than Z (15 games) and a season+ games less than Smith (21 games).


We should really be viewing this free agent class as a direct response to the 2015 draft. Every player we took was coming off of their 4th year in the league. In an ideal world these would all be players who had contributed to us for four years and either earned a second paycheck or given us a comp pick for signing elsewhere. Because our 2015 draft was abysmal, we had to resort to free agency to replace that lost core of players. It's the main reason, IMO, we didn't target players like Houston, Thomas, etc.

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2 hours ago, Packerraymond said:

Just seems like a really implausible situation. Like when are you going to have 2 teams bidding and they both cap out at the same dollar amount? 99 times out of a hundred one team will just offer more than the other team to secure the player.

WHO ******* CARES. Lol. That's not the point.

I should have phrased last line with the word possible  differently. I'm using it as a hypothetical. I'm not eloquent enough I guess to get across what I mean it everyone is just too hard headed to attempt to understand my point

Let me put this another way. NOW OPEN YOUR MIND FOR ONE SECOND AND PRETEND WITH ME, OKAY? The NFL starts Max contracts like the NBA. That would hurt us, IMO. When we couldn't offer more than anyone else we still might get guys but IMO we would NOT be high on the list. Now I know we'll side track and say we don't want Max players or whatever instead of attempting to understand what I'm saying but there it is

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7 hours ago, squire12 said:

You saying that UFA players will come to GB if there is more $$ in the offer?   Shocking development

I know right.

The notion trotted out by some that the reason the Packers previously signed so few UFAs was because it's just too hard to get guys to come to Green Bay compared to other spots around the NFL was always ludicrous.

Where there is will (and available $) to spend on free agents, FAs will inevitably follow.

For those who remained skeptical of this irrefutable truism, in just two years as GM, Gute has eviscerated the tired excuse that free agents won't sign with Green Bay.

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