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Steelers agree on two-year deal with WR Donte Moncrief

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On 3/14/2019 at 4:26 AM, Cbrunn said:

Deboo with the early 3rd

That's not happening. He might not make it to #52. He's one of the more polished products coming out this year that's explosive, safe, and not too many holes in his game. He could go as high as mid-late 1st depending on the team. Solid #2 with #1 potential. Call him an Anquan Boldin.

OT, ILB, TE - that's how I rank their rankings of needs after whatever housekeeping you want to call this offseason. It could still be a rebuild, without ever having to say it, if they offload Haden to the Jets for like a 6th, and the three year, $27m deal for Nelson is like Haden's deal, and that deal is to actually replace Haden. Not complement him. They will not re-sign Haden, so as always, get something back here. I almost feel like it's the Pirates right now. What the hell is going on? There is a cap and shared revenue for all 32 teams and you make a profit. Spend some money. And then they'll overpay Ben. LOL

It looks like they value the CB/WR class with the UFA signings, so I'm hoping they evaluate these as just really deep classes because these band-aids are no reason to pass up such premium talent at these positions. WR - deepest class this year. By far.



... and I don't mind it


I mean, f**K, Blake Cashman is Luke Kuechly. Why are you thinking about Devin Bush in the first round? And they're thinking it, because of who they signed in UFA, relative to their other needs. David Long from WVU is basically a bigger version of Devin Bush that goes in the 3rd-5th rd. That seems like good value. Plus, this is the least valuable position in the NFL. This is why Baltimore will let CJ Mosley go for a run at Le'Veon Bell, which would help you and hurt Pittsburgh at the same time. They were willing to let a 1st rd pick go, for "just the opportunity", to talk to Le'Veon Bell. Think about that one. The next time you're pounding the table for ILB. And still think the 3-4 defense is relevant at all in this league. 





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Posted (edited)

Long is not nearly the athlete that Bush is and kind of sucks in pass coverage.  He is very like year 1 Shazier in that he makes a read and goes.  The read might not always be right.

It may be the RPO but Cashman waits on the play.  He can shoot the gap when it is an obvious situation but generally he is making the play past the LOS and often gets tangled up in the OL.  Does not seem to play downhill much.

Before the combine, Cashman was a 4-5th round pick.  At best he is a 3rd round pick if you think you could use his athleticism.  I'll try to watch more film on him.

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