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The Simpsoooonnsss...Mafia. N3 Friday 7PM CT


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.Surprise!! I am your host KOTN! I have a 16 Man Simpsons Malf has agreed to serve in an advisor as needed role after looking over my game (Thanks a bunch @Malfatron!) Anyway to why we're here.

Its a warm foggy night in late August at Springfield City Hall where only one car is parked. Inside it sits Mayor Quimby with Mr. Burns and Principal Skinner.


Mr. Burns begins "Excellent your both here"

Quimby barks "Get to the point Burns what do you want?"

Burns: "Yes as you may know im in hot water about my nuclear waste plant being near a lake. All of a sudden we care about the enviornment No one cared when Green Days barge disintegrated."

Quimby: So?

Burns: I already have a spot to move it to but I need you and Skinners help I can make it worth both your whiles.

Quimby: Are you tr... before Quimby can finish Skinner cuts in. Skinner: "$100,000 Cash and a ticket to Florida. 

Burns: "Fine why the cash though?"

Skinner: Stick mother in a home and be done with her. Why else?

Quimby: What do you got Burns? I can get Cash bribes anywhere you'll have to do better with me. Where would you put the plant anyway?

Burns: We level the playground at the school. No one cares about children anymore Skinner especially"

Quimby: C'mon get to it Burns. Whats in it for me. This is going be a hard sell at best.

Burns: I know your weakness Quimby you have a taste for Far Eastern escorts and party treats I can have Smithers set it all up for you"

Quimby: You drive a hard bargain Burns but you got me. One question. Why do we need Skinner?

Burns: Keep the wool over everyones eyes. I dont need snot children getting in my way"

Quimby: Ok 

Burns: Alright both of you out. Im about to meet with my new bodyguard Snake. 

(Deal Concluded all parties part ways)


Unfortunately for Burns on a stroke of luck. Bart Simpson, son of his employee Homer had snuck out that night with Milhouse Van Houton and heard enough that within a few days word had spread to the point where Quimby was forced to make a statement acknowledging the rumor stating the proposal had a long way to go and could be scrapped entirely. The whole town bought it except for Bart who decided to spend a couple days putting his own team together


A few days later in the parking lot of the Quik-E Mart, Bart gathers his newly assembled team

Alright Team! Sound off and prepare for battle

Homer: Ho..(Belches Loudly) Homer.

Marge: Mom!

Lisa: Lisa!

Nelson: Shut Up Simpson.

Groundskeeper Willie: Here. Wheres Burns! Never incur the wrath of a scotsman!!!

Bart: Alright remember we have a wave of kids coming soon (Normal Civs) So dont get taken out. Lets go!


Can Bart and Crew stop Burns from leveling the playground? Or Will the plan succeed leaving no playground, Skinner in Florida with mother in a home and Quimby being Quimby. Play and Find out!

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1. Vote must be bolded to count.

2. 2 Posts per Day. Penalty for failure to reach 2 posts is being role-blocked for the day.

3 .If a Tie Occurs a 10 Minute Overtime Period Occurs. If still tied the lynch us randomized.

4. The No talking period will be until the write-up is complete and posted.

5. You get one Good Game Post upon Death.

6.  No editing your posts. Will result in Instant death.

7. No communicating outside the thread about Mafia. Auto Mod Kill if infringed

7. Have Fun!!!! Lots of Simpson gifs too.

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Changes and Simplification.
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Sign Ups

1. @Counselor

2. @The Orca

3. @Dome

4. @Whicker

5. @Pickle Rick Lynched N2. Mr. Burns. Mafia Alignment

6. @BringinDaPain

7. @bcb1213

8. @mission27 Hit N2. Lisa Simpson.

9. @squire12 Lynched N1. Normal Civ

10. @VikeManDan

11. @gopherwrestler

12. @theuntouchable

13. @TheKillerNacho

14. @TedLavie Hit N1 -Normal Civ

15. @Tk3 ModKill N1 -Normal Civ

16. @Tyty

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10 minutes ago, KOTN-93 said:

@Whicker @gopherwrestler @mission27 @Tk3 @The Orca @Mega Ron @ET80 @SwAg @Counselor @Ragnarok @AFlaccoSeagulls First names coming off my head tags others if you feel inclined.

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