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2019 ROT


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Mark Andrews was a ridiculous steal for us. He's a legit monster. I have only found 1 top Tight End with a better 10 Yard Split than Mark's(1.54), and that's Vernon Davis with his 1.52.

George Kittle(1.59), Jimmy Graham(1.58), Travis Kelce(1.61), Rob Gronkowski(1.58), Eric Ebron(1.63), OJ Howard(1.55), David Njoku(1.61), Hunter Henry(1.60), Zach Ertz(1.68), Tony Gonzales(1.68), Shannon Sharpe(1.61), Jordan Reed(1.66). - All of them not as good as Mark's

Steve Smith's 10 Yard Split was 1.54Same as Mark's. That's just ridiculous. 

Not only does Mark have a magnificent feel for coverages and strong technical route ability, which allows him to constantly get open. He has the explosive speed to make defenses pay after the catch. As we've seen.

That initial explosion lets him climb over defenders and get into open space so quickly, and then he has the long speed to pair with it. On top of that athleticism, Mark has turned into a much more physical player with us too. Maybe it's Roman's influence, or maybe he just adopted the Raven mentality. Either way, the combination has made him one of the top up and coming offensive players in the league. Mark was 21 last year, he's only going to get bigger, stronger, and faster from here on.


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Our boy Jordan Lasley getting into Xavien, creating separation, and then adjusting to make the catch. 3rd & 8 against an All-Pro CB? That's nothing to JLas.



Don't sleep on him. #2019 Lazarus Rises Again, our WR core comes back to life.


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Came in here to post the same tweet. Good thing he lost some weight, he carried some bad weight last year and I think it showed.

he still had his best year in the late season in 2018, and would be a great addition if he can provide the same. carrying 4 RB's would be a lot, so special teams will be a deciding factor

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