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2019 ROT


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So I think the real decision boils down to HOW we get to 3 RBs. Whether it’s:

A) Trade Dixon for a pick- which I find to be probable, but if Dixon is back in complete shape, probably not as likely.

B) Redshirting Justice Hill- which I find to be just as probable. Hill will get the chance to rest from the beating on his body as he gets one year closer to FA, where RBs get their big money contracts anyway (so he benefits). Dixon gets another year to build his resume for UFA. And the Ravens benefit from a clearly motivated back looking for his next big payday running wild. Thus this becomes my preferred option.

C) The Ravens cut Kenneth Dixon- this would be a waste of talent, but definitely has a possibility of happening, especially if Hill outshines him in camp.

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In terms of WR, I think we have to go with 6 WR:

a) We have too much invested- Hollywood Brown as a first, Miles Boykin as a third, and Jaleel Scott as a 4th round pick (especially after releasing Lasley) have to be locks. Willie Snead’s deal and his play makes him a lock. Chris Moore’s special teams ability, WR play, and team clout make him a lock. So I’d argue that’s 5 locks. Throw in the fact that Seth Roberts was snatched up so quickly due to his slot work and special teams ability. Throw in the fact that Antoine Wesley has been making play after play, proving that he belongs in the league. You’ve got too much invested to throw away two talented receivers.

b) If our offense is supposed to be as “revolutionary” as stated, if we carry only 5 WRs we risk a situation where injuries to just two receivers could potentially limit the offense thrice over. First, due to the diminished talent. Secondly, due to pulling a potential body from special teams duties. Thirdly because now any WRs we bring in would take a lot of time to learn such a unique offense and it’s multi-layered approach. Thus limiting the efficiency of the overall product.

Thus I’d argue its much easier to tell a RB what to do on a play by play basis than it would be to tell a receiver what his responsibilities are given defensive coverages and given what the offense is trying to do to take advantage of those same coverages. That requires the QB and WR to be on the same page throughout the process.

Now it does appear that Michael Floyd will be the backup option as a street free agent we can look to in the event of worst case scenarios (which is why I’m sure they’ll keep him around as long as they can), he is I’m sure the worst case scenario. With 5 receivers, we lose Roberts to another team for sure and possibly lose Wesley as well. With 6 receivers we cover our bases. As with Floyd that would give us 7-8 options that know the playbook.

It also wouldn’t shock me if the Ravens redshirted Hill as well as Wesley as our WR position after this season would see it lose; Snead, Moore, and Roberts. Hanging onto Wesley would ensure the future depth looks good and allow Wesley to further develop physically within an NFL strength and conditioning program.

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7 minutes ago, DreamKid said:


Aaaaaand on cue from today's practice-

--Marquise Brown, even injured, is the fastest player on the team. He motioned into the backfield on an exotic looking play that looked to be straight out of Greg Roman’s dreams and had the ball lateraled to him. He also showed off incredible route work, cutting on a dime, and some toe drag swag on the sideline.--

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Anyone else feel like people are sleeping on the Bus?

Gus the Bus, that is. I predict he leads the team in rushing. Ingram is the nominal starter, but I think we're going to see that whoever shows the most productivity in the first few weeks will take over the #1 job. Ingram and Hill may be better/more natural pass catchers but I think that was a bigger deal with our old offense and Flacco at QB. We have other ways to attack the middle of the field now; I'm expecting much fewer RB screens. 

Hill gets a lot of credit for being a physical freak, but Gus ran a 4.52 at 230. We can also hope that a full year in a pro training system might have bumped him up another notch. I think he's going to be a mismatch for a lot of these smaller LBs we are seeing all over the league. I don't think Mark Ingram is at the point of his career to start being a workhorse, when he was already not doing that. What separates Edwards from Hill to me is the vision. Hill obviously shined in the preseason with his explosiveness, but there were several times where I thought he didn't find the right lane to run through. Edwards' crazy stat about avoiding negative runs showed he knew exactly where to attack the LoS. I think that'll give him an edge this year. 

I only remember Gus playing with Lamar in the preaseason, so I think that's a strong sign the team views him on a co-starter level I think all the mainstream/fantasy people hyping up Hill as the man for THIS season, are going to be disappointed.

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I agree but mainly moreso because I think we just ride the hot hand. Kind of how the Bears featured all three of their RBs while Montgomery seemed to be the one that got entire series of work. I think whoever has the hot hand will get an entire series of work as the game goes on, but then the following series the other two backs will rotate out.

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12 hours ago, wackywabbit said:

So, I still think Hill is a distant #3, he still showed that he doesn't know which way to run a couple of times. 

But man, did I underestimate Ingram. He looks like a clear talent jump on what we've had.

Yup. Ingram doesn’t have the quickness to hit certain holes and doesn’t have the same vision as Ingram. Justice Hill is an incredible athlete, but has weak vision. That’s the biggest difference from what I saw on his tape and that of Bryce Love, literally the same player... only one has elite vision (Love) while the other has average to below average vision. Though I guess to Hill’s credit he’s a more durable player.

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