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March Mock 2019


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One reason I believe we have to sign a vet OLB/Edge is because it will be very tough to find a mid round pick who can contribute much year one in this defense.  There's just too much to learn in addition to typically having a need to get bigger or at least stronger to handle NFL blocking.

Irving spoke about that process for him last preseason and if it's worked at all then along with some help and coaching from Mack he should now be ready to at least challenge for a bigger role in the rotation. 

Fitts has the physical part down and is roughly the size of Aaron Lynch but last year he was raw as sushi and needs much coaching and practice before he can put his physical tools to work full time so maybe another year on the PS for him.

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10 hours ago, dll2000 said:


 His routes stems don't fool any one and his cuts/breaks aren't scary. 

You know I think of when I think of disguising his route pre-break,  or just being a technician in general? Jimmy Smith, the old Jaguar. 


He had no tells in his start, varied his speed smoothly and frequently to keep people from getting too predictable, and could work in or out as well as anyone I've ever seen. I use to love watching him. 

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I could dig this draft overall....

One late rounder I personally like at Edge that could be an option is Ronheen Bingham....  was one of PFF's hidden draft gems or something a month or two ago....



Wasn't even a combine invite, and LIKELY isn't a super athlete, but a depth rusher who at least has consistently proven to know how to rush is worth it in the late rounds.

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Five weeks to go 'til draft weekend and while we have some suspects it seems maybe the best of them may be gone before we pick.

One problem with success and no comp picks is we're stuck at the tail end of each round without much if any ammo to move up.

This could be where Jordan Howard can help by using him in a swap of picks to get the RB we want to replace him.

Or I might take a 2020 3rd for him to replace the one we traded to Oakland.

Then along with some possible comp picks we'd have two 2nds, a 3rd, and possibly multiple 4th or 5th round picks in 2020 where we have a better shot at finding a top RB and other starters in round 2-3.

I'm just not expecting much from this draft other than maybe one guy who might make some noise in 2019.  I don't see the rest except maybe Gay as a PK if we draft him doing much.  Too much talent in front of them.

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