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Us Peele 2019 SPOILERS!!

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37 minutes ago, Manny/Patrick said:

Oh Rammy, now you know how we feel after watching the rams O on that Sunday afternoon

Jesus comeback was worse than this movie. 

A said 9rs fan came back with that after 3+ years of that horror show in sF? Sheeeeesh 


Can’t wait for Jenny G to go Jenny g 

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I didn't love it but it was still entertaining, mainly because of all the laughs throughout the film. I saw something on Twitter today that said there are a lot of parallels between the film and the Thriller music video. In the video, Michael Jackson seems to be a normal person being chased by monsters but in the end, it's revealed that he's actually one of the monsters himself. In the film the same thing happens to the main character, it took the police 14 minutes to find the girl (same length as the music video), the little girl is wearing a thriller t-shirt, and the tethered version of the girl is wearing a glove on her left hand to give an ode to MJ. When the girl is doing her ballet performance in the tethered world she's able to control the tethered through dance just like MJ in Thriller too. 

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On 3/28/2019 at 8:46 PM, RaidersAreOne said:

Hearing the mom talk for so god damn long in the horrible painful voice really ruined a lot of it for me too. Like christ it was so painful and annoying to listen to.

People in the theater I was at were mostly laughing at how the tethered communicated, including the scene you mentioned. Parts that were supposed to be scary came off as funny.

The acting was terrible. There were several things that bugged me, but I really hated how the dad was so nonchalant about everything. Whenever the mom was about to do something extremely dangerous, he'd be like, "Meh, she good" 🤷🏼‍♂️

Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but definitely one of the more disappointing ones considering what my expectations were.

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Amazing movie.. Lupita's performance was oscar worthy which never happens in a horror movie. The symbolism was great... Also, no I dont think Jason is a teather...  remember...he is half... half teather half human because his mother is a teather and the Jason below is also half ...same for girl. 

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Saw the twist coming super early (my friend even said one of the trailers spoiled it, but I can't confirm that). Those who are calling it a masterpiece are probably just doing so because Peele is getting built up as this monumental director after Get Out. It was a good thriller with some great acting, but nothing more. 

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13 hours ago, dtwizzy2k8 said:

Pretty trash movie. Critics are hyping it cuz it's Jordan Peele the NBT and there is supposed political symbolism which is supposed to be clever but really not.


yup. God damm this movie was garbage. Terrible acting as well.

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On 4/9/2019 at 6:49 PM, THESKINSFAN21 said:

Great movie.  Fun and original. CHUD DVD cameo in the beginning 😀

I noticed that. I actually watched C.H.U.D. the other day because of that.

I think at that time it was VHS though. 

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