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NFL News & General Info Thread

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11 hours ago, RollEagles said:

Wow Mathieu took a one year deal with the Texans.

He was attainable. Howie could have ponied up and gave him a couple years and stretched out some money. Maybe injuries were too much to consider him. He'd be such a good fit. Oh well. 

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Jets moved up to 3 swapping with the Colts' 6th overall pick, giving up 2 2nds this year and a 2nd next year. 

That's the value you guys have to consider when you're doing these mock drafts. Good lord  

 If they draft Mayfield and didn't move for Foles I'll laugh all draft day. I would have moved Foles for 3 2nds. You could even keep that first. 


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8 hours ago, RollEagles said:

But what if they want the Haul life?

The one team who can do that and is desperate enough.  From 6 to 3 took 3 #2’s.  From 12 to 2 would take probably 3 #1’s and 2 day 2 picks at minimum.  Bills can easily do that

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