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I don't hate it. I'd like to see how the board fell, though. The first two picks are complete luxuries, albeit really fun luxuries that could change our team in the positive. Butler could develop into a weapon like Plax. Not a huge need because of our WR room is stocked full. I wonder if we'll keep 6 this year, but instead of our 6th being a gunner he'll be a returner in Switz. JuJu- Washington-  Moncrief- Butler- Eli - Switz. 

Lawrence in the second would be another different kind of pick. I wouldn't dislike it. We could run more 4 man fronts, more rotation, put Dex and Hargrave in there together. That would help with our run defense immensely, and Dex can really push the pocket. 

Then, the draft just hits a bunch of guys I really like. I love Savage as a chess piece guy. He hits and he takes the ball away. Put him in as a Honey Badger type and watch the ball go back to Ben and Co way more often. Rock Ya- Sin is a good potential CB. He could develop into a starter when Haden calls it quits. Hanks is a good developmental player too. Great on field speed, can cover. I like Guston as a project too. He would have been talked about as a high round guy had it not been for injuries. He can push Ola and Adams. I don't know much about the other guys and I doubt this many players make the roster. I see at least 1 trade up, but probably like 3. 

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9 hours ago, cjfollett said:

I personally hate it, which means it will probably be pretty close to what the Steelers actually do.

I get that. This is how the board fell... at first I was using the prediction mode but they kept having the raiders pick rb Josh Jacob's with the 4th pick...which was ridiculous...so I went to the more common sense play ranking mode... two CBs were left both LBs and TEs are gone...Murphy and greedy.. I thought about it... but i wanted impact now. ....but or we in the rebuilding stage...or is Steve Nelson signed to be a nickel back? If the answer is yes than I would pick Murphy or greedy....if no...I want butler.

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