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Trades, explanations, 1 round

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11 hours ago, FalconFan13 said:

14. JNHW55jdkFRN5ktGjqe2P4Yx40Gp9E1RgZwCLE1PjWI40RqqjI0i1v93fVjreRBtxdrkc1DHEy6PLg3oG6SuIRuveyCBpgNA_Ll6NRPXOnjEFwdNPdhV960bIH6I3-Phov_lBDnIAtlanta Falcons: DeAndre Baker, CB Georgia

A bit of a surprise here, but there is plenty of defensive line talent in this class. Dan Quinn has mentioned that corner is one of the positions they’re focusing on right now, so Baker could be the pick to solidify their secondary with Trufant/Oliver already in place.

Thats just a big fat no my friend we already have all 3 of our starting CB's in place and we ar looking for CB but only for depth as a #4 or #5 CB.  We have Trufant, Oliver, and Kazee as our starting 3 with Bilidi Wreh Wilson as our #4 who played quite well last year i might add.    Then you add in the fact that Baker isn't worth a top 15 pick and i might not take him in the top 25 that makes it even worse. If we went CB in round 1 even though it would be pretty dumb overall we atleast gotta get the top 10 value in Greedy Williams the best CB in the draft.

The 1st round pick has to be a trench player be it DT, DE, or OL.  The only position i might be ok with taking just bc of how much i like both players there would be LB to pair with Debo and those 2 guys are White and Bush.  But still those 2 would be last resorts if all the good trench guys are already gone.

I agree corner isn’t a first round need by any means, but I make my mock drafts based off of what I think could happen, not what I would do. DT is a big need but every year DT’s get drafted lower than they go in mock drafts which could be the case here. Corner, however, is sometimes over drafted (Eli Apple is an example) and could be the case here. Dan Quinn has said he wants to focus on adding corners so this could very well be the route they choose. Keep in mind the depth at both positions too. Plenty of good DT’s throughout and if we’re playing the “already have a player there” card, Atlanta did spend a 3rd round pick on Senat last year which can’t be overlooked. Plenty of options and I do think they’ll consider them all extensively but given the history of the draft and the rumors I’m reading/hearing about, I believe they’ll consider corner in the first whether it makes sense to us or not

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On 3/26/2019 at 9:21 PM, Nickpeloso17 said:

13. SxldwQLzWd0uMmXtjX0pYMC7bB7kIZBrJS1Ofbo93SkMOo0tQ-r6M0AUFs5FIVO9qeu7sU-8Ou68VsOk9nnzRe7qqhkCbmoVqkD2p0-Iyo95F-z9AlEcpjQ2muyuNAM0ldlApa25*Pittsburgh Steelers: Brian Burns, DE Florida State

Pittsburgh needs a corner badly, but Miami could be looking to move down, and the Steelers are now equipped with 10 total picks. Burns can help put pressure on Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson.

I'd be very disappointed with this pick. Not if we picked him in general, but to trade up for him in round 1. He's very talented, but anyone with questionable strength that tries to avoid the bench press terrifies me. His talent is round 1, the need for weight and strength brings him down to round 2, IMO. 

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