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rcon14 Mock 4.0


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Same rules and the prior mocks, but now I'm adding some mocking of my own to the pre-12 area. No free agency done before the draft, and not assuming any major FA additions afterwards.

1-AZ-Kyler Murray
2-SF-Nick Bosa
3-NYJ Josh Allen
4-OAK Devin White
5-TB Quinnen Williams
6-NYG OL Jonah Williams
7-JAX WR DK Metcalf
8-DET EDGE Montez Sweat
GB sees Ed Oliver falling and wants to secure him.
GB trades 12, 114 (4), and 150 (5) to BUF for 9 (Trade value via Rich Hill TVC: GB 387, BUF 384)

9. DL Ed Oliver - Houston - 6'2'' 287
An absolute athletic freak, he's the #1 non-QB on my board. Can play the entire front, and basically destroys all the Waldo measurements for front players. Played grossly out of position as a 0-tech at Houston, but fought of routine double and triple teams to still be disruptive. Get him in an NFL front where he sees more one-on-one opportunities, and you've got yourself an absolute monster. Doesn't really have a position as he'll line up all along the front.
EDGE scores for Ed Oliver (in percentile):
Mass: 96th
Power: 98th
Speed 40: 94th
Agility: 91st
Speed 10: 93rd
Twitch: 83rd

(whispers) Ed Oliver can play EDGE too


The NYG are a weird franchise who tend to do stupid things. Well, almost exclusively do stupid things. In this case, they see Daniel Jones falling to the end of the 1st round and want to secure his valuable fifth-year option on 1st round picks (which is actually a good thing to do if ya know, the QB is actually good).
GB trades 30 to NYG for 37, 108 (4), and 143 (5) (Trade value: NYG 196, GB 204, an extra premium is paid for the 5th round option)

37. WR Hakeem Butler - Iowa State - 6'5'' 227
Projections for where Hakeem goes go from late 1st to early 3rd, so I guess I'm slightly splitting the difference with early 2nd. I love Hakeem Butler. He's WR1 for me. Outstanding size, good speed, and unbelievable ability at the catch point and after the catch. There are some drops, but I'm willing to forgive those for right now given the immense upside here.

44. S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - Florida - 5'11'' 210
Versatile defender who has played nickel, FS, and SS. Gives Pettine some schematic versatility as far as who to use at nickel/FS with Amos. There's a lot of late 1/round 2 safeties in this class that fit the FS/nickel mold (Adderley, CGJ, Thornhill, Savage), so really any of them could be in play at 44.

75. TE Dawson Knox - Ole Miss - 6'4'' 25
Big athletic TE who certainly will need time to polish both his route-running and blocking, but has the tools to be an above-average TE in the NFL. Will be TE2 in year one and take over as TE1 in 2020.

108. OL Max Scharping - Northern Illinois - 6'6'' 327
I'm going to speak this into existence in the fourth round. Fits what GB looks for, could be the long-term RT or kick inside to guard.

118. DT Renell Wren - Arizona State - 6'4'' 315
Been linked to GB already. Seems to have either a 3rd or 4th round grade from most outlets. Very impressive combine. Fits what Gute has been looking for: Great athletes. May be a stretch for him to be available here given the general lack of mid-round DTs. Ideally would be the long-term replacement to Daniels as a traditional 3T.

143. RB Miles Sanders - Penn State - 5'11'' 211
This is a day 3 RB which is the only acceptable time to take a RB. He is very athletic. RB3 in year one.

185. S/CB Marvell Tell III - USC - 6'2'' 198
Athletic day 3 safety. Could be a good ST player.

194. LB Bobby Okereke - Stanford - 6'1'' 239
Day 3 off-ball LB. Competes for some ILB time, largely a ST player.

226. NT Olive Sagopolu - Wisconsin - 6'2'' 346
Absolutely massive human. Probably a practice squad DL. You're hoping you can work him into some run fits on early downs for a couple years.

QB: Rodgers/Kizer/Boyle
RB: Jones/Williams/Sanders
FB: Vitale
WR: Adams/Allison/Butler/MVS/ESB/Moore
TE: Graham/Knox/Lewis/Tonyan
OT: Bakhtiari/Bulaga/Spriggs/Scharping
OG: Taylor/Turner/Siragusa
C: Linsley/Patrick

EDGE: Smith/Smith/Fackrell/Brown/Gilbert
Ed Oliver at all the front positions
5T: Lowry
IDL: Clark/Daniels/Wren/Lancaster
LB: Martinez/Burks/Okereke
CB: Alexander/King/Jackson/Williams/Brown
FS: CGJ/Greene/Tell
SS: Amos/Jones

K: Crosby
P: Scott
LS: Bradley

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Miles Sanders would be a steal there.  Love him.

Lukewarm on Butler, but he would be a weapon.

No fan of Sharping, but I think he could be a quality RT with a year of grooming under him.

Love the trade up to secure Oliver.  I'd do it all day long.

Oh, and you got the safety that I like best!

Nice mock!

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Not a fan of the pick at 37. Hate that you didn't address EDGE in this draft either. Those back ups are a joke at this point. We'd better pray Donnerson turns into something because the 3 you have as back ups are worse than just JAG. #30 would have been a good place to address it or at 37 where you traded down and took a WR. I'm really OK with our WR room and unless we take a gadget guy, I'm against adding more of the same as what we have. 

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3 minutes ago, vegas492 said:

Wanna post his "scores" as an EDGE again?   ...cuz I'd love to see them again.

Gimme a sec, I'll edit it into the OP.

EDIT: It's in there now. He's a stud.

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2 minutes ago, Fl0nkerton said:

Sell me on Scharping. Really the only thing I'm not thrilled about.
Also maybe lack of EDGE but like you said, Oliver would help there.

I watched a little of him.  He's got a nice base.  Pretty solid frame.  He walls off blockers, doesn't really throw them around.  I'd call him a "technical" blocker, not a mauler.  Just very sound in most everything.  No real "nasty" in his game.  But, I think he could be a quality RT.  Little slow footed (on tape) to be a LT.  Not nearly "dirty" enough to play guard.  Someone will really like developing him as a RT later in the draft.  


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4 minutes ago, Fl0nkerton said:

Sell me on Scharping. Really the only thing I'm not thrilled about.
Also maybe lack of EDGE but like you said, Oliver would help there.

Essentially this is selecting the type of OL GB has traditionally gone for. A pretty athletic OL with OT experience in college. He's clearly not ready day one (unless you kick him into guard, he could probably work that), but he offers some potential as a RT/OG.

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