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Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

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20 hours ago, VonKarman said:

That and that we also love to get rid of our guys a year too soon than a year too late. I can see Rodgers playing up until 2022 if he keeps playing at an absurd level, but we have to get a look at Love (unless he completely sucks in practice/preseason) by his fourth year at latest. And if keeps playing at such a high level you can get a good compensation for him.

QB is a bit different.  You can move on from a Guard a year too early. 

Rodgers is playing at a level that will make any team super bowl contenders.  You don't give that away for anything you just don't.  We might spend the next 20 years looking for a QB let alone a QB playing at MVP level.  Packers fans have been spoiled with two HOF QBs, in the real world its not that easy most of the time. Its highly unlikely Love will ever be able to play close to the level of the guy you are giving up (if he maintains this play which is a big if but)

Realistically Rodgers is 37 so there is a chance he drops off next season which is where it gets interesting.  If he's a top 5 QB then he's going to be our QB in 22 barring anything crazy.  If he's a top 10 QB then maybe you have to look at Love.  If he misses time with another injury again that changes things.



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13 hours ago, {Family Ghost} said:

I don't think Rodgers is going anywhere any time soon, but I feel more confident that Love will actually be a good player in this offense after witnessing the offensive improvement this season.  

I'd rather actually see Love in action against NFL caliber players before I can say for sure if he will be any good.

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6 hours ago, fattlipp said:

No crowd noise is letting cerebral QBs feast this year, don’t expect the same in 2021..

Isn't going to bother the top QB's as much as mediocre to the bad ones.  It may hinder their snap cadence, audibles, etc for sure but the top ones will still ball out.

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8 hours ago, incognito_man said:

Rodgers is obliterating the field in TD%.

All rankings based on QBs that'll finish with 10 or more starts on the season

Aaron Rodgers
Team Record: 
12-3 (1st NFC/T-2nd NFL)
Pass TD: 44 (1st)
Total TD: 47 (1st)
TD%: 8.8% (1st)
QB Rating: 119.4 (1st)
QBR: 83.9 (1st)
Pass Yards: 4059 (5th)
Pass Yards/G: 270.6 (7th)
Completion%: 70.3% (2nd)
INT: 5 (T-1st)
INT%: 1.0% (T-1st)
Y/A: 8.1 (T-2nd)
A/YA: 9.4 (2nd) 
NY/A: 7.45 (3rd)
ANY/A: 8.7 (1st)

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1 hour ago, Arthur Penske said:


So what are the other cutoffs that he's not competing with himself at? Mahomes, if he plays, has a chance at 40+ TD and 6 INT, Brady had a 50 TD, 8 INT season but Aaron's other 40+ TD seasons were 45/6 and 40/7 lol. As of right now, he's competing against himself on that stat.

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