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Let's all hold hands and mock together.

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6 minutes ago, AcGbPacker said:

I have trouble mocking the bucs, they could go a number of different directions.

From what the local folks are talking about......
White's on their radar because Alexander is gone - but - I think they might jump on Oliver (or Williams?) if the chance presents itself.
The days when McCoy was destructive along the DL are over and they're interested in a younger version to pair with last year selection of Vita Vea.

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They (Giants) have many needs.  QB.  T.  WR.  DL.  DE. S.  At this spot in the draft, they should take Haskins, QB.  Or Oliver (DL).  Guessing with their investment in Barkley and bringing in Zeitler, they go best RT prospect on the board.  I can get behind Taylor here.

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They let a good and expensive DL go.  Jackson.

Unsure what they really have at WR or TE.

Let me check their roster....

Looks like they are paying a lot of defensive guys, have a lot of 'backers.  Darius and Campell on the DL.

Two high paid (and good) corner.

Paying a guard a ton of money.  Just signed Cann in FA.  LT is a glaring hole with Robinson signed there.  Lee and Chark at WR.  Don't love their TE's.

I think this is a spot for Dillard and probably the first spot where Fant/Hoch will be considered.  Metcalf as well.

Running the TDN draft simulator now to see what it chooses for them.  First time...Haskins.  Second time....Gary.  Third time...Haskins.   Fourth time....Gary.  Fifth time....Taylor.  Sixth time....Gary.  Seventh time...Hock (with Haskins on the board).  Eight time...Gary.  Ninth time...Taylor.  Tenth time...Gary.

I don't know.  Gary can go here.

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