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1st Mock, 1st Round, no trade


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1 Arizona Cardinals : Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma
Kingsbury and Murray. From his HS coach using some Kingsbury's concepts in Allen to having the same agent, from that TT vs OU game to Murray fitting his system like a glove. Sorry Josh but you have to go now.

2 San Francisco 49ers : Nick Bosa DE Ohio State
22th in sacks in 2018 and now they add Bosa and Ford.

3 New York Jets : Josh Allen OLB Kentucky
Best fit and kind of BPA (with Q though) for their 34 (despite Gregg Williams)

4 Oakland Raiders : Quinnen Williams DT Alabama
They need an edge but can't pass on Q.

5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Ed Oliver 34DE Houston
Will McCoy still be playing for them in 2019 ? And beyond ?

6 New York Giants : Devin White ILB LSU
Gettleman saw Kuechly voted defensive player of the year. White is probably not Luke but the best LB they'd have since years.

7 Jacksonville Jaguars : Montez Sweat DE Miss St
Right tackle ? Tight-end ? Right that's needs but what about value for these positions ? Sweat plays defensive-end and they could do a move like last year one : taking Taven Bryan and releasing Malik Jax one year after. Sweat before releasing Campbell and his huge contract in 2020 ?

8 Detroit Lions : Christian Wilkins DT Clemson
Not a need but Wilkins is way better than what most mock drafts suggest. Robinson played better late in 2018 season but he just can't be as good as Wilkins is yet. Not to mention the Clemson leader is a high character guy and a 3 downs player. Flowers-Harrison-Wilkins-Okwara. Not bad right ?

9 Buffalo Bills : Brian Burns DE Florida St
A bit thin to play 43DE but he can rush the passer that's for sure. Is 7 sacks enough ? Jerry Hughes was their best in 2018 with that total.

10 Denver Broncos : T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa
Among things we know about Flacco is than he had success throwing to tight-ends.

11 Cincinnati Bengals : Devin Bush LB Michigan
Lacks some size but has tremendous speed to defend all those Ingram, Conner, Chubb etc Not to mention as a spy of Lamar.

12 Green Bay Packers : Rashan Gary DE Michigan
They wanted to in 2018 with Wilkerson but it failed because of injury. Daniels will certainly be a keeper but a FA in 2020 and as for 2019 a trio with him, Clark and Gary + the two Smithes would improve the pass rush and also a run defense which took almost 2000 yards on the ground.

13 Miami Dolphins : Jawaan Taylor OT Florida
James to the Colorado, they prepare the line for their 2020 QB.

14 Atlanta Falcons : Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson
25th run defense in 2018. Add Lawrence to former tiger Jarrett to ease things for their LBs.

15 Washington Redskins : Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio St
Will Alex Smith play a snap again ? Unfornutaly for him but they have to move on and Keenum is only an insurance to start a season if the rookie isn't ready.
16 Carolina Panthers :
Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson
Clearly the third talent from that Clemson Dline but worths a mid 1st selection for a team which lost Julius Peppers.

17 New York Giants from Cleveland : Jonah Williams OT Alabama
So this is the plan Gettleman talked about. More than a joke it would make sense as RT is a weak link on their Oline and they'll wait for 2020 for a QB (or Josh Rosen ?). Oh and by the way, about Jonah's short arms : they are a bit longer than Dillard'ones but you never hear about sliding Andre inside right ?

18 Minnesota Vikings : Cody Ford G Oklahoma
Yes he played RT in 2018 but he has experience too as a RG. O'Neill started 11 games and didn't concede any sack so they can let him play there and help him with a solid RG.

19 Tennessee Titans : Chris Lindstrom G Boston College
They like to smash your mouth with Derrick Henry and Lindstrom is a monster for the run game.

20 Pittsburgh Steelers : Byron Murphy CB Washington
8 INTs, eight ! Definitely not enough and Murphy with his ball skills would help.

21 Seattle Seahawks : Greedy Williams CB LSU
Tall CB who gamble too much but has skills to be a difference maker.

22 Baltimore Ravens : Garrett Bradbury C NC State
Despite Lamar playing only half a season, they ran more than any team since the Texans in 2014. So what about a center who worth a 1st round pick thanks to his great technique ? And run the football again.

23 Houston Texans : Andre Dillard OT Washington
Steal. Best pass protector among tackles. Williams and Taylor selected before him because of their proven abilities to play on the right side, Dillard never did. Both Williams and Taylor look better contributor in the run game but we can't blame Dillard because he has no choice than to play in a pass happy system : an average of 51 pass plays for 22 runs with wazzou.

24 Oakland Raiders from Chicago : Noah Fant TE Iowa
Cook gone, they complement their new receivers with a threat at tight-end. I'd be glad they take a DE but who is worthing of that spot ?

25 Philadelphia Eagles : Nasir Adderley S Delaware
12 defensive backs played at least 100 snaps for them in 2018 ! Injury was an issue but can't be the only reason why they were 30th in pass defense with 4308 yards. They have young corners though but could add a safety with abilities in coverage.

26 Indianapolis Colts : Jeffery Simmons DT Miss St
Ballard chooses to wait one year and get rewarded later with that pick.

27 Oakland Raiders from Dallas : Dalton Risner OT Kansas State
Yes they have NEEDS on D. I guess they can find a CB with the 35 (Layne for example) or an edge like Ferguson who do not worth a 1st round selection. Risner is nasty and that's perfect with Gruden's mentality. He coached him at the Senior Bowl. His versatility would allow them to try Risner and Miller at LG and RT and take a decision about the best combination.

28 Los Angeles Chargers : Drew Lock QB Missouri
That guy has tools like his big arm but takes too much bad decisions for now to start. Sit and learn from one of the best and it could pay off.

29 Kansas City Chiefs : Zach Allen DE Boston College
Speaks and Okafor will rush the passer on one side, Allen would be an edge-setter on the other. His abilities to defend the run (and to battle passes) would help them in their new 43. I know habits can change but Andy Reid did draft a lineman (O or D) 9 on 14 with Philly and 4 out of 6 in KC with his first draft choice. With two 2nd round picks, he can wait a bit to improve the secondary.

30 Green Bay Packers from New Orleans : Johnathan Abram S Miss St
Mike Pettine likes to use several DBs in his agressive system, Abram has the speed and the tackling tools to be one of his fav.
31 Los Angeles Rams : DeAndre Baker CB Georgia
Talib is 33, Peters younger but both will hit the FA next off season.

32 New England Patriots : Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma
They do have needs at the position and the Hollywood native (florida) is not only a speedy guy, he runs routes too in various alignments.

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In that scenario, I get Lindstrom.  Personally, I have Bradbury higher, but that's being nitpicky.  Really bad way for the board to fall for the Titans, and I'd expect them to try and trade down in that scenario, but obviously you aren't projecting trades, so I think that's a very likely pick in this scenario.

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A little early for Lawrence at 14 but i love him as a player and it's a major need none the less so i like the pick.  The ideal scenario here would be for the Falcons to trade down a bit and pick up a 3rd rounder then take Lawrence which is quite likely and something i hope happens on draft day if Oliver and Wilkins are gone by 14. 

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I'd rather have Haskins than Bush at 11 personally, but the logic is there based on what the Bengals have done in the past.  I'd look at Dillard too if it were me, and there is some precedence as the Bengals took Levi Jones at 10 back in the day (widely assumed they would take Jeremy Shockey) and that worked out until Jones second contract when injury and motor issues killed his career.  Can't really argue with Bush and I wouldn't be mad, just don't think it's what i'd do.

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21 hours ago, THE DUKE said:

I'd rather have Haskins than Bush at 11 personally, but the logic is there based on what the Bengals have done in the past.  I'd look at Dillard too if it were me, and there is some precedence as the Bengals took Levi Jones at 10 back in the day (widely assumed they would take Jeremy Shockey) and that worked out until Jones second contract when injury and motor issues killed his career.  Can't really argue with Bush and I wouldn't be mad, just don't think it's what i'd do.


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12 hours ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Like Adderly at 25 but I personally would rather have Chauncey Gardner Johnson, but your rationale is solid. 

Not me. I like CGJ, he played S during two seasons and CB last year so he is versatile. I think he tends to look for the big plays too much but that is not a big weakness, he get caught sometimes because of it and that mindset also allows him to make INTs. But i think Adderley is better, not by a large margin but better and of course that's my opinion not an affirmation. And Adderley is an Eagles' fan as he is from Philly. Sure his birth place isn't why they should take him, just a fun fact i add.

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10 hours ago, ninjapirate said:

No injury was pretty much the only reason our secondary was bad. I think we take a safety in round 2.

i know about injuries and i wrote about it but also a safety with coverage skills is a need to me. Not a pressing one okay as McLeod will be there one more year (at least) but a need. Who would u prefer at this spot ?

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