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3 hours ago, rob_shadows said:

Does kinda make you wonder how much better it would look if it was ps5 exclusive though.

Oh, most definitely.   Same with God of War Ragnarok.   

This is why I don't typically get consoles until 18-24 months after launch, though.   You dont start seeing many TRUE next gen titles until then.

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7 hours ago, Heimdallr said:

I just really hope a 60 FPS PS5 upgrade comes out for HZD before Forbidden West comes out so I can finish the story before moving on. 

I just cannot play 30 fps games anymore.. it literally gives me a headache. 

I thought I saw something that there was an update coming out soon for it.

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Was wondering if I'd be ready for Forbidden West after only playing the first game earlier this year. After watching that trailer - yes, yes I am ready.

Glad to see even more ways to slow the machines down with those adhesive grenades. That was my only way to kill everything by the end of the game. Pin them down with the rope tie thing, chuck a load of sticky bombs on them, run away.

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Don’t even feel like this first part needs to be posted because it was painfully obvious it was never coming this year

But the next God of War is officially not coming out in 2021.

Also will be crossgen along with Gran Turismo 7 and the Horizon sequel.

Horizon 2 isn’t confirmed for 2021, yet.

Full interview 


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On 6/16/2021 at 8:11 AM, MikeT14 said:

When I boot up it's definitely loud as hell. 

That's how my roommates was.

I watched some deep dives on the cooling techniques, and it seems like they just sorta brute forced it. Instead of engineering a more passive cooling solution with intelligent heat pipes and airflow, they just stuck a huge fan in a big chassis and used liquid metal (which is still cool as hell btw). I think the next iteration will probably be much more elegant.

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