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Should the Seahawks Trade Chris Carson?


Should the Seahawks trade Chris Carson?  

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  1. 1. Should the Seahawks trade Chris Carson?

    • Yes
    • Only if they get good value
    • No, even if they get good value

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8 hours ago, footbull3196 said:

1151 yards on 4.7 ypc in just 14 games last season behind an improving but still middle of the pack offensive line

I think they can get a 3rd round pick for him, which I think makes sense for them with Penny waiting in the wings

Absolutely not.  Carson is under contract for the 2019 season making just $645,000.  In 2020 he's scheduled to make only $735,000.  Carson had a really good season last year and he's making almost no money.  If Carson has another great season, I could see him possibly getting traded after the 2019 season.

I like Penny and his potential, but I think being behind Carson helps him right now.  We still have to see if Penny can take the abuse Carson was able to endure.

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Nah... they'll get poor value from him because he only has one season with an offense that traditionally runs well (if RBs are healthy). Nobody is going to give up a 2nd rounder for him... and a 3rd? I'd be shocked if they got that offer. Runningbacks grow on trees, he has one SOLID (not amazing - and was snuffed in the playoffs) year, and an injury history. You're looking at a 4th or 5th at best.

I like the 1-2 punch of Penny/Carson especially if Penny can improve this year and Seattle is going to continue the heavy rush side... and having depth at the position while Carson is so cheap is too much value. I REALLY hope Penny improves his blocking this year because I think Seattle's O would be pretty potent with a dual RB set with these two guys. Penny is a great receiver, and both provide a major threat of the run. We're fairly weak at the TE position, and HOPEFULLY Baldwin comes back 100%... so Wilson really needs all the help he can get - especially after blowing $35M per on the guy. If we trade Carson and Penny goes down or is just a bust, then BLEH.

Regardless, I think it's a poor value trade at the moment given what we're sacrificing.. and Carson is going to play his heart out for a big contract. Wait another year if anything... you'll still have both under contract with potentially more to barter with.. and the sell now isn't that high.

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This isn't Madden, or the MLB. Flipping cost-controlled talent doesn't really work in the NFL.

Carson is cheap, and produces. Best to have him on your team, and if set on moving on waiting until Free Agency and recouping the compensation pick.

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