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The Pick is in - Jaylon Ferguson


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17.5 sacks this past season. The Bud Dupree ship has sailed - 5 sacks a season won't cut it. The longer you prolong the failed experiment, the longer it will take to find a replacement



1) Jaylon Ferguson EDGE LA Tech

Just a bad MF. Prototypical size. Excellent hand usage. Dangerous


2) David Montgomery RB Iowa State

Classic Le'Veon Bell pick. Same result, really


3) Andy Isabella WR UMASS

Slot WR. Freaky explosion


3) LJ Collier DE TCU

A long, limbed 4-3 DE that you see over in Minnesota. These guys work today. The idea is to put Ferguson and Collier in a stacked stand up fashion


4) Preston Williams WR Colorado State

Tall, freaky Josh Gordon type athlete. 96 rec 1345 14 TD


5) Hjalte Froholdt G Arkansas

Measurables are All-Pro. Good size. Arkansas


6) Jamal Davis OLB Akron


Love the measurables and his attitude and mentality. Special team player from day one that can evolve into a pretty good player


6) Sutton Smith S Northern Illinois


His numbers most resemble an Eric Weddle type box safety. Given his unique rush ability, this will only increase his value. Special teams ace. 


6) Daniel Wise DT Kansas


Some of the best movement skills down here


7) Adonis Davis EDGE Tennessee Tech


UDFA. This guy is an animal

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I have an alternate version that trades down from the mindset Ferguson is the top player on our board and he might still be here and if he's not then we go here... here... here


But that's unrealistic. I'll still post it bc it's fun anyway but the point here is Ferguson is the best player on the board when we pick

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Ferguson s a 5-tech DE in the Steeler system and not really worth more than a 2nd round pick.  I'll bet you could trade into the late 2nd round and Ferguson will still be there.  Why would the Steelers draft another 5-tech DE when they have Hayward and Tuitt?


Preston Williams is a horrible pick in any round.  Much like H. Butler, when your job is to catch the ball you need to be able to catch the ball.  He is like the Ike Taylor of WR.  All of this is before we bring up a year suspension for assault on his girlfriend. At best he is a UDFA.

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@jebrick Jaylon Ferguson is an OLB and has a 1st rd grade. Have you looked at his build? You can't be serious. I need 30 LBs on his frame to be a 5-tech. 

Preston Williams has a day two grade but as mentioned should drop him to the third day. His production and skillset speaks for itself

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Have you looked at his film?  Have you looked at his combine numbers to back up that film? He is not athletic enough to cover. 3-cone drill of 8.08!!!!!! That is worst than most of the OGs in the draft.   He has no bend.  He is a technician with his hands but the lack of explosiveness is damming.  He is a pure 5 tech in the Steeler system if he puts on 30 lbs of muscle.


Again with Preston Williams, watch game film rather than highlights. He is athletic but has a lot of trouble catching the ball.  Could be his concentration.  he makes some great grabs but just too many drops to take him seriously in this draft. When most draft reports say a WRs worst trait is their hands it is a problem.  5th round is where I predict him to go

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