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Raiders suspend their scouting staff?

vike daddy

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1 minute ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Exactly my points below... this is a non-story... this is how the scouting business works.

27 minutes ago, Mind Character said:

This story is so blown out of proportion by people that are oblivious to how scouting and scouting contracts actually work.

Scouts being done/sent home is common place for New personnel leader led groups as they are done with their work. It's now time for a selected group of personnel execs and decision makers to synthesize all information and formulate an executable plan.

It is common for scouting contracts to be out of contract the week or so before the draft. This happens in every scouting department. Literally, the day of the draft around the league scouts know they won't be back, some have been told they won't be renewed, others are allowed to stay around the process as a courtesy, only a select few stay in collaborative discussion with the GMs/lead personnel execs, the Patriots and Cardinals and many other teams are known to have very few people in the room during the draft. Everyone else is somewhere else in the building watching it unfold like the general public.

No one says anything when scouts and personnel execs are fired in mass 24-48 hours after the draft. This happens all the time. What? Did people think that 24-48 hours prior the fired scouts were aware of intimate details regarding the draft decisions and strategy?? Hell no they weren't. They were out the loop well ahead of their firing.

Scouting is a brutal business ... on the road away from family ... eating fast food on the run staying in cheap hotels ... getting fired the days before or after all your work comes to fruition.

This is media sensationalism. Mostly peddled as another storyline to keep the NFL supreme in people's minds as an entertaining drama.


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4 minutes ago, vike daddy said:

ok, so this is apparently common practice for GM's...? and to state they don't know who to trust on their staff...?

odd, i don't see the other 31 teams doing it. every year.

You can't see what's not reported.

Ask a scout in the business ... they'll tell you...

I have family that have been pro scouts ... it's how it works...

Look at the comments of former scouts in the media commenting on this story ...

Scouts are not in on key draft strategy or the final board or decisions ... many of them knowing that they'd have to find jobs elsewhere would then use that info as leverage for a future job.

Scouts provide the input for the draft... the reports... and expert opinion... scouting staffs can be in the 20s depending on the team....

GMs/execs have favorites and a few trusted one's they see as an extension of the executive leadership.

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1 hour ago, vike daddy said:

The Raiders have sent their scouts home until after the draft, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. Per the report, coach Jon Gruden and G.M. Mike Mayock “don’t know who to trust.”

I have so many questions. First, do we think the Raiders draft board will be in chalk (this is my guess), white board (almost definitely not), or the see through sheets that teachers used to write on with the projector back in elementary school (dark horse candidate).

If it's a chalk board, which it almost definitely is, with the right combination of crowd funding, Frank Calideno, and an eraser/piece of chalk, could we get the Raiders to take Hingle McCringleberry in the first round?

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5 minutes ago, kramxel said:

It's clearly being blown out of proportion.


Yeah. It's not the kind of news that should be immediately dismissed, and there are clearly some issues internally, but with a new GM and a (slightly less) new HC, these kind of things are always going to happen.

But the media never misses an opportunity to go for the "lol Raiders" angle, and the dribbling simpletons that make up a large percentage of social media jump all over it.

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2 hours ago, MKnight82 said:

1. I imagine most teams don't share their draft boards with the whole organization.  I'm sure its limited to a handful of people.  

2. Wouldn't surprise me if they plan on overhauling the entire scouting department after the draft since Mayock is there now.  Its pretty standard to keep your current scouting staff during a GM change then overhaul after the draft.  If they don't plan on retaining them after the draft why have them there on draft day?  

Seems to me like changes are coming post draft, they already have the scouting reports in hand so they are just moving on from these guys now and putting the draft in the hands of the guys that are actually calling the shots.  I don't really understand the drama over this?  

This is pretty much my thinking. Not a Raider fan but this seems like a nothingburger.

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Just got home and I haven't seen much but head lines. I will say this Mayock worked for NFL network for years and  he has contacts all over the NFL that have provided him inside info so he knows the ins and outs of info getting leaked.

He is on the other end and is seeing his own group doing the leaking and will not stand for it and made moves to stop it. like I said I'm just getting the headlines. He's setting the tone for the organization he envisions.

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