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Bored at work Draft ideas

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I'm sitting here at work thinking of dream draft scenarios and I thought of a crazy one that'd I thought would be perfect.
Kyler goes to Az
White goes to Cincy at 11
Hakeem Butler goes to Cincy at 42 - AJ Green like, can go up and get the ball, I want AJ to finish his career in Cincy and I have no wants for him to go anytime soon but he could be a good successor but drops, AJ has the best hands to be a mentor, man will teach him to juggle
Trade the 3rd, John Ross and two 6ths for Josh Rosen who can backup Dalton for a year to perfect the offense and firm up the line for him. I am completely behind Dalton for one more year, we have the weapons for him to be serviceable if the line can hold.  The D was the biggest issue next to the injuries, If the D held up they'd be 6-0 to begin the year I feel as they were putting points on the board.  He can play while Rosen learns, take us deep into the playoffs on a wild dream? Only increases later trade value with a very team friendly contract.
Butler and Green features as the outside deep threats, they become a nightmare on the perimeter, with Green having a career year and Butler going Chris Henry rookie year getting around 4-5 TD and having a solid enough performance to free Green up more.  Mixon keeps the D honest, having another 1,000 yards due to Green and Butlers threat if they bite the play action and also has a good amount of receptions showing off his dual threat skills. Boyd thrives in the slot and Eifert in the seam, the O takes a hit again if Eifert falls just like it did last year, he is a key threat.  If he does go down I think there's still enough fire power but Eifert is an absolute key as a top receiving TE is an absolute nightmare to D coordinators.  I think it's plausible.... ish.
Anyway, White shores up a horrible line backer core to be playable against the run and our D coordinator learns our DBs play better playing man with Shawn Williams being a run support S and Bates a free range safety, I have no questions about my Dline other then age. Hubbard could be a star in the making and Lawson still has potential as a premier sack artist. Atkins is Atkins and same goes for Dunlap, but time is short for them.
It's crazy dreaming but it would be nice
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