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kurgan 2019 "If I were in charge" mock draft--FINAL

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So... Colbert comes to me for an interview since he has seen my awesome mocks and tells me that he wants me to be his new right hand drafter.  As a part of the interview, he tells me that I have to give him a mock 2019 draft with explanations and moves and what would change the course of the franchise forever.  I tell him to gimme a couple of hours, and then come back with some ideas, and some trades and stuff, and he signs off of them.  What follows is the document that I gave him with the haul that I got in this draft using the NFL trade chart, TDN's mock draft, Drafttek and all other kinds of sources.  I know I reached on a couple of picks, but I wanted to make sure to get the guys that I want on the roster, even if that means reaching a bit.  Since we all know this is the Steeler way anyway, Colbert had no issue with this.

1.20--Clelin Ferrell, EDGE Clemson  6'4" 264

Every day, this seems more and more likely to happen.  With the Pro Day visit, Underclassman, team captain, film junkie, Power 5, and with Tombert AND Butler at Pro Day, this is a strong possibility and someone that I really want in a Steelers uniform.  Lets be honest, Dupree is OK, but not long for the roster at $9M.  So, this is both insurance and a long term answer at the spot that is most known in Pittsburgh.  This guy will have some issues transitioning to a standup OLB, but he is the guy that can do it.  I can imagine that Butler took him aside at the Pro Day and told him that they were looking at him at OLB, and that he needed to learn the nuances of the spot, and the last month has been work on that.  Line him up in camp on the second unit with Chick, and see the difference.  Soon, he pushes Dupree and you have a true 2 man comp for that spot.  Watt is a fixture and Ferrell can be rotational to start, but soon he will take it over, especially on long downs.  Ferrell and Watt coming off the edge are hosses and will cause nightmares to tackles in the AFC.  Add in subpackages with Watt and Ferrell as rushers and Dupree as a dropper.  Hell, move Dupree inside in some packages and make him more of a stunt runner and movable piece.  As we move into 2020, if Dupree goes off and gets a huge contract, we are good.  If he wants to come back for a reduced rate, we have a rotational spot for him as Chick is now expendable and has to make a choice.  This moves just makes so much sense.

Other guys:  So, my official position is that I do not care if Bush is on the board or not, I am not taking him.  Lack of positional importance + lack of playmaking ability=no draft for me.  Say what you want, but I am not taking a ILB in the first UNLESS he is a trancendant player like Devin White or Roquan Smith.  Sorry.  The only other person that I would be happy with in the first is a CB, and I don't LOVE any of them.  Williams hates to tackle, Murphy is the closest but going to have an issue with size and I am not drafting a nickel in the first, and Baker is scheme specific and has some off the field rumors.  I'd love to take Murphy and have him try outside to see if he can do it, but Ferrell seems like a sure thing to me.  I am not even thinking about WR here, TBH.

2.52--Amari Oruwariye, CB Penn State 6'1" 203

So, with Edge done, CB is a have to get here.  At 52, the three above are gone, leaving me with a mix of Love, AO, Layne, and maybe Rock-Sin if he doesn't get taken in the meantime.  I think that Ya-Sin and Layne will be taken and then I am left with AO and Love.  Now, I get that Love was a Pro Day guy and he is the safe pick, but AO is the guy that I want here.  So, he has some issues here and there but he is a playmaker and gets turnovers.  Since we can all see that our biggest need is playmakers, I will lean toward AO here.  Plus, with Bradley on the staff as the CB coach, I think there may be some familiarity there that we might be able to take advantage of.  I like his height and weight, and SPARq measureables that I think that the Steelers really love.  Now, all the CBs have issues and none are alpha dogs, so this does not FIX the CB room, but to be honest, none of them really will.

Other guys: That said; I am not a Layne fan, but I could have seen him here.  I love Ya-Sin, but he is being taken high 2 in drafts I have seen, so that is a no-go.  If I was silly enough to not look at corner here, safety might be a take with Thompson or Rapp (Savage will be long gone, IMO).  ILB could have been Cashman, but I am not looking for that here with VWill and Barron on board.

3.66--**TRADE**--yes, a round 3 trade down.  The Rams call me and want one of the RB that are sliding with the issues with Gurley.  They took their LB and OL in the first 2, but want to close the door with Singletary, the FAU kid, and offer us 3.94, 3.99 and 4.133.  We lose about 9 points, but we get low 3s, which is what I want here.

3.83--Mecole Hardman, WR Georgia  5'11" 185

If you know me, I have to have this pick.  I have this circled from the start.  I don't care about fit at all at this point.  This kid can fly, is from a pro-style offense, is versitle and WANTS TO BE A STEELER!!!  He wants to meet and be Hines Ward.  I mean, what else do you want??  One of the fastest kids in the draft and has lined up outside and inside for the Dawgs.  I said it all in my last Mock Draft... If I could put one kid on the roster, it would be Hardman.  I mean, he fixes some of our explosion issues in the WR corps, is a mismatch nightmare and is moldable clay that is new-ish to the WR position that can run out of your life on a whim. Bubble and tunnel screen nightmare, vertical threat, and again... WANTS TO BE A STEELER!!!!

3.94--Foster Moreau, TE LSU  6'4" 250

If there is a player that I just feel that should be a Steeler, it is Moreau.  We have a need, and he fills it.  He will do everything that Jesse James did, plus a bit more in the receiving game.  He will block like crazy, run seam and stop routes, and slide out and can do some red-zone stuff.  A tough as nails kid that never had a QB worth a crap throwing to him, he will flourish here.  He will take those 500 snaps that the Outlaw took to Detroit with him and there will not be a drop off.  Yes, he will give up some height, but his blocking and seam work is exceptional.  A very SPARQy kid that Steelers fans will fall in love with.

3.99--Ben Burr-Kirven, ILB Washington  6'0" 230

A guy that I got on late in this process.  He was getting dropped for so long, and I didn't even look at him until not too long ago.  But when I did, and saw the Steeler Depot writeup on him, I was very impressed.  This kid can really be what we need him to be moving forward.  He can be the long term Mark Barron replacement, and is a great 2019 new age Mike Backer.  Immediatly replaces Fort's reps, pushes Dirty Red and Bostic, and makes noise going on from there.  Also a special teams ace that can get reps there on day 1.  A guy that I am really excited about, and we didn't have to spend a top 20 pick for.  A tackle machine and zone dropper that will make everyone better.  Has come way up on boards and this may be a reach at the end of the 3rd, but someone that I want in Black and Gold, for sure.

3.100--**TRADE** Carolina wants to go down and get picks.  We offer 4.122, 4.133, 6.175--Ja'Quan Johnson, $backer, Miami (FL)  5'11" 190

Great value here with a guy that I love watching play and fits the mold of what we want out of the money backer slot.  A guy whose role will be to come in and play near the LOS and be the subpackage cover/hit guy.  A poor man's Savage at this point, this guy was miscast in Miami as a Cover 2 safety, but does have some coverage issues and long speed problems.  For me, at the money backer, this is no problem, as his instincts and quickness can get him sideline to sideline and his physicality and motor can make him a TE eraser.  Also, probably most important for me, is he is a turnover MACHINE!!!  He is always around the ball and gets it out and on the ground for fumbles, and gobbles up tips for INTs.  I think, long term, can add 10-15 good pounds and become the next wave of prototype big safties.

5.141--Jalen Hurd, RB/WR Baylor  6'4" 229

This long gap made me nervous, and I wanted Hurd badly here.  As the 4th round rolled by and I saw the picks we traded used up, I thought for sure that Hurd would be gone. But, he was here and we struck at 141.  Now, Hurd is a project, for sure.  A mix of a huge RB/WR is a bit concerning, but hear me out.  The only WR we got so far is a quick slot guy.  This guy is the future X that we all said that we needed.  He has bounced around and done lots of different things in his college career.  But, here... Coach Mann only has to teach him how to play the X to start.  He can be on the long term plan... we have Moncrief.  In the meantime, he sells out for ST.  Gunner, blocker, all of it.  The kid is a former RB, so he is not scared of contact.  Down the road, he can be the X.  He does not have blazing speed, but he is good enough.   As he gets more inclined in the O, move him around to slot, H back, hell some short yardage RB if needs be.  But, I would have him only focus on X for now until we can see him emerge or until we know he cannot be the one we want.  Worse case, he becomes a big slot in the mix, but a guy that coaching staffs would love to get a hold of.

6.192--Evan Worthington, FS Colorado  6'2" 200

So, according to David Te Thomas, we have been in on Worthington since he was in high school.  If he played at a big school, had some good coaching and did not have some unfortunate things pop up, he would be a round 3 pick and in the running for the #1 FS in the draft.  I love this kid's range and ability, even with the techincal flaws that are huge.  First, he is a FS plain and simple... not a SS/not a $ backer that Colorado tried to shoehorn him into.  He should take some time with Austin and learn how to play a true FS and be the guy that we need him to be.  Get in the weight room and film room.  Live with Austin.  Learn how to be a FS.  If it is one thing we are missing on this team, it is a true FS.  He can be that guy.  It will take time, but he can do it.  Can also serve as a special teams guy for now, but will have to sell out to make the team.  He would be a redshirt player for sure, but a guy that could be a gamechanger and Sean Davis insurance if he works out.

6.207--James "Boobie" Williams, RB Washington State  5'11" 195

The running back slot falls here and I know some people think this has to be earlier, but this kid fits what we need for our #3 back.  He is, #1 a pass threat at all times that he is on the field.  Coming out of the Mike Leach system, he is knowledgable of pass concepts and how to get open and make a difference in the pass game.  But, he also has a lot of carries and is a master of ball security.  His detractors will note his lack of long speed, but I will submit that with his High School ACL/MCL tear (hence the name Boobie) made him a better back as he locked himself in a film room and found out the nuances of the running back position.  A guy that can be our #3 back and really make us diverse on 3rd downs.

7.219--Byron Cowart, 5 tech  Maryland  6'3" 298

An enigma in that he is a former 5* and #1 high school player in the nation.  Never really lived up to the billing at Auburn and left, landing at Maryland.  Kid has no quit at all.  He goes hard on every play and does the best that he can.  Whether it was overrating with the recruiting services or lack of development at Auburn, Cowart just never had the light come on.  He was productive at Maryland, but not dominant.  This brings up many questions and possibilties as to why, but at the least, we have a kid that has physical gifts and is made for 5 tech.  To get him late in the 7th would be a steal, and he can come in and see if he can make a difference and make the team.  Some time with Dunbar and learning from Tuitt and Heyward may make him a better pro than college kid.


  1. Garrett Brumfield, IOL LSU  (Predraft Visitor, Run grinder)
  2. Zach Bailey, IOL South Carolina (Flexible interior player, High football IQ)
  3. Donnell Greene, OT Minnesota (HUGE prospect, lead footed but camp body)
  4. Natrez Patrick, ILB UGA (Plugger in the mold of VWill/Bostic, ST demon that had a drug run in and was on Scared Straight)
  5. Albert Huggins, NG Clemson (the Other Clemson Dline player, started when Wilkins was suspended, great kid and great player.  Space eater)
  6. Stephen Denmark, CB Valdosta State (Measurable freak from small school, Predraft Visitor, moldable clay)
  7. Clifton Duck, CB App State (Cool name, tenacious player.  5'9" but plays much bigger)
  8. Ty Johnson, RB Maryland (Late riser might get drafted, another 3rd down back)
  9. Easton Stick, QB SDSU (open to position switch... slot reciever??  Next Tysom Hill??)
  10. Andrew Beck, TE/FB Texas (Mean, old school blocker... rest for Rosie??)


So, got 3 starters/co-starters (Ferrell, AO, Moreau), 4 rotational players (Hardman, Burr-Kirven, Johnson, Williams), and 3 projects that can be long term players.  Moreover, all can be long term players and starters.


Tear it apart!!!  How would you like the future if I was in charge???   LEMME KNOW!!!!!



Projected 53


QB: (3)--Big Ben, Dobbs, Rudolph

RB: (3)--Connor, Samuels, Washington

WR: (6)--Juju, Washington, Switzer, Rogers, Hardman, Hurd

TE: (3)--McDonald, Moreau, Hodges

OL: (8)--Villy, DDC, Pouncey, Foster, Feiler, Chuks, Finney, Hawkins


DL (5)--Tuitt, Heyward, Hargrave, Alualu, Hooks

Edge (5)--Watt, Dupree, Ferrell, Chickillo, Adenyi

ILB (5)--VWill, Barron, Bostic, Burr-Kirven, Matakevich

CB (7)--Haden, Nelson, Oruwariye, Sutton, Hilton, Burns, B. Allen

S (5)--Davis, Edmunds, Johnson, Dangerfield, M. Allen


SP--Berry, Boswell, LS


PS--Ty Johnson, RB; Trey Griffey, WR; Cortland Scott-Williamson, TE, Zach Banner, OT, Zach Bailey, OG, Evan Worthington, FS; Byron Cowart, 5 tech, Albert Huggins, NG; Natrez Patrick, ILB, Stephen Denmark, CB

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Added projected 53 + PS

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