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Mock 1.0. One Round, Trades, Explanations

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On 4/22/2019 at 1:16 PM, cjfollett said:

13. MIA: Rashan Gary, DL, Michigan. I think Miami is tanking in 2019 for next year’s crop of QBs. I expect a trade down here, but I don’t see a good dance partner.

So, if we are supposedly "tanking" as everyone is saying/expecting....Can we, please, at least have a solid player that 'FITS' where we are going? One player is not going to fix our roster, but Rashan Gary is not it, in my opinion. Talented yes, A good Fit, no. So, Pass....

Although this is the case, I give you more bonus points than others just keep handing us a QB in the first round. They love Wilkins. Other solid fit players are Clellin Ferrell, Jonah Williams, Garrett Bradbury....as examples, based on the way your draft fell.

Now....Do I think they'll take a QB in the draft? Yes. probably 3rd/4th round. But, honestly, we need OL & DL upgrades now that fit our team. Gary is a good player, just not a good fit. Peace! :)

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