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Who do you want/not want your team to draft?


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Who do you want your team to select vs. who do you want to avoid? Can either be rumored players to your team or just in genral.

For the Raiders (I'll just do for #4 as I don't want certain players here but would be happy later on):


  • Q Williams
  • J Bosa
  • D White
  • J Allen
  • E Oliver
  • K Murray

Don't want:

  • D Haskins
  • C Ferrell
  • M Sweat
  • R Gary
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1st round want: 

Bosa / QW. These guys are on a higher tier for me at 1 and 2, so there's not a reason to add any more. I'm one of the few who doesn't even really want a trade down. I just want to take the best talent and be done with it. 

Additional wants:

AJ Brown. My favorite receiver in this draft class for the 49ers. 

Juan Thornhill

Garrett Bradbury (okay, he'll never fall to our pick in round 2...but man, I like him as a prospect, especially in our blocking scheme). 

Nasir Adderly


Do not want: 






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Well, I'm gonna stick with the rumors about the Titans target:

Top targets:

Want: Christian Wilkins-I've said enough about how much I love him as a prospect

Don't want: Brian Burns-his frame worries me that he'll not be anything more than a situational pass rusher

Other guys they like:

Want: TJ Hockenson-Great all around tight end; Garrett Bradbury-stud interior player, so why not?

Don't want: Noah Fant-Pretty much a receiver playing tight end, but 19 is too rich for me; Erik McCoy-I like him as a Day 2 guy, not Round 1; Dexter Lawrence-Not a fit, and a space eating nose tackle won't help the pass rush; Jerry Tillery-Production doesn't match his athleticism and skill level

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At 4, I'm good with Bosa, Allen, and Oliver to a lesser extent.

Not many Raiders fans will co-sign with me on this but I just find Williams to be an unexciting prospect who doesn't fill a pressing need on the team. The Raiders have 3 defensive tackles I consider to be quality starters with two in Hurst and Hall who have upside to be high-quality starters. Additionally, quality defensive tackles are a dime-a-dozen in today's NFL, and I don't think Williams has Aaron Donald level upside. My comp for him Sheldon Richardson who is a very good defensive tackle in the NFL, but he's not the type of player I'm begging for at 4 when I already have some other players I like.

With that, I'd be just fine with Williams at 4, I just wouldn't be that excited about it.

White and Gary are a couple other players the Raiders have been linked to. I really like Gary and think he's an exciting prospect at a position of need so I wouldn't be mad taking him. I'm not particularly high on White, but I think he has the potential to be an exciting player. I think the Raiders are at least competent at inside linebacker between Burfict and Marshall.

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Chicago has a pretty obvious need for RB and has met with at least 15 of them so far....



Darrell Henderson: I have him as a first round talent at the position, and I'd absolutely look to trade up to get him if he slides past pick ~ 48 (back half of 2nd round)

Miles Sanders: He reminds me of Matt Forte a ton in smoothness. Fumbles are a bit of a concern, and he'd probably require a minor trade up to the early 3rd or late 2nd.

Bryce love (in the 4th or later): The reports on his knee aren't encouraging, but he's still very early off his surgery. More of a home run swing if he fully recovers.

Tony Pollard (late round) I think he holds some of the best potential value as that very late round guy who gets some snaps at WR and RB... He wouldn't be the bell cow, as much as the depth guy that might even be inactive, but has potential as a future offensive weapon.



Josh Jacobs: way overrated, not worth trading up for where he's expected to be drafted, imo.

Devin Singletary: He has an almost embarrassingly bad "speed score"  https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2019/speed-score-2019

David Montgomery: Zero TDs from outside the 20, his lack of speed and explosive playmaking is apparent on film

Traevyon Williams:  I can't actually put my finger on it. He's productive, pass blocks well, catches well, showed explosive plays, and is reportedly a really high character guy... I watch his tape, however, and just feel like he isn't going to be nearly as successful moving against better competition.


Other wants:

Andy Isabella-WR: I still think he's gonna end up being WR1 long term from this class. I'm buying it with this kid, and the way the league is trending.

Matt Gay-K: We would have beaten Philly, then gone and stomped LA (again), then hopefully still cleared N.O., before giving thePatriots a real fight in the super bowl last year, if Codey Parkey had been able to make his FG after quite possibly Trubisky's single best offensive drive of his career in that WC game. Someone... anyone... who can kick FGs.

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Based on our visits


Juan Thornhill FS

Zach Allen DL

Cole Holecomb LB

Damien Harris RB

Jace Sternberger TE

Dawson Knox TE

Jalen Hurd WR If he comes cheap

Isaiah Johnson CB


Do Not Want unless at extreme discount.

Jaylon Ferguson DE





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