Happy Draft's Eve fellow 9ers fans (and lurkers from terrible other teams)! If you have been a member of this forum for some time, you likely know by now about the game we play each year during the draft: Are You Smarter Than an NFL GM? If you aren't familiar, here's a look at 2015's results (and 2016's results will be posted sometime before training camp):    Here's basically how the game works. You can participate in one of the two ways:  Live Picks - This is for folks who want to pick when the 49ers are on the clock. This way can be a little bit more unpredictable, as you don't get a sense of where players were valued. This can lead to things like drafting a guy in the 3rd round who would ultimately go undrafted. It's fun. It's a challenge. And it puts you in position to make the right or wrong call with the same urgency as our '9ers (or if you're a lingerer from another team and want to give this a shot for your team, go for it).  Post-Draft Picks: This is for folks who simply would like to enjoy the draft without also participating in a game, or for those who are unable to participate live. It gives an added benefit of allowing you to see where everyone could ultimately be selected, and can allow you to navigate the draft in that method.  A separate thread will be posted for each of the above methods. You can pick in only one or the other. Look in those threads for more specific rules.  Once the draft season is over and training camp begins, these will be locked away in a vault for three years until we revisit and grade how things turned out.  As always - they are just for fun.    This thread is simply for discussions. The other threads are for picks only. There's no pressure to participate - just enjoy yourselves and our favorite time of year as NFL Draft fans.