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Swede700's Mock Draft - Endgame

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ROUND 1 – OC Garrett Bradbury, North Carolina State

Pro Comparison – Weston Richburg

My absolute favorite pick for the Vikings, as his strengths suit the zone-blocking system that the Vikings will be running.  He is the ideal guy that Zimmer looks for in a player, as he has the attitude and strength to be the "tough guy" that he likes and something that is needed in a bad way for the Vikings' offensive line.  

ROUND 2 - DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson

Pro Comparison – Shaun Rogers

With this selection, I view Lawrence as being the heir apparent to Linval Joseph, whose dead money will be dropping way down after this year.  In the mean-time, Lawrence can fill in as a rotational player, while working with Patterson to bring out the best of his great physical skills.   

ROUND 3 – OG Michael Deiter, Wisconsin

Pro Comparison – Rodger Saffold

I waffled quite a bit on this pick, between Deiter, Ben Powers and Dru Samia...all of which will likely be guards in the NFL and will likely go in the neighborhood of where the Vikings will pick in the 3rd round (unless, of course, there are some surprises).  In the end, Deiter, I believe is the best fit for what the Vikings will be doing, and despite the signing of Kline, the Vikings still do need to pick 2 offensive linemen out of their first 4 picks (although in this case, it's 2 out of the first 3).  While not the most athletic player, he has good enough mobility to thrive in the ZBS and he gives the positional flexibility that this organization craves to have.    

ROUND 4 TE Kahale Warring, San Diego State

Pro Comparison – Todd Heap

Warring has limited experience certainly, but his physical traits lend to having tremendous upside.  Even moreso, his work ethic and character are through the roof, more things that would make him attractive to the Vikings' brass.

ROUND 6 – QB Brett Rypien, Boise State

Pro Comparison – Nick Mullens

Rypien doesn't have the greatest physical tools, but neither did his uncle, and he still had tremendous success.  But, his accuracy is very good and he does have some mobility which may allow him to have some success as a quality backup, if not a stop-gap starter eventually.  

ROUND 6 – WR Gary Jennings, Jr, West Virginia

Pro Comparison – Amara Darboh

I think this is the spot where the Vikings may look for a depth/special teams player at either the RB/WR position.  Jennings has good athletic skills, but likely needs to develop as a receiver.  He played almost exclusively out of the slot at WVU and appears to have the work ethic to develop his route-running skills (which he'd need to do) under the tutelage of Diggs and Thielen.  Furthermore, he has the deep speed that the Vikings' offense needs and doesn't currently have.  

ROUND 7 – DE Carl Granderson, Wyoming

Pro Comparison – Tashawn Bower

While he doesn't have the athleticism that Zimmer likes, he certainly has the size and length that he does.  He also has the motor that Zimmer likes, so even though he may not wow you athletically, he won't quit and can put himself in a good position to make tackles.  

ROUND 7 – LB Ulysees Gilbert III, Akron

Pro Comparison – Jatavis Brown

Unlike Granderson above, Gilbert is a guy with plenty of athleticism but needs to be coached up considering his small-school pedigree, which is something Zimmer likes.  He may have to make his way via special teams, but he is a guy with plenty of upside.    

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Would be very happy with those first 3 picks. I might go with a different TE (Knox) in the 4th provided who you think would be available.

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Posted (edited)

The first 3 picks are ones I have made plenty of times on the TDN mock drafts.

I have heard from Twin Cities sources that Bradbury is definitely a player the team covets.

I doubt Lawrence last that long, but I think he has the athletic ability to be more than the traditional run-stuffing NT.  My comparison would be Akim Hicks.

I looked at the same OL in round 3 and would probably rank potential players as 1. Davis, 2 Dieter/Samia.  Powers probably closer to round 4.

Round 4 is great for TE with Oliver, Knox, and Warring as good targets.

Edited by Snake Plissken

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18 minutes ago, VikeManDan said:

Would be very happy with those first 3 picks. I might go with a different TE (Knox) in the 4th provided who you think would be available.

In most cases, Knox wouldn't be available there, as he's a late 2nd to mid-3rd rd guy, as I understand.  Otherwise, I'd agree with you.  I'd take Knox over him, but he's just not there in my scenario.  

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Not a huge fan of this draft but i wouldnt be too upset. I like Bradbury, but there are a few other guys id take over him. Imo Lawrence wont make it that far, and if he does i dont really see NT as  very big need. Jaleel Johnson & Shamar can be fine there at NT. Also Linval can be restructured possibly & his game should age very well. Guys like Linval tend to play well in to their 30's. So if we go DT we need a penetrating 3 tech in the mold of Jones/Tillery which is what were currently lacking, unless Holmes/Johnson/Ifeadi can step up. 

Id give it a B-

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Not a bad draft.  My favorite pick would be Dexter Lawrence if he falls that far because he is talented enough to go in the top 10.  I have to admit that even though we need OL help in the worst way I would be pretty disappointed if we touch Bradbury in the top 25 picks.  I think he’s overrated because he had a good combine, but from many of the scouting reports I’ve read he gets beat a lot.  I’d rather have a guy like Risner or Lindstrom.

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