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Laken Tomlinson traded to the 49ers

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Apparently, we like making deals with you guys immediately prior to the start of the season. I Think its an okay move for both teams. We really need help on the interior - and while he may not be very good, what we have is even worse. He's actually moving right into the starting lineup for us more than likely. Kind of sad. We can see if there's something there we can fix as he's still young and was a first round pick at one point, so there is talent there, and for you guys, you get a little something that doesn't make it a complete and total waste. 

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I am disappointed that its come to this. Tomlinson is a good run blocking guard, which is why we drafted him. But he just didn't fit in our scheme with how we used him. Hopefully, a change of scenery with a GM familiar with him will turn him around. 

I'm disappointed that it was a 2019 5th rd pick and not a 2018 5th rd pick. But to trade him for a draft pick is what most Lions fans have been asking for since we've seen that the pairing is not working out. 


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7 hours ago, BarryTheBest said:

I would also agree.

Would it have been nice for him to net more, yeah, but we will it.

I am: still waiting for my Rudolph and a whatever else for Sheldon Richardson to go down. 

Yep.  Obviously 1st round to 5th round doesn't look good, but most busts don't provide even that.  Good for the organization to make a move when he still had some value left.

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On 9/1/2017 at 2:24 AM, X_Factor_40 said:

I wish him all the best. I thought he would be a solid guard for a long time, but it didn't work out for him here. Hopefully he's just a late bloomer and a change of scenery does him well. 

I wouldn't be disappointed if he succeeds elsewhere but it does stink that we "wasted" a pick on him.

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