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FInal 2 round mock with a few trades

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13 hours ago, Mrd27 said:

Round 1

13. Miami – Clelin Ferrel, EDGE, Clemson


Round 2

48. Miami - Nassir Adderly, S, Delaware

Round 1 - I agree. DL and OL is no secret. Solid pick!
Round 2 - ehh.... Probably more Winovich or Mullen here. Winovich if a LB would potentially replace Kiko Alonso. As a DE, he would be 1 of 3 in a solid rotation of DEs (since we lost 3 starting DEs this year - Wake, Quinn, Branch). Why Mullen? a few reasons - 1. we eventually have to get someone opposite Xavien Howard and 2. Flores runs a lot of Nickel & Dime packages. I get the Adderly approach, the speculation of us getting rid of Rashad Jones is plausible (june cut or next year).

But, I think DL and OL are more plausible picks for the top end of the draft. I don't think it's a secret. We severely need upgrades in the trench lines / DL and OL.
Additionally, I see them picking a QB to develop round 4-ish.

Happy draft day! \m/,

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11 hours ago, Mrd27 said:

Yea - they do get the earlier 2019 pick though, and then the second trade down is because why not grab a extra few picks because you've already had 2 picks in round 1. A team looking to move in for a QB there is possible also, and in that scenario I could see them giving up next year's first rounder like you say.

They already have 10 picks though...

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