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Draft Lead-up Question 8 - Final Guesses

The Gnat

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My draft predictions:

1. Chris Lindstrom
I think Bradbury goes before us by a few picks, and Lindstrom ends up being the choice.

2. Charles Omenihu

3. Trayvon Mullen

4. Bobby Evans

6. Ben Burr-Kirven

6. Ryan Finley

7. Tyler Jones

7. KeeSean Johnson

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As indicated by mock, Bradbury is the guy for me.  I don't think there's any way that you can take Lindstrom at #18. 

He's not the Ragnow of this draft, who was drafted only about 10-12 spots early.  Taking Lindstrom at #18 would be taking him about 25 picks early.  He's not a first round player.  If every high-level OL target is gone and their OL options left are Lindstrom and Risner, they'd be better off taking one of the high-level DTs than taking either one of them.  

As far as my guesses for the other rounds, Round 2 will go the way of defense, if Bradbury is taken in Rd 1, as I expect.  I'd like it to be Dexter Lawrence, but the other option I like Charles Omenihu, just as Gnat does.  

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I think the team like Dillard as he plays, LT, Williams as he can play almost any position, and Bradbury as an interior scheme fit.  I'd guess Dillard and Williams are gone and Bradbury is the pick.

The only likely players/positions I could see of them passing on OL for would be Wilkens and Hockenson. 
Anybody else (like Gary or Fant), I lock up OL (our obvious biggest need) and can take more BPAs rounds 2-7.

Not taking an OL in round 1 means the team is chasing that position later in the draft.  Maybe it would work in round 2 or 3, or maybe not and the team is reaching or trading up.

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i think the Vikings beat the run on offensive lineman and move up for Jonah Williams.

i think in very atypical Spielman style, he deals a lot of picks and ends up drafting very few players.



highly unlikely actually, but i was discussing this with Spiel's wife the other night, and she agrees.

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I’m really hoping we can get either Jonah Williams or Andre Dillard in the draft, but my sleeper pick is Rashan Gary.  Gary has top 5 talent, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drop for a number of reasons.  If he’s there at 18 then I think he could be the surprise defensive player picked in the first round.

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