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2019 NFL Draft Thread

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5 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:


We are still really thin at WR and in the secondary. Hopefully we can score a vet Safety or two post draft in free agency. Hopefully we get good health at WR

Glover Quin and Eric Berry still out there at safety

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2 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

damn you Bengals

we didnt have the sense to draft him anyway. 

i am shocked that Kris Boyd is on the board. I would package our last two picks together and go get him 

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After s few days, I've cooled off on this draft:

- Tytus Howard was a bit of a reach, but not some massive overreach. He was going within the first 35 picks, teams really liked him. I think he'll start by week 5-6, and will be our long term LT for years. 

- Lonnie Johnson is really athletic... and if CB doesn't work, then S will. I think Jonathan Joseph will be very critical to his development, and with all of his tools to work with, he's going to turn into a nice CB for us. The physicality is really a plus for him, he's not afraid to get in there and scrap; Daily sessions against DeAndre Hopkins will mold him into a really strong CB, I see him turning into a guy like Xavier Howard at Miami.

- Max Scharping is my wildcard, and the real test of this coaching staff. If he can turn into an every week starter, then this coaching staff will have proven themselves as somewhat competent at developing talent. Really nasty, really smart, really strong.

- Kahale Warring is a much better pick when I think about what can be done in the TE room; Ryan Griffin is out, and Jordan Thomas has PS eligibility, so you can let Thomas develop as a blocker and go with Warring/Fells as your in line guys and Jordan Akins as your move TE. Warring has a really scary skillset, can turn into one of Deshaun Watson's favorite targets. Fells/Akins/Thomas are situational type guys, used in specific packages; Warring is an every down/every week guy.

- Charles Omenihu is going to figure into a ton of passing downs, and could probably push Angelo Blackson for PT in base sets. Additional pressure from the front three/four is going to be great for Johnson, Roby and Colvin.

- Xavier Crawford is a feisty dude who can pester guys on routes and has the quickness to get into position if he makes an incorrect read. I can see him pushing Colvin off the roster in 2-3 years.

- Like everyone else, Cullen Gillaspia is going to be someone I like a lot. He's going to contribute immediately on ST, and I could see him roughing up dudes while opening a hole for Lamar Miller or Donta Foreman. Really good athleticism and hands for a pick this late, it'll be used more often than not. 

- The undrafted class has some interesting names; DJ Coker is my name to follow, the guy played some great football at small Rhodes College and could turn into a competent G with some time. Derrick Baity also looks like a future body on the 53, a guy who gets snaps in as a ST body. Austin Exford is a good sized S with athletic ability, so that could turn into something nice. Jordan Ta'amu got a camp invite, and he's got oodles of athletic ability but needs a lot of work with the mental side; I think he can be groomed on the PS and eventually turn into a competent backup QB.

Specifically with Howard, Scharping and Warring: these guys are going to benefit from working with Deshaun Watson, as the two Ts won't be asked to get into traditional pass sets and can play to their strengths. Warring will be able to play fast and loose in the seam, and will find himself catching a ton of 3rd down passes from Deshaun. It'll be a nice addition to the offense, something we didn't really have with Griffin as the every down guy. Gillespia also factors into this, but he's going to get some love as a ST guy who can learn and develop with the help of Johnson Bademosi and an improving ST coaching situation.

A lot of my thoughts are very optimistic, I'll give you that. I do think that - all things considered - we took steps backwards in relation to our division, as we're probably behind Jacksonville and Indianapolis now (Titans could get in there with a new QB). This being said, this is a draft that could potentially turn into a cornerstone draft in the Watson era... but it won't be evident immediately.

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